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How to Convert MBOX to EML Files Step by Step Solution

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Published On April 25th, 2024
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Understanding the need to convert MBOX to EML files is essential for many users working on different email clients. Originally developed for Unix, the MBOX file format is used to store email messages in a long, concatenated manner. It has become a common mailbox storage format across major operating systems. Despite this, many users want to convert MBOX to EML files. There are several reasons behind this behavior which we will discuss in the next section. This blog mainly focuses on providing easy methods to convert MBOX files to EML files. And yes, with some of these techniques, users can retain the original email properties and folder structure.

Table of Contents:

MBOX vs EML – An Overview of Both the File Formats

MBOX is a mailbox storage file format that stores multiple email messages in a single file. Thus, losing a single MBOX file can result in a complete loss of mailbox emails. A variety of email applications, both operational and discontinued, support MBOX format such as Mozilla Thunderbird, Entourage, Eudora, Apple Mail, etc.

Conversely, EML is an email file format that stores a single email message per file. An EML file is compatible with a broader range of email applications, including MS Outlook. Its format also makes it easier to open with text editors and browsers.

So, if a user wants to store each email message in a separate file, he/she will prefer to have EML files over the MBOX files. Let us start with the free manual methods first.

User Queries

There is no shortage of questions on the internet asking for MBOX to EML conversion. While some want free methods, others ask for professional tools. After all, everyone has different requirements. Here, we are showing some genuine queries that will be answered in this article.




Reason to Export MBOX to EML Files?

  • Compatibility: – A lot of email applications allow EML files. So, when someone wants to use MBOX files with EML-supported applications, he prefers to export MBOX to EML.
  • Flexibility: – An MBOX file keeps several email messages so technically it is not possible to open an MBOX file with a double hit. Users can double-hit the EML file to open it with the associated application.
  • Email Management: – EML files keep individual email messages, so this is simple and suggested to manage particular emails. After completing the conversion process, users can simply share, forward, and archive.
  • Simple Sharing: – EML files seem suitable for sharing purposes because of their smaller size and wide compatibility. While practically it is not suggested to share MBOX files because it keeps several emails.

Export MBOX to EML using Thunderbird

  1. Initially, download and launch the Thunderbird application.
  2. After that, configure an email ID with Mozilla Thunderbird.
  3. Add “Import Export Tools NG” add-on.
  4. Then, import the MBOX file to Thunderbird using Add-On.
  5. Select imported MBOX files from local folders.
  6. Choose needed emails, right-hit and select “save as”.
  7. Navigate a particular destination path and hit save
  8. Finally, open the destination and get exported EML files.

Essential Aspect of the Save As option

  • Thunderbird does not allow any option to transfer mailboxes, so this is mandatory to add the ImportExportTools NG Add-on.
  • The save-as option permits users to export EML files from an individual mailbox folder at once.
  • Windows and Mac OS users can convert MBOX to EML extension using the open-source Mozilla Thunderbird email application.

Convert MBOX to EML with the Help of Apple Mail

  1. Download the Apple Mail Application on a MacBook or iMac.
  2. Then, choose “file” << “import Mailboxes” option.
  3. Enable the files in the MBOX format option and tap continue.
  4. Select MBOX mailbox from Apple mail and hit continue.
  5. Now, the transfer MBOX to Apple Mail procedure is completed.
  6. See the transferred mailbox in Apple Mail under “On My Mac”.
  7. Then, select the imported mailbox from my Mac.
  8. Choose the MBOX email message.
  9. Hit on the “File” menu and choose the Save AS option.
  10. Lastly, choose the “Raw Message Source” and hit on the save button.

Important Aspect to Use Apple Mail

  • This method is only suggested for Mac OS users who want to convert MBOX to EML format.
  • Manually, users can convert Apple Mail to EML one by one, so this is time-consuming for bulk MBOX to EML conversion.
  • It is a lengthy procedure that needs basic technical knowledge of Apple Mail applications.

Convert MBOX to EML File Format With Drag & Drop

  1. Import mailbox in MBOX-supported application.
  2. Choose the imported MBOX mailbox from the email application.
  3. Select email messages to export them into EML.
  4. Then, drag and drop choose emails into a folder.
  5. Emails exported successfully from MBOX to EML format.

Key Points of Drag and Drop Method

  1. It is mandatory to launch an MBOX-supportable email application to execute the drag-and-drop technique.
  2. Few email applications allow converting emails in bulk while few are limited to converting emails one by one.
  3. If users use Thunderbird, then users can export Thunderbird to EML in batch so it is highly suggested.

Export Multiple MBOX Files into EML with Expert Solution

The automated solution i.e., MBOX Converter Utility can perform every task of the above-given methods. Additionally, it also allows users to export multiple MBOX files to EML at once. This software is capable enough to add folder opetion to convert several MBOX files in batch. This tool has ability to recover deleted emails and other attributes after that export.

Steps to Convert MBOX to EML File

  1. Download the software then hit on Add file to choose the needed MBOX files mbox to eml converter
  2. Now fetch data from the default profile or MBOX file for conversion convert mbox to eml
  3. Preview the emails in the tool panel with attachments mbox to eml converter online
  4. Choose the export button to export MBOX files into EML file format export mbox to eml

Beneficial Features of the Application

  • It works with MBOX files of all kinds and origins.
  • It helps a user to select and convert only the preferred emails.
  • A user can also select a specific folder(s) within the MBOX file(s) for conversion.
  • The naming convention option allows saving MBOX emails as EML files with preferred naming sequences.
  • Users can also preview the emails.
  • Allows users to import MBOX files to PST, PDF, MSG, HTML, and NSF formats.
  • Maintains the folder structure and attachments automatically.

This article provides a comprehensive overview of the fastest methods to convert MBOX files to EML format. Whether users require a single email conversion or need to process batches, these methods can efficiently fulfil their requirements. Note that while all solutions maintain attachments, only the MBOX to EML converter automatically replicates the folder structure of the original MBOX file. It is, by all means, a highly effective method for bulk conversion.

Several FAQs

Q – What is an MBOX file and why is it used?

An MBOX file is a mailbox format used to store email messages in a single file. It is commonly used by email clients like Mozilla Thunderbird and Apple Mail for its efficiency in consolidating multiple emails in one place.

Q – Why would someone need to convert MBOX files to EML?

Users often convert MBOX to EML for better compatibility with a wider range of email clients which use EML format. EML files are also easier to manage since each email is stored as a separate file.

Q  – Can I convert MBOX to EML without losing attachments?

Yes, most MBOX to EML conversion tools ensure that attachments are preserved during the conversion process, allowing users to retain all aspects of their emails.

Q – How can I ensure that the converted EML files maintain the original folder structure?

The advanced MBOX to EML converter offers options to preserve the original folder structure. Users should organize the exported EML files manually after conversion if using manual methods.