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Convert OLM to PST File Using the Best Available Solutions

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Published On September 6th, 2022
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Synopsis: Are you trying to convert OLM to PST file format? If yes, then here in this blog we’re going to discuss the best approaches that can quickly transfer the OLM data files to Outlook PST file format. There is no doubt, that users are facing several difficulties because of not having adequate knowledge of technicalities.  Hence, we’re going to solve it entirely with the help of modern technology.

OLM to PST file format

We all know that Microsoft provides Outlook email programs for both Windows and Mac platforms. MS Outlook and Outlook for Mac, to support Exchange communication. Outlook for Windows and Outlook for Mac has comparable user interface and functionality.

Basically, the difference between these emails client is the file format that they use to store. The Mac Outlook stores its data in OLM file format and Outlook for Windows stores its PST. Furthermore, Outlook for Mac does not have the same feature set as MS Outlook.

OLM to PST Conversion – What’s the Difference

PST and OST are the two file formats supported by Microsoft Outlook for Windows. When Outlook is set up with POP3 accounts, PST files are used to store data (however, Outlook stores data in OST files when users work in offline mode with Exchange account). Outlook for Mac, on the other hand, saves data in OLM format.

These two file types include all of the things in the inbox, such as emails, contacts, tasks, events, notes, and so on. Now, after knowing this let us discuss what are the reasons for this conversion.

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Reason to Convert Mac Outlook OLM to PST File

Well, due to the different file formats Outlook for Windows does not support OLM files. Now, if you want to open the OLM file to PST, then you have to convert it first, you have to convert the OLM file to PST.

There are several reasons that make users convert OLM to PST file format. Understanding these reasons are significant to get detailed knowledge of the entire operation. And in this section we are going to discuss some of the common scenarios that require OLM to Outlook PST conversion are:

  • The first reason for this conversion is moving from the Windows environment to the Mac environment.
  • Also if you are moving on a temporary basis, then you need to convert the OLM data to PST.

Process to Convert OLM to PST File Manually

Well, if we talk about the method to import Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook, then here in this section we are going to discuss the free solution. So, those who are seeking a conversion process without spending a single penny, then go keep reading.

The manual process has two steps in order to convert OLM to PST file format. So, in the first process, we are going to add an IMAP account and move all the Mac Outlook data to the newly added Gmail account. And in the second step, we will add the same account to Windows Outlook.

Step-1 to Get OLM in Windows: Enable IMAP in Gmail

1. First open any browser and log in to the Gmail account.

2. Now, navigate to the Settings, and select Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab.

3. After this select the IMAP status, if it is not selected and click on the Save button.

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Step-2 to Get OLM in Windows: Configure An IMAP Account To Mac Outlook

Here in this section, we are going to configure the Gmail account to Mac Outlook so that we can move all OLM data to that account. If you want to convert OLM to PST file format, then simply execute this configuration task without any errors. Now let’s jump to the process by following the steps:

1. First open the Mac Outlook application on your machine and go to the Tool option.

2. After that go to the Tool option and select the Account.

3. Now, choose Email and enter your Email ID and password to add the Gmail account.

4. After this select the IMAP server and choose the SSL connection and SMTP server along with 465 as the port number, and in the last click on the Add account.

Step-3 to Get OLM in Windows: Move Mac Outlook Data to IMAP Account

1. First, open the Mac Outlook Account, then select the data item that you want to import.

2. Now right-click on the selected folder, then choose the Move, and after that select Copy to Folder.

3. After all this update the IMAP folder and Send/Receive button to import all the OLM data to IMAP account.

Step-4 to Get OLM in Windows: Process 4: Import the OLM Data to Windows Outlook (PST)

Here in this blog, we are going to configure the Same IMAP account to the Windows account. So, that you can open all the OLM mailbox data to Windows Outlook.  To convert OLM to PST, this is the last step users need to do for getting the MAC .olm data in Windows Outlook. Now, to do this follow the below steps:

1. First, open Control Panel, and after that select, Mail option and Email Account >> New.

2. Now, select Manually configure server settings and then click on the Next.

3. After this enter the IMAP account credentials along with Incoming and Outgoing server details and click on the More Settings.

4. Now, go to the Advanced tab and enter the 993 port number and the IMAP server and choose the SSL connection.

5. After this enter the SMPT server 465 and also select the SSL connection, then click on OK.

6. At last click on the Next button to complete the task.

Note: Now, after this process, your OLM data is on Windows Outlook so now you can easily assess all your Outlook data. But if you this OLM data into PST file, then go further steps to export the OLM data PST.

Export OLM File Into PST – Solution #1

As we said in the above note section that after taking the manual method you will get your OLM data to file directly in your Windows Outlook. So, now if you want a PST file, then here in this section we are going to discuss the steps to export imported OLM data to PST from Windows Outlook.

1. First, open Outlook and click on the File option.

2. Now, Choose Open & Export and, then select Import/Export.

3. After this Select Export Export to a File and click on the Next button.

4. Now, select Outlook Data File (.pst) and then click on Next.

5. After that select the mail folder that you want to export and then click on Next.

6. Choose the destination location to save the PST file.

Best Approach to Convert OLM to PST File Format – Solution#2

As we have seen that the above process, very time-consuming because in the above manual method you have to actually complete the four processes and all the processes have a number of steps. So, in this situation, you can try OLM to PST File Converter Tool.

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This tool gives you the direct option to convert OLM files to Windows Outlook PST and so you need to follow the above steps. Now, let’s move towards the steps to convert the OLM data to a PST file.

Step-1. First, Download and Install the software on your system.

Step-2. After, this Click on the Add Files to add the OLM file.

Step-3. Once the file is added to the software you will be able to View All your files.

Step-4. After this Click on the Export option to export the OLM file to PST.

Step-5. Choose the PST option from the export option.

Step-6. If the PST file is large in size then you can Split the PST file by using PST Settings.

Step-7. Now, Choose the Destination location to save the converted PST file.

Step-8. At last Click on the Export button to complete the task.

Note: The tool will give the raw PST file, so if you want to import the PST file into Outlook, then follow the below steps:

Add PST Files Created Into Outlook:

1. Open MS Outlook and Click on the File option

2. After that Click on the Import/Export option

3. Now, from Import/Export Wizard Select Import from another program or file.

4. After this Select Outlook Data File(.pst) and Click on the Next button.

5. Browse the PST File and Click on the Next button.

6. Select the Folder that you want to import

7. At the last Click on the Finish button to complete the task.

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The Verge

Well, we know that conversion of one file format to another is a bit complicated. Now, the reasons for the OLM to PST conversion were really significant. Here in this blog, we have discussed the two best approaches to convert OLM to PST file format. So it is up to you to choose the right method for you. Don’t forget that the wrong one can even make things tough for you. Users should always go for the smart way.