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How to Recover 0KB PST File | A Perfact Solution

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Published On February 22nd, 2023
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Have you ever faced a situation while trying to recover data from the PST file in Outlook but you encounter an error message “This file is not an Outlook data file”? And when you tried to check the properties of the PST file, then you will notice its size as 0KB?

Well, we know that it is a very worrying situation but here in this blog, we are going to discuss the reasons behind this scenario and how to recover 0KB PST File.

As we all know Outlook uses PST file format to stores all the database file that contains complete mailboxes data like emails, contacts, task, calendar data, and other data. Now if there any data available in PST, then it could not be of 0KB. So, there could be some reasons responsible for such a size issue of Outlook PST. Hence, let’s first know the reasons why this issue originated.

What are the Reasons for 0KB PST?

  • Corruption in PST file: If you are not able to recover 0KB PST file, then corruption n your PST file is one of the major reasons for this error.
  • Incomplete Compact Process: If any user has performed the compact function on that Outlook PST file it could have adversely affected the file due to incomplete function.
  • Oversize File: If the Outlook PST file size has grown much large and there is corruption in file headers, then there are chances for PST file size to reduce to 0KB.
  • System termination or Breakdown: While running the Outlook program if you forcefully or by mistake shut down your system, then you will encounter this error with your Outlook PST file.
  • Bad Sectors in Hard Drive: If will also occur if corruption in Hard Drive sectors and partitions where the Outlook data is stored.
  • Manual Error: The unwanted or accidental deletion of Outlook PST file from its default location or moving it to some external device or drive unintentionally can also lead you to this annoying error.
  • Network Shared PST: There are many users who saved their PST file on a network sharing. But it is not considered totally safe because sometimes vulnerable modifications like deletion of file, or copied files lead to 0 file size issues also.

How to Recover 0KB PST File Data?

Now, we know all the possible reasons for the 0KB PST file. So, now let’s move toward the solution. Now, if you have no idea about the exact reason, which lead to this issue, then you can try each of the solutions one by one and then see what works for you.

# Solution 1: Use Backup PST file

It is a very wise decision to keep a backup of Outlook data files. Because it will help you to recover data from this kind of situation. Now, you so fortunate, if you have a backup PST file in advance for the file.

Moreover, if you have a backup of the PST file before it turned to a 0kb file, then you can easily retrieve the data by creating a new PST file through Outlook and then importing all data to it. And to do this follow the below steps:

1. First, open Outlook and click on the New Item and then choose the More Item option.

2. From the More Item list choose the Outlook Data File

3. Next, assign a name to the new PST file and select the location on the system.

4. Now, with the help of the Import/Export feature in the Outlook application, import the backup PST file content to the new PST file just created.

Note: For users who do not have the backup plan is suggested to practice a regular backup of Outlook data file. Also, you can try the Outlook Recovery Tool to fix the corruption of the PST file which is one of the reasons for 0KB PST errors.

#Solution 2: Restore Previous Outlook Version

This solution is only applicable for those who full filed some conditions. And the condition is mentioned below.

1. First click on the System Properties option in the Computer icon.

2. After that, select the System Protection option under the opened Control Panel Home section.

3. Now, click on Configure option to open the configuration settings.

4. Select the desired configuration for the application.

If this condition is fulfilled with your Outlook program, then you can move toward the restore Outlook to the previous version. To do this follow the below steps:

Note: The default PST file location is as follows:


1. First, Right-click on the PST file folder and then click on the Restore previous versions option.

2. Now, select your desired Outlook version from the list

3. After that click on the Copy option and then add a destination location for the file

4. After that, the PST file will get saved at the new location which you can import or open in the Outlook application.

#Solution 3: Repair Outlook PST File

As we earlier mentioned that, PST corruption is the most reason for this 0KB file size and inaccessibility issue in the PST file. Now, to repair the PST corruption Outlook provides the manual solution.

And this inbuilt inbox repair tool is also known as scanPST.exe. Becailally with the help of this utility users can resolve minor corruptions or small-size PSTs only. Whereas, we know that corruption occurs due to oversized PST files. So sometimes this inbuilt utility not able to repair the PST file. Now, this shows that the manual repair solution is not at all reliable for every time.

However, to fight this situation here in this section we are going to introduce the best-automated tool that can help you to repair the PST corruption and also help you to recover 0kb PST file. Outlook Repair Software is the tool that can easily do this task for you without any hassle.

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This tool is well tested and trusted solution by many professionals because it provides many advanced features such as the option to repair encrypted PST files, the facility to recover permanently deleted data files, the option to export recovered data in other file formats, and many more features.

Now, the remarkable point is that you can try this tool without spending a single penny. Yes, the tool offers the trial version so, you can try the finality and effectiveness of the tool.


PST file size reduced to 0KB is another one of the frequently asked queries by the users. And when it happens users not able to recover data from 0kb PST. So, here in this blog, we have discussed the reason which prevents you to not to do those excises. In addition, we have also discussed to recover 0KB PST file.