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Convert Gmail MBOX to PDF Documents | Google Takeout to PDF Converter

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Published On April 11th, 2024
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Hello, I recently took a backup of all my Gmail emails via the Google Takeout feature. The file is downloaded in MBOX format. Now I need to view the underlying emails and convert Gmail MBOX to PDF documents. After some research, it seems a manual approach is out of the question. But the emails are of extreme importance and having a reliable way to convert Gmail MBOX to PDF (with attachments) would help so much. Can I get some recommendations please?”

Takeout is a free service provided by Google that enables users to archive the complete Google data including Gmail, YouTube, G Drive, Contacts, Calendars, etc. Each data is stored in a different file format. For Gmail emails, the MBOX file format is used which is currently the most popular mailbox storage file. However, as showcased in the query, if you want to access the MBOX file and/or change it to another format, generally you won’t find any direct solution to do so.

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Sometimes, users want to convert Gmail MBOX to PDF format as it is the most secure file format having no dependency on the operating system platform. In this write-up, we will introduce a trouble-free way to export Gmail MBOX to PDF (Portable Document Format) in a reliable manner.

How to Print Gmail MBOX Emails?

MBOX Viewer Pro Software can direct Print MBOX Emails, Search Emails and also Export Emails in PDF format. In addition, the tool provides a “Remove Duplicates” option to remove identical / duplicate search results. Multiple Naming options with Page Margin, Bates Number settings.

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Why PDF File? Advantages of PDF Documents

There are several file formats present in the market. Yet, for analyzing the emails, typically PDF file format is used. This is because of the level of support this file format receives on a wide range of applications and devices. Some of the well-known advantages of using PDF files are:

  • It is a platform-independent file format that works on all major devices.
  • It keeps the data formatting and other attributes the same irrespective of the OS.
  • PDF is among the safest and most secure file formats with password protection and other permissions capability.
  • PDF is a globally accepted standard document format even used for legal purposes.

How to Convert Gmail MBOX to PDF Document

For conversion of Google Takeout to PDF format, the use of MBOX Extractor tool is recommended. This application will preview the complete MBOX data for free in 8 different preview modes. It also enables us to save multiple Gmail MBOX files in PDF format at once.

The best feature is its capability to keep the structure and formatting of Google Takeout MBOX data the same as the original. Moreover, you can view and sort emails in preferred order as per To, from, attachment, subject, size, etc.

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Simple Steps to Convert Google Takeout to PDF

  1. Step: Install & Run Google Takeout converter on your system.

export Google Takeout to PDF

2. Step:- Click “MBOX File” and browse the Gmail MBOX files.

how to convert a gmail to pdf

3. Step:- Preview the Gmail MBOX emails in 8 modes.

export gmail emails to pdf

4. Step:- Select the “PDF” file format and apply the Adv. Settings.

how to convert gmail email to pdf

5. Step:- Export Google Takeout to Adobe PDF with attachments.

convert gmail to pdf

Once the export process is complete, you can open the PDF file and verify the presence of all emails with original formatting and attachments.

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Benefits of the Gmail MBOX to PDF Converter

This advanced utility is self-explanatory from the outside and robust from the inside. It allows you to carry out Google Takeout to PDF conversion in a powerful yet efficient manner. Moreover, the tool also incorporates some extremely advantageous features such as:

  • The ability to carry out the conversion of multiple Gmail MBOX files at once.
  • Showcases and maintains the folder hierarchy of Google Takeout MBOX file.
  • It retains the header information and email metadata with high-end algorithms.
  • Creates a PDF file for each email present in the Google MBOX file.
  • It also retains the Attachments associated with each email message.
  • Easy filtering of emails with selective export options.
  • Multiple Advance Options are available to customize the process:
    • Naming Conventions
    • Page Margins
    • Paper Orientation
    • Page Size
    • Include Internet Message Header
Export google takeout to pdf

How to Convert MBOX to PDF with Ease?

How to export MBOX to PDF? After finding on the internet, I found two solutions that can assist users do the MBOX to PDF conversion.

Try Thunderbird Export Tools

If users are using Thunderbird to manage their emails, users can just try Thunderbird’s free add-on Import Export Tools to assist users do the MBOX to PDF conversion. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Launch Thunderbird on your computer, and choose the Tools tab>Add on option.
  2. Then download the ImportExportTools add-on.
  3. Browse to the add-on’s destination and open it.
  4. Choose install now to install it on your PC.
  5. Once the installation is done, restart their PC and relaunch Thunderbird.
  6. Choose the email that users want to export to PDF, and then choose Tools > Import/Export Tools > Export All Messages in the folder.
  7. Choose PDF from the file format menu and hit on OK button.
  8. Next, hit OK in the warning Window.
  9. Once done, users can do the MBOX to PDF conversion successfully.

Drawbacks of the Manual Method

  1. Can Only convert one MBOX file at a time.
  2. Long procedure and requires to installation of ImportExportTools Add-Ons.
  3. Takes time and effort to export each MBOX file individually.
  4. Phone to making mistakes while manually exporting MBOX email files.
  5. Not suitable for bulk MBOX file conversions or large numbers of emails.
  6. May not preserve all formatting or attachments accurately.


The Takeout service from Google provides users with an option to back up complete Google profile data including the Gmail mailbox. It downloads all the emails in an MBOX file. If you want to view these emails and/or export Gmail MBOX to PDF, we provide instant and reliable software to do so. This Google Takeout to PDF converter software ensures that the complete process takes place in a trouble-free manner without any form of data loss.