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How to Recover Virus Infected Files from SSD – A Case-Study Based Discussion

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Published On January 25th, 2024
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SSD drives are gradually gaining popularity due to some amazing features that distinguish them from regular hard drives. However, SSDs are not 100% immune to viruses and malware. SSD users do face virus infections and other problems. This post will address some of the commonly faced queries of Solid Disk drive users. So, let us go through some familiar scenarios and their solutions one by one.

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Virus-Infected SSD Disk Issues and Fixes

Case 1: “This is my first post in this forum and I would like to know how to recover virus-infected files from SSD. Recently I bought an SSD drive and moved all my important documents and multimedia files. But unfortunately, the files have become infected with the virus and now the whole SSD drive has become unusable. It even asks me to format the drive but formatting will wipe the files. I will be grateful if you can suggest to me any other solution to get rid of the virus forever.”

Solution: According to this scenario, a virus attack has made the files as well as the SSD drive inaccessible. In such cases, using anti-virus software helps at times to get rid of the virus and to make the Solid State disk healthy. If the virus/ malware is stubborn, then the anti-virus software will not be able to recover virus-infected files from SSD. In that case, users need to use SSD Data Recovery Software. With this tool, the corrupt/ virus-infected files can be recovered and saved in a different secure location. Later, users can format their Solid State Drive as prompted and transfer the files back to the virus-free SSD.

Case 2:

“Help! Lent my SSD drive to a relative and since he returned, the drive seemed to have been infected with the virus. Whenever I connected the drive to my system, it keeps prompting a warning message for formatting the SSD. I gave up after some tries and formatted the SSD drive. Now I can access the drive but my files are gone. Please suggest to me anyway to recover virus infected data from SSD after formatting.”

Solution: Often virus-infected SSD disks turn into dead SSD. It stops functioning and requires formatting for user access. Often, users end up formatting their drives and therefore, deleting their files. If you have also formatted your solid-state drive, it can be recovered by Solid State Drive Recovery Software. This is how you should use this software to recover virus-infected files from SSD after formatted.

  1. Download and Open Software on your Windows computer and select the infected SSD. recover deleted data from pen drive
  2. Click on Formatted Scan for formatted SSD data recovery. recover deleted data from pen drive
  3. A complete set of files will be displayed for preview. recover files from pen drive
  4. Choose the required files and click Save to retrieve the files. recover shift deleted files from pen drive

Warning: If users want to recover data from formatted SSD, they should refrain from performing any read/write option on formatted Solid Disk Drive. The chance of data recovery decreases if Solid drives are used post formatting.

Case 3:

“I am afraid I have accidentally deleted some important files from the Solid State Drive. Among these files, there are some official documents and images. But the problem is I cannot find those files in my system Recycle Bin, which means the files got deleted permanently. Is there any possible way to recover deleted data from the SSD drive? If there is, then kindly suggest.”

Solution: Accidentally deleting important files is a commonplace incident among users. But the plot thickens when files got permanently deleted. If you want to recover any deleted files from SSD that are unavailable in Recycle Bin, SSD Recovery Tool will come in handy. Both soft-deleted and permanently deleted files of SSD disk can be recovered with this application program. Try these steps to recover deleted files from SSD.

1: Initially, launch SSD Recovery Tool.

recover deleted files

2: Select the drive and click on Scan.

recover deleted files from pen drive
3: The tool will display all files including the deleted files in red colour.

recover virus infected files from pen drive
4: Finally, select the files you wish to restore and click on Save.

restore virus infected data from pen drive


In conclusion, if you want to know how to recover virus-infected files from SSD, then this blog is the perfect place for you. Here we have analyzed three case studies and demonstrated solutions to the issues occurring in these cases. It is proven that the SSD Recovery tool is the ultimate tool that can recover virus infected files even from formatted SSD. No matter what situation you are into with your SSD disk, the SSD Recovery tool can surely help you to get back the files in a virus-free state.

How to Recover Virus Infected Files from SSD – FAQ

How do I recover files from an infected SSD?

Read the above-mentioned blog to recover files from an infected SSD.

How Can I recover files From SSD?

You can recover files from the SSD drive by using SSD Recovery Software which is mentioned in the above blog

Can I recover formatted data from the SSD drive?

Yes, you can recover formatted data from an SSD drive after reading this blog.

Is this software capable to recover virus infected data from SSD?

Yes, this software capable to recover virus infected data from SSD