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Convert PNG to HTML File by Using the Best Tool – Smartly

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Published On January 5th, 2022
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convert png to html
The 80’s are long gone, now we have ever changing technologies in the 21st and upcoming centuries. And if we talk about saving images digitally, file formats have a huge contribution to make it easier. One of such file formats is PNG. so, what we discuss in this blog is “how to convert PNG to HTML”.

What is the PNG File?

PNG format is the Raster Graphic which supports lossless compression format that is the replacement of the GIF file. Due to this PNG also has the ability to store the images with a transparent background. It is designed to move images over the internet not for printing graphics therefore non-RGB colors are not supported such as CMYK.

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Smart Way to Convert PNG to HTML

So, the best way of converting one image format into another is the image converter tool. The utility is designed to convert PNG to HTML offline without damaging the resolution and quality of the resultant image.

This PNG image to HTML converter tool is free and paid which is very simple to use with a very good interface. Users just need to select the image from their system and add into it the rest are the easy steps that any user (technical or non-technical) can use and you will get the satisfy results.

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Why This PNG Image to HTML converter

Converter software doesn’t store your images until you don’t press Yes for the given statement: “Do you want to save the previous file and Settings”. But this option is only for users who have pending work on previously added files.

Otherwise users can click on the No button. Apart from this, the tool is 100% secure and safe to use with guarantee.
Converter gives 100% assurance to maintain image quality without harming the resolution of the image.

This converter is free and Paid, users can use demo or trial version up to 5 images. Otherwise can purchase this tool to utilize its full advanced features.

Users don’t need to fill in any email address or any registration to activate the converter for the demo version. But after purchase, the activation code will be sent on the email so, email address required.

Direction to Convert PNG to HTML File

  • Purchase the converter tool or Download and complete the process of installation, after that run the software.
  • Download Now Purchase Now

  • Go to the ADD FILES / ADD FOLDER button and click on it to insert PNG files into the tool and set location after that then press NEXT.

add files to convert png to html

  • PREVIEW the added images and check the order of files, rearrange them if not and press on NEXT.


  • Now, from EXPORT FORMAT choose HTML.

select html

  • And select any of the given options either single HTML for all or HTML for each and press CONVERT.

select options and convert

  • The image to HTML converter tool of conversion.

process completes

Advance Feature of the Image to HTML Converter

  • Converter can transfer multiple PNG images in bulk into HTML.
  • The utility supports all Windows OS (11, 10, 8, 7, etc).
  • Software is compatible to export image to BASE64 Encoder, PDF, DOC / DOCX.
  • Converter supports different image formats i.e. TIFF, WEBP, TGA, JPG, JPEG, BMP, GIF, EXIF, etc.

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  • Gives the Preview of the added PNG file or other image file formats.
  • Functions of the converter can be performed through the shortcut keys and given (remove, move, etc) buttons as well.
  • Export Report after the completion of the conversion process is provided, which carry success and fail counts.
  • Users can create HTML for each image or one HTML file for all images.

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The Edge

The final words, this article has the image to HTML converter tool which can easily convert PNG to HTML, PDF, DOC, TEXT(BASE64). This tool is suggested by experts and provides the 4.8 rating. The procedure is small and easy to export images to multiple formats. The developers make this tool for multipurpose to solve all conversion processes related to the images.