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How to Restore .bak File to PST File Without Any Data Loss?

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Published On March 4th, 2024
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“Yesterday, I faced some problem while using Microsoft Outlook 2010. Sometime later, I realize that my PST files may be corrupted. So, I attempted to repair it by using the Inbox Repair tool and it has created a .bak file. Even I tried to access that BAK file, but it was unable to open it in my MS Outlook. Can anyone tell me a suitable solution to restore a .bak file in Outlook? Kindly suggest me a dependable solution for the same. Thanks in Advance!!”

Backup is one of the finest saviours for every user who has lost very important data. Even mostly .bak files are automatically generated by the applications in the system. One such email application that creates .bak files is Microsoft Outlook. It can automatically generate the backup (BAK) file during the execution of the Inbox Repair Tool Wizard. In the case of PST file corruption, these .bak files are very useful for restoring PST files. However, sometimes this .bak file cannot be opened and may become corrupted. Therefore, in this blog, we are going to discuss all possible ways that will help a user understand how to restore the .bak file to a PST file in a definite manner.

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Know What is BAK File in Outlook, and How is it Created?

MS Outlook is a desktop email application. This is an option for users to open emails in offline mode. It keeps the data on the PC hard drive and generates PST or OST files depending on the scenario in which it is used.

PST and OST files maintain almost all the crucial data associated with the MS Outlook profile. Since these files are considered valuable, users always try to keep them safe. Still, due to various factors, these files may become corrupted. If this happens, there is no other method to recover them manually.

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Why do Users Want to Backup Their Emails?

It is very difficult to lose crucial data. Many situations arise where users lose their important data. Once important data is lost, it cannot be recovered. However, you need to back up all your important data. Well, the situation mentioned below can lead to data loss issues.

Unintentionally Deleted Files:- At certain times, users mistakenly deleted their crucial files while working. In that situation, users should create a backup of data to make it easier for all users.

Viruses and malicious infections: Various machines are prone to getting viruses as they are connected to the Internet at all times. The virus causes serious damage to data preservation on PCs and causes loss of critical data. Therefore, it is recommended to backup your files safely.

How to Recover the .bak File in Outlook PST Using an Expert Solution?

Recovering and importing data from a BAK file in MS Outlook is no longer a difficult task. No need to worry. Here, we suggest a reliable third-party tool named Outlook Data Repair Tool. It is one of the best solutions that help to recover emails from corrupt PST files within a few clicks. The best feature of this tool is that it restores the Outlook BAK file and keeps the formatting of the original item. Also, it has a simple and easy-to-use interface that even a novice user can use without taking external help to recover a 0KB PST File.

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The user can open the software in the Windows system. and then add their Outlook BAK file (created by ScanPST.exe) into the tool. It will then scan and repair the .bak file and recover deleted Outlook PST data in it. The software provides a preview of all the data in the panel and you can export .bak data into required file formats. You can save Outlook .bak as PST and later you can import this resultant data file into your Outlook account easily. This tool also recover deleted task outlook.

Working Steps to Restore .bak File to PST File Windows 10

  1. Initially download & run the tool on your PC. Then, hit on the Add File option to add the file. How to restore .bak file to pst file windows 10
  2. Select the scan mode Advance or Quick. how to restore pst file in outlook
  3. Select the export option after the scan procedure is complete.  How to restore .bak file to pst file
  4. Finally, hit the export button to complete the recovery.

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Recover Data from the .bak File in MS Outlook 2016 Manually

Here is the possible manual approach that will help to open a BAK file from the Outlook application. At first, when running the Inbox Repair utility, it automatically generates a .bak file of an original PST data file. Therefore, this backup file will be saved in the same location where the original PST file has been stored before. If this original file has become corrupted or deleted, then the simplest way to get the data back is to import the .bak file into Outlook. Follow these steps carefully to restore the .bak file to PST format:

  • Navigate the desired location of the BAK file in your local system
  • Now, you can create a copy of the Outlook BAK file and save that file with PST extension (E.g., test1.bak>> test1.bak.pst).
  • Under Import and Export Wizard, you can import the “test1.bak.pst” file in MS Outlook
  • Start the Outlook application and go to the File tab. A drop-down menu appears, choose the Import and Export option
  • Next, choose Import from another program or file and press the Next button
  • Browse the newly created .pst file (“test1,bak.pst) under the File to Import option
  • In the given Options, select Do not import duplicates option and hit on Next
  • Under Select the folder to import from, select the PST file ( Personal Folder files) and then, choose Include subfolders
  • Eventually, choose Import folders into the same folder and afterwards, the newly created PST file (test1.bak.pst) and press the Finish button.

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In case, the above-described method fails to import the .bak file to Outlook, then users must follow the steps below:

  • Go to the File tab, select the Open button and then, choose Outlook Data Files
  • Now, browse the location where the newly created PST file is saved (test1.bak.pst) and press OK button

Remember: This manual solution is only used to access a BAK file in an MS Outlook account. But, it cannot restore the corrupted .bak file.

Time to Conclude

It is the best option to make a backup file while running the Inbox Repair tool to recover PST files. Therefore, in this blog, we have explained a step-by-step procedure to import the .bak file in Microsoft Outlook. However, this manual method has some shortcomings. Thus, it is always advised to use a professional solution, which helps to restore the .bak file to the PST file without any inconvenience.

Some Questions Asked by Users

Q 1. Is it possible to retrieve permanently lost Outlook data?

Ans. Yes, users can recover permanently deleted Outlook data with the help of reliable software explained in this post. This tool allows you to recover deleted data normally and permanently without any file size limitation or hassle.

Q 2. How can I recover multiple Outlook PST files at once?

Ans. By using the professional method, users can recover multiple Outlook PST files. Users can use the file search option to add multiple PST files.