External Hard Drive Not Formatted Error in Windows – Find All Possible Solutions

Anuraag Singh | February 21st, 2019 | Tips

The external hard drive plays a vital role while we need to copy large data files among different computers or backup important project data. These devices come up with a high storage capacity compared to the flash drives. Most users who use this device in Windows Operating System possibly may encounter the external hard drive not formatted error. This issue occurs while plugging the external hard drive into a computer. The same error also may occur in different wordings, for example:

disk not formatted

In this technical guide, we are going to discuss the same issue in detail along with its reasons. Apart from this, we will also disclose the techniques that can resolve the external hard disk not formatted error.

What is External Hard Drive Not Formatted Error?

If your system indicates that a drive is unformatted after connecting an external hard drive then, it means the result of trying to read partition table, master boot record, or other partition elevated information on the drive. Also, it is acquiring something other than the expected information back.

hard drive not formatted
In most of the cases, it is the result of the database on the disk that is somehow overwritten or otherwise damaged. Apart from all this, there may several other possible factors that can pop up the Seagate external hard drive not formatted error message on your Windows system:

  • Sudden power outage while using the external hard drive to transfer the information
  • The hard drive is pulled out improperly or forced to pull out instead of safely removing
  • The external hard drive faced malicious virus attack and the file system gets corrupted
  • Presence of bad sectors on the external hard drive, damage due to the logical error

The problem starts when you have saved important files within this drive and you do not have any replica or backup of it.

Another issue that may also notice that while disconnecting the drive, it may show the pop-up message “You need to format the disk in drive F: before you can use it. Do you want to format it now?” Below are some simple hacks that can resolve the external hard drive not formatted error in Windows.

Techniques to Resolve External Hard Drive Not Formatted Error

No matter what is the reasons behind external hard disk not formatted error, you can simply fix it with some appropriate solutions. The possible solution listed below, simply perform the below steps. Or know steps to recover files from formatted disk.

Fix 1: Use CHKDSK Command to Fix External Hard Drive Not Formatted Error

CHKDSK is a powerful and handy inbuilt utility that come up with Windows OS. We can use it for checking and fixing the corruption in drive(s). Below are the guidelines to fix external hard drive not formatted error using CHKDSK command:

  • Connect the external hard drive that is displaying error in your computer
  • Now, click Start and in search box type “cmd” and select it. Hit a right-click and choose Run as administrator
  • Command Prompt window will open after this. Execute the following command in the command window: “CHKDSK [driveletter] /r” Note: Here in [driveletter] type your drive letter.
  • The command will take some time to check and repair that disk. Wait until the process gets completed
  • Now, navigate back to My Computer and check if you are able to access the information stored on your external hard drive

Note: The CHKDSK command is ascriptive language command. Be careful while executing this command to resolve WD external hard drive not formatted error.

Fix 2. Plug-in External hard Disk on Another Machine

If you are having another computer then, plug the faulty external drive into it and check if it is properly recognized. In case if it is, then:

  • You have the access to your database and now you can back it up
  • The issue is with your computer and it needs to be addressed

Fix 3. Verify External Enclosure to Fix External hard Drive Not Formatted Error

A working USB interface improperly linked with the hard drive could display as an unformatted drive. Hence, recheck all of the assembly instructions and check if the drive is connected in the right way.

Note: – If after checking all the above solution error not fixed. Then you have to format the hard disk. But beware with that all files stored in the hard disk will be erased after formatting.

Recover Lost Files! Deleted Files! Formatted Files

If everything is connected and working properly but, your drive still displays the status as “unformatted” then, this is the time to format the external hard disk. But it will result in data loss. So, to avoid data loss or get back lost files. Know the best solution to recover permanently deleted files from external hard disk. The complete and step by step guide explained. Having any issue related to data loss, feel free to contact our expert.

Final Words

As an external hard drive user, you probably may encounter external hard drive not formatted error. In this technical page, we have tried to pull up all simple and cost-effective techniques to fix Seagate, WD external hard drive not formatted error in Windows. Simply perform the steps and fix the not formatted error.