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How To Print Lotus Notes Email As PDF – Convert Documents Safely

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Published On January 24th, 2024
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If you’re trying to learn how to print Lotus Notes emails as PDF then you’re landed on the right page. Here in this blog, we’re going to discuss the best approach to convert lotus notes email to PDF file format without facing any sort of hassles. What’s more significant is to know the reason for this NSF to PDF conversion that we’re going to discuss first in this article.

convert lotus notes email to PDF file

Well, we know that Lotus Notes is a very popular enterprise-level email client. Because it offers lots of enterprise-level features such as – user directories, team rooms, file sharing, instant messaging, discussion forums, contacts management, to-do lists, emails, micro-blogging, blogs, calendars, and many others. And it stores its email data in NSF file format which is only supported by Lotus Notes.

Now, when it comes to sharing the emails or if you have to use the emails in the legal work, then you have only one option that is to print the emails in PDF.

Basically, Portable Standard Document which is also known as PDF is a universally known and supported file format Universally supported means it’s a file format that can open on any device like a mobile, tablet, PC, or any other smart portable device. Hence, it is also called a platform-independent file format.

One of the most important features of PDF files and that is why most of the users prefer PDF is that it provides security features for unwanted access. For instance modification, editing, printing, portability, etc. Basically, you can set the restriction or password in a PDF file.

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Why Do Users want to Print Lotus Notes as PDF?

As we know PDF is an amazing file format but the question arises what’s good in this? Why do users choose this file format over other document file formats? And here in this section, there are some of the reasons why users force to print Lotus Notes emails as PDF?

  • Device Compatibility – As we said earlier that PDF is an OS or device-independent file format. It means you can open this file on any device without any hassle.
  • Better Security Features- PDF offers password features which makes it very secure. Using this option users restrict the user only to some specific task.
  • Accessible from Anywhere – One of the most amazing features of PDF is you can access it from anywhere using any device. Hence, users want to convert Lotus Notes emails to PDF files.
  • Legal Purpose – Sometimes data forensic investigators, lawyers, want to hard copy of the evidence and PDfF easy to print. Hence most users choose PDF files.

How to Print Lotus Notes Email As PDF Smartly

Now, if you are seeking the manual method to export NSF files to PDF file format, then there is bad news for you. Basically, there is no method available that prints Lotus Notes multiple emails as PDF format manually. So, in that situation, only one way is left in front of users and that is an automated method.

Lotus Notes NSF Converter Tool is one of its kind tool that gives you an easy and effective way to convert Lotus Notes email to PDF. With the help of this tool, one can convert multiple numbers of Lotus Notes emails into four different file formats such as MBOX, EML, MSG, PDF, etc.

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It also converts NSF contacts and calendars. The best part about this tool is that it does not impose any file size restrictions, hence a user can export NSF files of any size. This way users can easily learn how to save Lotus Notes email as PDF format in a safe manner.

The tool comes with a date filter option that helps during the conversion of a specific time period. Moreover, the tool is capable to change the canonical name into a simple SMTP format. It is also capable to maintain internet header and HTML formatting after implementing the conversion process.

Steps to Convert Lotus Notes Email to PDF File Using Tool

Step-1. First, Download the Tool and install it on your machine.

Step-2. Select NSF File(s) radio button and then Click on the Add File(s) or Add Folder to add NSF file.

add folder

Step-3. Under the export option choose Select Export Format and choose PDF format.

select export

Step-4. From Categories option select the Mails option to learn how to convert Lotus Notes email to PDF documents only.


Step-5. Now, Select the Destination location to save the resultant file.


Step-6. After all these steps, Click on the Export button to convert Lotus Notes emails to PDF documents safely.



There are many users searching for a solution to print Lotus Notes emails as PDF. But due to a lack of technical knowledge, they were not able to execute the task. So, here in this write-up, we are have discussed the best approach to convert Lotus Notes email to PDF documents in multiple numbers without any data loss.

Learning how to save Lotus Notes email as PDF, is quite a difficult task only till the users get their desired solution. Once, they get to know the right method & tool, the solution becomes easy. Hence, the selection of the right tool, plays a significant role here.