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Download Google Takeout Converter and Extract Files into Multiple Formats

Aldrich Calvin | Modified: October 14, 2022|Conversion | 6 Minutes Reading

Have you downloaded the Gmail data using Google Takeout and are left with MBOX files? Do you wish to find software that can easily convert Google Takeout emails into desired file format? No problem. Here, you will find a reliable Google Takeout Converter to extract all the emails from the downloaded Google Takeout file.

google takeout converter

Takeout is a service of Google that enables a user to download all the Gmail emails in MBOX file format. But in some cases, Google takeout may stop working.  Other than email messages, the service provides a way to backup data of around 43 Google products including Contacts, Calendars, YouTube, Drive, etc. However, our main focus remains on email conversion using the Google Takeout Extractor Software.

Note: If all your data is downloaded in a Zip file, extract its content and look for a Mail folder. This folder contains all your Gmail emails kept in an MBOX file.

Download Google Takeout Converter for Windows

Click on the download button to download the free version of the Google Takeout converter. This free demo enables you to extract Takeout data with the only limitation of exporting 25 emails per folder. By upgrading to a licensed version, you can enjoy unlimited conversion for a lifetime. Also, if you have any issues regarding the conversion of small Google mailbox files, you can contact SysTools tech support.

Free Download

This download button is for Windows-oriented software. The tool is also available as Google Takeout converter Mac. If you wish to utilize it, download the Mac tool from here.

Features of Google Takeout Converter

  • Shows & Maintains the Takeout File Hierarchy
  • Easy to Use and Fast Conversion Mechanism
  • Converts Google Takeout to Outlook PST, PDF, EML, MSG, NSF, and HTML
  • Extract selective emails from Google files or proceed with complete extraction
  • Handles Big Google Takeout Files Without Any Problems
  • Option to split resultant PST file into smaller size files
  • Supports multiple Google takeout files at once
  • Provides naming conventions for ease of users
  • Each saving format has its own set of advanced options
  • Google Takeout Extractor retains data integrity and attachments

Steps to Convert Google Takeout Files Using Google Takeout Extractor

The Google Takeout converter is a handy utility as it provides an all-around solution to convert Google Takeout data. It does not lose any of the email properties, embedded images, attachments, and header information. It ensures that the extraction of Takeout files is done in the most convenient manner. The entire process is seamless and loaded with advanced features to help you extract Takeout data into several file formats.

This software processes the already extracted Takeout mailbox files. If you have yet to export emails using Takeout, you can use its alternative to directly download emails from Gmail in multiple formats.

Here’s how to convert Google Takeout Data Using the Google Takeout Converter:

  • Step 1: Download and launch the Google Takeout converter. Once the Google Takeout extractor tool is downloaded, Install and Run it on the Windows system.

run google extractor

  • Step 2: Select and Import Google Takeout data for conversion. Click on “Add File” and browse the Google takeout MBOX file to add it to the software interface.

  • Step 3: Preview the Google emails and attachments. The software displays all the Google Takeout email messages that can be exported into several file formats using the menu bar Export button. Alternatively, you can check and right-click the selected message to export selective Google Takeout items.

preview google takeout emails

  • Step 4: Select desired format and apply Advanced settings. Now, select the file format that you wish to convert Google Takeout data. Several options are given such as PST, PDF, MSG, EML, NSF and HTML. Multiple advanced settings such as naming conventions, split files, and page margins are available separately for each export format.
  • Step 5: Convert Google Takeout data into the selected file format. Finally, click on the “Export” button to start the Google takeout extraction process.

export google takeout to various formats

Using this method, you can perform the following conversion of Google Takeout files:

Google Takeout data conversion on MAC

The software is also available for Mac system. It is valid for all versions including and above Mac OS X 10.8. You can view the interface of the tool below and also download its free demo version here.

The tool showcases and maintains the Takeout file hierarchy throughout the conversion process

Download Purchase Now

maintain mac hierarchy

Some User Queries

Read the following user queries and get the answer to resolving them with simple and effective software.

“I recently downloaded several of my Gmail accounts’ data via the Google Takeout service. After extracting the zip file, I found MBOX files in the mail folder. Now the issue is that I use Microsoft Outlook so I cannot access the Google takeout data. Kindly, suggest to me a Google takeout extractor that can help me out with this problem.”

The given conversion tool can handle this problem easily. You can select the PST format and extract all emails from MBOX Takeout without any inconvenience. This format is supported in MS Outlook.

“After using Google takeout, I am left with an MBOX file quite large in size. The reason I used this service is to get some of my email messages in PDF documents. However, the solutions I found on the internet are either slow or do not provide desired features. Can I get a software that can convert selective data into PDF without losing attachments?”

The Google Takeout conversion tool explained in this post provides both the means to select desired emails for conversion as well as the option to choose PDF format. Using this tool, one can easily get desirable results.

Final Words

Conversion of Google Takeout data is easy if you have an effective tool. However, due to the lack of reliable solutions on the internet, the task can become too cumbersome to execute. Therefore, in this blog, we provide users with a dedicated Google Takeout converter that can extract emails from Google mailbox into several file formats. With this tool, you will not lose any of the email properties or attachments.

Answering Some Common Queries

1. Does the tool work with Google Vault mailbox files?
Yes, the software easily processes the data exported from Google Vault and allows conversion into the desired file formats.

2. Can the tool also convert Spam and Trash mailboxes?
No matter what emails the folder stores, as long as it’s an MBOX file, the tool can convert it without any issues. It can surely extract data from all extracted Google Takeout mailboxes including the Inbox, Trash, and Spam folders.

3. Is there any limitation on the size of the mailbox or the number of emails?
No, the Google Takeout converter imposes no such limitations on the mailbox size and number of email messages.