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How to Effortlessly Download Emails from Gmail in Few Steps?

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Published On May 3rd, 2024
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In this guide, we will discuss possible ways to download emails from Gmail account. You will learn about the benefits of downloading emails locally & ways using which you can protect your account data.

Needs for Downloading Gmail Emails?

We all know that Gmail is the best webmail platform – it’s free, provides generous storage space, offers multiple cloud applications (Google Sheets, Docs, PowerPoint & much more). Whether it is a small or large business every person using the internet probably has a Gmail account. Most people link their mobile device with their Gmail account to get all the availability of their data. However, nothing is 100% perfect, there are some flaws in our favorite Gmail too.

Yes, you heard it right! Gmail is not a 100 % perfect webmail service. Following are the issues with the Gmail:

  1. Being popular webmail service makes it’s prone to hackers as not all Gmail user uses high-security features of Gmail.
  2. All the data of Gmail is stored on Gmail server, so it’s not possible to access data without an Internet connection.
  3. Google only provides 15 GB free storage space for all applications. As technology is increasing people are facing storage issues.
  4. Gmail Outages – Recently Gmail users were facing some issues, suddenly on 20 Aug 2020, Gmail & Google service storage working. That impact many organization, as there were unable to access some important documents during that duration.

Due to the above reasons, experts advise the Gmail user to download emails from Gmail to have access of data all the time.

Ways To Download Emails From Gmail Account

Depending upon the problem, there are different solutions for downloading Gmail emails. Such as to just have a local copy of their emails, users can take the help of Google Takeout. Similarly, for offline access of emails users can synchronize Gmail with Outlook. So, let’s discuss each method one by one and their advantages & disadvantages and foolproof solution to tackle all kinds of issues faced by Gmail users.

Solution 1: Google Takeout

This is a backup utility provided by Google for its Gmail & G Suite users to easily backup their account data on local PC. This infects the simplest solution which is available for free. However, there are some complications face by users while using it, such as:

  • Archive creation request during Google Takeout process is very much time taking. It can take hours or possibly days to get the archive file.
  • Google provides only limited attempts for downloading the archive.
  • Downloader emails from Gmail are stored in MBOX file format only.
  • No incremental download facility is provided, so users will download the same emails in the next attempt also.

Solution 2: Synchronize Gmail Account With Outlook

It is another method of protecting your Gmail emails in offline mode. Additionally, using the Import/Export feature in the File tab, a user can also export their Outlook emails in PST format. But, the problem is, this method only download emails from Gmail account. Contacts, calendars & documents need to be saved manually one-by-one.

Solution 3: Using an Automated Solution

An automated solution is the only method that has no limitations. By using Gmail Backup Software, any Gmail user can download emails from their Gmail account in multiple file formats. Apart from emails, it provides an option to download calendars, contacts & documents too. Additionally, the tool provides multiple filtering options, such as category, date range, folder filters for selective data download from the Gmail account. Not only this, but it also provides an Incremental download feature to skip already downloaded data in the previous attempt.

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Key Features of Automated Tool

  • Download emails in PST, EML, MSG, MBOX & PDF format.
  • Increment option to skip already downloaded data.
  • Delete After download option to free up Gmail server space
  • Category, Date & Folder filter for selective downloading selective data.
  • Generates Report after completion of the download
  • Downloads emails, contacts, calendar & document.
  • Available for both Windows & Mac users.
  • Ease to use UI with 6 language options.

Steps to download emails from Gmail account are:

1. Launch the Backup Utility & Login


2. After authentication, Activate the utility for the full version.

3. Select the Category of data to download.

download emails from Gmail

4. Choose the Email-Format for downloading emails

5. Browse destination location, Apply Filters & click on the Start button.

Now, the tool will start downloading Gmail emails. After the download is complete, the tool saves the backup report locally.


It is very much necessary for Gmail users to download emails from Gmail account to have all-time access to their data. Google Outage issue is not new and it happened before also. And there is no way of knowing when it will happen again. So its good to download your Gmail account data today and always have a backup copy with you. It will not only save you from the Outage issue but also from losing data in case of account got hacked or access data offline.