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NSF to MSG Converter to Export Lotus Notes Files to MSG

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Published On January 17th, 2024
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NSF to MSG Converter Tool

IBM Lotus Notes does not provide any native option to convert NSF to MSG format. There is no NSF to MSG Converter tool present here. It does have an export feature but there is no such option to save Lotus Notes messages to Outlook data format. So if you are looking for any free or manual method, then wave it goodbye.

Then, what to do?

The answer is plain and simple. Go for a third-party solution that specialises in NSF to MSG conversion. A search on any web search engine will result in a list of converter software. Pretty sure you are here because of that too! So, you can say that the only way to go through Lotus Notes to MSG migration is by opting for a converter tool. The better the tool, the faster the conversion and the more accurate the results.

Once we have established that, the one question that would come to anyone’s mind is “Which software to choose“. Pretty valid one!

In this day and age, there are a plethora of tools that convert NSF files to MSG file format. And through this write-up, we will propose why Lotus Notes Converter Tool is the best choice among them.

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Main Features of NSF to MSG Converter

  • Ability to batch convert multiple NSF files in minimum time.
  • Exports emails, contacts, calendars, etc to MSG at once.
  • Migrates both NSF files and names.nsf files to Outlook MSG.
  • This NSF converter is compatible with NSF files of all Lotus Notes versions.
  • Also it is capable of masking CN values with desired SMTP address.
  • Option to preserve HTML formatting and Internet headers.
  • Provides Naming conventions and maintains folder hierarchy during the process.
  • Apply filters for selective Lotus Notes email conversion.
  • Apart from MSG, it also exports the data files in EML, CSV, MBOX, etc.

Risks of NSF to MSG conversion – Why NSF Converter is better?

There are various risks involved in converting NSF files to MSG format. You can even term some of these risks as concerns of users. We have filtered out some of the major concerns of users while opting for an NSF conversion solution:

Data Loss:

The one major concern that is associated with all kinds of data migration processes is the risk of losing partial data. No one would be willing to waste their time and effort on processes that have even a small percentage of failure rate. Incompetent tools are unable to detect the small details in complex email files and often lead to conversion where attachments are omitted during migration.

NSF converter not only performs 100% accurate conversion, but it also makes sure that no emails or attachments are skipped during the entire process. A 24×7 support team is also available to get you through any issues.

Data Integrity:

Modern emails are not simple messages containing only text. It comprises various multimedia files to add to its visual appeal. Like inline images, links, videos, etc. Simple tools fail to preserve all these things and often lead to emails with broken images, links, and other risks. This may not directly hinder NSF to MSG conversion, but still is a major concern for users. After all, there is no point in migration, if the data is not original.

Our software understands this complexity and is efficient enough to process all these details during migration. It ensures that no issues regarding email messages and their content appear in the resulting MSG files. Additionally, this tool ensures that every part of the email, including header addresses, is processed unchanged while converting NSF files to MSG.

Time factor & Size Issue:

Large mailbox size is a term often associated with Lotus Notes migration. That itself points towards two things: a large amount of time for conversion & no issues (like hanging or shutting down) due to the large file size. Thus, NSF to MSG converter software is designed for such problems of users wisely. With smart and powerful algorithms, the software can convert NSF to MSG in the least possible time independent of the file size.

Folder Hierarchy:

Strictly speaking, the folder hierarchy is a concern outside the conversion criteria. Even if it is kept as original or not, successful migration can still take place (the emails will remain the same). But what about user convenience? Is it not important?

The provided tool does not assume or impose anything on the users. It provides options for every little detail for users to perform customized Lotus Notes NSF to MSG conversion. Similarly, you can choose to maintain the folder hierarchy from within the NSF converter software interface.

Conversion of Entire Data Items:

Unlike other software, the NSF file to MSG converter provides a one-of-a-kind feature to export all contacts, and calendars along with the emails. It even provides separate filters for each.

Not only that, it even supports converting names.NSF files along with normal Lotus Notes NSF data files. Be it batch conversion or selective migration with filters, the tool covers it all. You could term it as an all-rounder when it comes to converting (IBM) Lotus Notes to MSG files.

Easy Steps to Convert NSF to MSG Format with Screenshots

Below are the brief steps to convert NSF files into MSG format using the most reliable conversion tool you can find:

Step-1. Run the tool & choose the Select NSF File(s) radio button and click on the Add NSF file(s)

Step-2. Select the “MSG” format option

Step-3. Click on “Advanced Settings” and Choose desired options

Step-4. Click on the “Export” button to convert NSF to MSG file format.

For detailed working steps showcasing complete Lotus Notes to MSG conversion, please refer the How It Works Guide in detail.

Video Describing Step-by-Step Software Working Process

Prerequisite: The software to convert NSF to MSG files requires installation of Lotus Notes (any version).

Free Trial and Full Version:

NSF to MSG converter is available completely free to download and try. This will help you get habitual to the working of the tool and at the same time see how effective it is during the actual conversion process.

As far as licenses go, the user can purchase this tool with a personal, business or enterprise license. For more details, please visit the official website.

NSF to MSG Converter – There’s no alteration of data! No loss of email integrity! Batch & Selective Conversion! 24/7 Tech Support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q- How do I convert NSF files to MSG file format?
A- Simply follow the given steps for NSF to MSG conversion in your NSF Converter tool:
  1. Run the software and “Add NSF” file
  2. Select “Category” to convert from NSF format
  3. Apply “Advanced settings” and “Filters
  4. Click on “Export” to convert NSF to MSG format

Q- Is there any manual method available for such conversion?
A- Since MSG files are proprietary to the Outlook email client, Lotus Notes does not provide any manual way to export NSF files in MSG format.

Q- Is the Free version of the software available for testing purposes?
A- Yes, you can download the free demo version of the software and export NSF files to the desired format.

Q- My requirement is batch NSF conversion. Is this possible?
A- Yes, with an NSF to MSG converter, you can easily add multiple NSF files to its interface and perform conversion at will.