Know How to Recover Files After Formatting Hard Drive in Windows 10, 8, 7?

Anuraag Singh | Last Modified: May 2nd, 2020 | Recovery

Did you just formatted your hard drive and deleted your important files? Now Want to recover the data back from formatted disk and do not know how? If your answer is yes to all these questions, then do not worry. This blog will focus on these areas only and let you know how to recover deleted files after formatting hard drive.

Hard disk formatted and loss of data is one of the common problems faced by almost every user. Whenever such type of problem arises, a free data recovery solution is the first thing that comes in mind. However, multiple Solutions providers make this tedious task convenient for users. But choosing the best recovery solution is the toughest part for the users because one wrong selection can backfire also.

So, be attentive while going to deal with the hard drive formatted and files gone issue.

This task becomes more difficult when it comes to recovering deleted files after formatting hard drives. Formatting is basically the process of cleaning the hard drive by erasing all data from it. It works as quick formatting because a user needs not to scan the hard drive for any defects.

However, when a user format the hard drive, the data is not erased permanently. It just prepares the hard drive to store data again. A user can create partitions on the hard drive and install the OS or save data on it.

But, the major disadvantage of formatting is that all data is removed from the hard drive. And, the situation becomes even worse if a user does not have a backup of formatted disk data and it results in data loss.

Now the question arises is it possible to recover files after formatting external hard disk?

It is one of the common problems faced by users like choosing the wrong partition while formatting. But here is good news, the recovery of erased files is still possible from the formatted hard drive. Move directly on steps to recover formatted data.

Is It Possible to Recover Files After Formatting Hard Drive?

The answer of the above question is YES, you can easily retrieve files even from the formatted hard drive in Windows 10, 8, 7, and below versions. If A user has formatted external hard disk and erased data. And, now looking for the solution to retrieve formatted data back.

Most of the users think that recovering deleted files from a formatted hard drive is not possible at all. But, this is not the truth because recovery is still possible. However, the professionals know how a user can get even deleted files back after formatting the hard drive.

It is because whenever the complete drive is formatted, the operating system is reinstalled and at that time there may be chances of data loss. Because the overwritten data recovery is not possible. Moreover, whenever a user format the hard drive it only removes the data entries, it does not overwrite the data. It just recreates the file system.

However, the data is still available in the memory location, it is just erased from the directory. So, stop using the disk after formatting.

In order to have a successful recovery, a user needs to understand all the dangers and follow the instructions properly. One such major instruction that one must follow is immediately shut down the system or device. It is because if the system is in running state, then the data is constantly being written to the drive.

Move to the below part to know how can you recover all erased files and folders from formatted disk.

Professional Solution to Recover Deleted Files from Formatted Hard Drive

After formatting the hard drive, a user will not be able to recover the deleted data with any free manual solution. Therefore, switching to some professional tool without wasting any time. In the list of such tools, SysTools Software is the most popular. It is a reliable application that let users recover data from formatted hard drive in quick time.

Best part about this tool is that it has able to recover deleted files from HDD. After recovery, the software will highlight the files in red color. This will make it easy for the users to have a quick look at the recovered formatted files. The software maintains the integrity of data also as there will be no loss of data.

The application can be installed or launched on any Windows version. I am sure, after knowing these benefits of using this utility. You are eager to download and use it to recover deleted videos from hard drive. Download the free demo version and use it in your case. If your lost files from formatted disk visible to you then avail its full version and save all files in the healthy state.

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Steps to Recover Data from Formatted Hard Drive

For data recovery from formatted hard disk, follow the steps listed below:

Step 1:- Choose the Formatted Scan option and start the scanning process. It will recover files from formatted hard drive.

recover files after formatting hard drive

Step 2:- As the scanning process completed successfully, the software provides the preview of all recovered folders in the left panel. You can clearly view recovered folders in the software panel.

Recover Data from Formatted Hard Drive

Step 3:- In order to view the data of each folder, click on it and the software will provide a complete view in the right panel. Here, all items highlighted in red color are the recovered deleted files from formatted hard drive.

How do I recover files after formatting

Step 4:- Now, from the top of the window, click on the Save button to save the formatted hard drive data on your computer.

retrieve files after formatting external hard drive

Note: – Try this utility to recover data from formatted hard drive professionally. The tool is compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7 and below versions. Also, it is capable to recover severely formatted hard disk drive data.

How to Recover Files from Formatted Hard Disk – User’s Queries!

“I am using windows 10 on my Dell laptop. Last night I formatted E drive accidentally and lost some vital files. Now want to know, how do I recover files from formatted hard drive for free. Thanks in Advance.”

“I am using the 1TB external hard disk to backup my important documents. But, when I attach it with my computer today. It was saying hard drive not formatted error. I formatted the disk, now everything gone. I am eager to know how to recover files after formatting the external hard drive?”

“External hard disk one partition formatted and lost saved files. Kindly suggest me a safe utility to recover files from formatted hard drive for free.”

“I want to know, how to recover files from formatted hard drive using command prompt? Is CMD so powerful to recover formatted data? If yes, then please list all steps with command here.”


This is one of the simple, reliable, and easy ways of recovering deleted data from the formatted hard drive. Without any doubt or risk of data loss in mind, a user can try this application and get his or her data back in the best possible way. However, data recovery is a crucial task as it involves lots of important data in it. Therefore, this task needs to be done with proper care. Now your query on how to recover files from formatted hard drive / external storage / USB stick has been solved.


How do I Recover Files After Formatting Hard Drive?

Users can recover files after formatting hard drive by SysTools hard drive recovery software. It can recover all data like photos, videos, audios, multimedia and documents etc.

Is it possible to Recover Files After Formatting Hard Drive?

With the help of above blog users can recover files formatting and re-formatting hard drive. After reading this users can recover their data instantly.