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How to Recover Deleted PST Files from SSD (Solid State Drive)?

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Published On February 16th, 2024
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How do I recover lost or mistakenly deleted Outlook PST files from SSD? If so, then there is no need to worry; try SSD recovery software to easily recover deleted PST files from SSD. Its application supports all versions of Outlook 2021, 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010. If you don’t want to recover your PST files in this way, you still have a chance to recover the PST file from the SSD (Solid State Drive) from the previous version.

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User Query

I mistakenly deleted all PST files from the SSD. Is there any solution to recover it? Now, when I open Microsoft Outlook, a warning sign displays and indicates the file PST cannot be found. How can I recover the deleted PST file? I need it to continue my work. Thank you in advance. Please help me and tell me a solution to resolve these issues as soon as possible. 

Before going to the solution, we will first learn about the PST file.

What is a PST File?

PST is standing by the personal storage table. It is an automatically generated personal folder file in Microsoft Outlook. It stores users’ Outlook data, like tasks, contacts, events, calendars, emails, attachments, and other files on the client’s Solid State drive.

Most of the time, the PST file can get deleted or lost due to a certain reason, such as trojan or malware attack, accidental deletion by using the shift+delete button, SSD drive failure, OS crash, etc. To overcome these issues and recover your PST file in a healthy way, read the complete article and know the solution.

If you deleted your PST file by using the delete key, then you should be able to recover it from the recycle bin. It is deleted by using the shift+delete button or you have emptied the recycle bin. You can recover it from a backup if you have any. If you don’t have any backup, then, you can try professional recovery software to recover data from SSD laptop.

Recover Deleted PST Files from SSD by Previous Versions

Suppose that you have enabled File History or computer backup on your Windows, You might retrieve lost PST files from backup and previous versions.

  1. Open Windows Explorer.
  2. Go to C:\Users\UserName\Documents\Outlook Files.
  3. Right-hit Outlook Files and select “Restore Previous Versions.”
  4.  Switch to the “Previous Versions” tab. Then, select a version to recover.

Trustworthy Solution to Recover Permanently Deleted PST Data from SSD

The most reliable method to regain permanently deleted PST files from SSD is by using expertly suggested software to recover data from formatted SSD drive. This is the top file recovery tool that can restore lost PST, EPUB, ODT, HTML, ICS, CDR, VCF, RTF, and OST files without any hassle. It also supports multiple languages like English, Danish, Portuguese, France, Italian, Norwegian, etc. to recover lost PST files from SSD (Solid State Drives).

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This is an automated utility specially designed to recover shift deleted, formatted, deleted, corrupted and lost data items from the exFAT, FAT, and NTFS partitions of SSD drives in the Windows OS. This tool can recover virus infected data from SSD You can download this utility and follow the steps to retrieve lost PST files from a PC with a few simple clicks.

Recover Deleted PST Files from SSD within Few Clicks

1: Download and launch the tool on your Windows computer.

Recover Deleted PST Files From SSD

2: The tool now provides two options for data recovery: scan and formatted scan.

recover permanently deleted pst files from pc

3: After that, you can preview recovered data files from the SSD.

deleted pst file recovery

4: Now you can save your data at any desired location.

recover deleted pst files from ssd

Tips to Avoid PST File Loss

  • Based on the reasons that result in data loss, you can do the following to avoid the loss of PST files:.
  • Regularly back up important files, including the PST file and store them on an external SSD drive.
  • Scan your system with antivirus software to check for and remove viruses.
  • Be careful not to delete files by mistake.
  • Delete using the “Delete” key or right-hit the mouse with the Delete option instead of pressing the Shit+Delete keys.
  • Do not close Microsoft Outlook abruptly.

Summing UP

If you have deleted Outlook PST files mistakenly, you must not compact your PST or save any new data, as these actions may lead to overwriting. After that, you need to recover deleted PST files from SSD in useful ways, either from backup if you have them or by using the SSD file recovery tool to get back your emails and other content in Outlook and recover permanently deleted PST or OST files from SSD.

Frequently Asked Question

Q: How can I recover permanently deleted PST files from SSD?

Users can recover permanently deleted PST files from SSD by using software. It is very easy to use anyone can use this utility without losing any piece of information.

Q: Is it possible to recover deleted PST files from the Solid-state drive?

With the help of the above-mentioned blog, you can retrieve deleted, corrupted, shifted deleted and formatted data from a solid-state drive.