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How to Recover Emails from Corrupt PST file Easily

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Published On January 25th, 2024
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Outlook is a multipurpose email client that stores all its data in PST file format. This PST file contains Outlook emails, attachments, contacts, calendars, to-do, notes, etc. Sometimes due to malicious software, hardware failure, and other reasons, the PST file gets corrupted. Once the data file becomes corrupt, all the mailbox items within the PST file becomes inaccessible. So, we have come up with solutions that can easily recover emails from corrupt PST file and help you fix the issue instantly.
corrupt pst file recovery
But first, let us know what causes a PST file to get corrupted.

How A PST File Becomes Corrupt?

There are many reasons that abruptly corrupts the Outlook PST file instantly. We have listed some of the common ones as follows:

  • Data Storage: Though not among the most probable reasons, inconsistencies or bad sectors in your file storage device can lead to corruption of PST files stored in it.
  • Network Failure: When accessing or working with the PST file through a network, abrupt disconnection or faulty network devices also result in PST corruption.
  • Power Failure: It is the cause of most issues with Outlook PST files. While working with the file, if the system gets closed abruptly, it will damage your PST file significantly.
  • Virus or Malicious Scripts: Software from unknown sources, viruses, malware, and other infectious applications/scripts also damages the PST file.
  • Abrupt Termination of MS Outlook: Users must always close Outlook with the Exit or Close button after saving all the changes. If the PST file is open and you are accessing it, the abnormal termination of Outlook can also lead to corruption. Thus generating the need to recover emails from corrupt PST file.
  • Size of PST File: In the earliest versions of MS Outlook, the size allotted to PST file was 2GB. Thus, whenever data exceeded the 2GB mark, PST file would get corrupt. However, in the newer versions, the size has been increased dramatically. However, you should try and keep the size lower than 10GB to prevent any mishappenings.
  • Recovery Software: There have been cases when people have lost multiple files due to deletion or formatting. And data recovery software often retrieves the PST file in a corrupted state. In such cases, the recovery of emails in PST file is of utmost importance.

Now, let us move on to the part where all the methods to recover the message from a corrupt PST file are listed.

Methods to Recover Emails from Corrupt PST File

There are two solutions to this problem. You can either use the native tool of MS Outlook to fix the corruption and access your emails. Or, you can go for reliable and time-tested software to recover emails from corrupt PST file. It depends on your time and requirements. If the Inbox Repair Tool can fix the issue, then no need for any software. If it fails, then a reliable application from a trusted source is provided.

  1. Free Manual Approach: Using Scanpst.exe
  2. Using a Reliable & Time-Tested Recovery Software Tool

Now, let us start with the step-wise procedure for both the solutions.

Free Manual Approach: Using Scanpst.exe

Make sure MS Outlook is closed. Then, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the drive where Outlook is installed: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OfficeXX – Here XX signifies a number (16, 15, 14, etc.)
  2. Run Scanpst.exe file. “Browse” and select the corrupt PST file that you want to recover emails from.
  3. Click on “Start” to initiate the process.

Bear in mind that this free tool only fixes minor corruption and shows multiple errors when trying to access large PST files. In case, it does not work, don’t be disheartened and head over to the next solution for guaranteed emails recovery from corrupt PST.

Note: If you have a Bak file and want to retrieve its content, then know how to restore BAK file data to PST easily.

Recover Emails from Corrupted PST File Using a Reliable Software Tool

Outlook Repair Tool is the ultimate software that can fix ann PST file corruptions and recover emails from it without losing any data.

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1: Start the PST Recovery tool and click on the “Add File” option.

recover emails from corrupt pst file

2: Add the corrupt PST file and choose “Advance Scan” mode to recover emails.

add pst files

3: Use “Quick scan” mode for fast file recovery. Opt for “Advance Scan” to recover emails from highly corrupt PST.

choose advance scan

4: Preview the emails of damaged PST file. Also find the deleted items, contacts, calendars, tasks, notes and journals in healthy state. Click on “Export” button.

choose quick scan

5: Choose “PST” format and click on “Advance Settings” to apply more options.

select PST file

6: Apply options such as “Split PST”, “Date Filter”, and choose “Mails” category to recover emails.

apply advance options

7: Set the destination location and apply other options as per preference. Click on “Export” to start the recovery of emails.

export recovered emails

 8:Open/Import” the recovered PST file in MS Outlook and easily access all your emails that were previous inaccessible in corrupt PST file.

access corrupt emails in Outlook

Note: If your folders are deleted from PST file and you want to recover it, then the software can easily recover deleted folder in Outlook PST without any issues.

Things You Should Keep in Mind to Prevent PST Corruption

  1. Try to keep the PST file size less than 10GB.
  2. Divide your data in multiple PST to prevent losing all your database in future.
  3. Install and use powerful antivirus software to prevent malicious infections.
  4. Regularly backup all your important PST files to be safe.
  5. Always shut down Outlook properly with Exit or Close button.


PST corruption can be a horrific experience since it may lead to the loss of all your important data. Thankfully, there are techniques that can resolve this and help you know how to recover emails from corrupt PST file. We enlisted the best techniques for the same query in this blog. You can first use the native repair tool of Microsoft Outlook. And if it fails, then go for the suggested software. It will help you recover emails, contacts, calendars, etc.  from the corrupt PST file easily. It can also perform recovery of deleted PST file data easily. In case of any issues, the 24×7 tech support knows exactly what to do.

Users Also Ask

Q1: How do I recover my Outlook PST file?

Ans: These are the steps to recover Outlook PST file and its data.

1: Launch the tool and click on Add Files to add any PST file for repair.

2: Check Advanced Scan box to repair the highly corrupt PST file.

3: Preview and choose the target file format for saving emails after repair.

4: Click on Export button to get the recovered Outlook data file