Free Methods to Import MBOX to PST in Outlook 2019

Anuraag Singh | June 5th, 2019 | Tips

MBOX file is the most popular file format which more than 20 email clients use to store their mailbox items. MBOX supported email clients include names such as Thunderbird, Mac Mail, Entourage, Eudora, Powermail, etc. There are several cases where users need to import MBOX to PST in Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013 or lower versions. Generally, it is due to work-related requirements since Outlook is preferred by professionals over MBOX email clients.


Technical Introduction of MBOX and PST file formats

MBOX is a generic file format that comes in multiple variations such as .mbx, .mbox, files without extension. Each email client uses a separate variation like Thunderbird makes use of MBOX files without extension, Apple Mail prefers the .mbox extension files, Opera uses .mbs files, etc. One thing that remains common in each of them is that the storage is limited to emails and attachments.

However, PST files are the property of Microsoft and only Outlook uses it to store its mailbox items. Unlike MBOX files, PST stores a variety of items such as emails, attachments, calendars, contacts, tasks, etc. This is why it is often referred to as an advanced format compared to MBOX.

Also, neither the MBOX email clients nor Outlook 2019 (or any other version) provides any native options for email transfer between them. Due to these technical implications of both the email formats, users need to convert MBOX files to PST for accessing its emails in Outlook 2019.

A Free Method to Import MBOX to PST in Outlook 2019

Here, we will take advantage of a free email client i.e., Thunderbird as an intermediate to move MBOX files into Outlook 2019. For this, you just have to follow three easy steps:

  • Use Mozilla Thunderbird to import MBOX File
  • Save Emails as EML file in Thunderbird
  • Drag and Drop EML files into MS Outlook

free download and try

Use Mozilla Thunderbird to import MBOX File

  1. First, download and install Thunderbird email client. Configure it with any dummy or valid webmail account
  2. install thunderbird

  3. Now, go to Tools menu and click on Add-on option (Press Alt key if the menu is hidden)
  4. click on add-on option

  5. Here, search for importexport in the search bar
  6. search for importexport tool

  7. Click on Add to Thunderbird button corresponding to ImportExportTools
  8. add to thunderbird

  9. Hit Install Now button to install this free add-on and restart Thunderbird application
  10. install the free add-on

  11. Now, select Local folders in mailbox list and go to Tools > ImportExportTools > Import mbox file
  12. import mbox file

  13. Proceed with the instructions and select the MBOX file(s) to import. You will see the imported MBOX file appearing under Local Folders mailbox.

Save Emails as EML file in Thunderbird

  1. Open the imported mailbox file and select all the emails that you want to migrate to Outlook
  2. select eml files

  3. Right-click on them and select the Save As option
  4. save mbox emails as eml

  5. Specify a location to save your emails as EML files. You will find all your emails in the selected folder.

Drag and Drop EML files into MS Outlook 2019

  • Create a new folder in Outlook 2019 interface. Now drag and drop all the saved EML files into this mailbox folder. All your emails should start appearing once the files are imported.

Export PST File from Outlook 2019

If you specifically desire PST files, you can use the native Import/Export feature of Outlook 2019 for this.

  1. Go to File menu and select Open & Export > Import/Export
  2. use import export wizard

  3. Select Export to a file option and hit Next
  4. select export to file option

  5. Choose Outlook Data file(.pst) and again hit Next
  6. select outlook pst file to export

  7. Select the mailbox folder in which EML files were imported and hit Next
  8. Provide a location to export the emails and click Finish
  9. A PST file will appear at the selected location.

Reliable & Automated Way to Convert MBOX to PST

The manual way is more of a hit and trial method for converting MBOX files into PST for Outlook 2019 or other versions. It is a time-taking process which may take days to import MBOX to PST if the number of emails is high. Furthermore, users require to have technical knowledge of both Thunderbird and Outlook to succeed in this method.

Therefore, it is better to go for professional solutions and let them do the work for you. SysTools MBOX to PST Converter offers a varied set of features which eases the process of importing MBOX to PST so much, that any user can do it without problems. It allows users to select particular emails/files to convert into Outlook PST format. You can even filter out emails based on a date range.

It allows to freely convert 25 emails per folder from MBOX to PST and preview all the emails along with attachments.

Simple Steps to Import MBOX to PST in Outlook 2019

  • Step 1: Launch SysTools MBOX Converter and Import the MBOX files into it
  • Step 2:Preview all the Emails and Attachments once the MBOX emails get scanned
  • Step 3:Set the Export type to PST and save the file at the desired location
  • Step 4:Import the PST file into Outlook 2019 with a free native option

If you do not know how to import PST file into Outlook 2019, then follow the steps given below:

  1. In MS Outlook 2019, go to File and select Open & Export > Import/Export
  2. import export menu of outlook

  3. Now, select Import from another program or file in the Import and Export wizard
  4. select import from another file option in outlook 2019

  5. Choose the option Outlook Data file(.pst) and hit the Next button
  6. Navigate and select the PST file that you wish to import into Outlook 2019 and apply other options as per preference. Click the Next button.
  7. select pst file to import into outlook

  8. Choose Import items to current folder and click Finish.
  9. All your data is successfully imported in MS Outlook 2019 in a matter of seconds.


The launch of Outlook 2019 added to the growth in demands of importing MBOX to Outlook. No matter what email client users are working with, moving its data into Outlook 2019 is not easy. In this article, we discussed solutions corresponding to how to import MBOX to PST in Outlook 2019. There are technical limitations which do not allow efficient process completion with the free method. Hence, we also provided an automated way to quickly transfer MBOX files to PST and import it in Outlook 2019. Be sure to try the free trial version before deciding anything!