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Use Tiff File Converter Tool to Convert Tiff File to PDF

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Published On January 6th, 2022
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tiff file converter tool
Don’t know “how to manage image quality of the Tiff files while converting into another formats?” Unable to convert Tiff file to PDF or other format? So download the Tiff file converter tool and convert tiff images into 4 different formats.

Tiff is an image file format that contains Raster graphics and is mostly used by photographers. It is known for storing high-quality images.

Now, due to Tiff files’ heavy nature whenever users need to convert it into different formats, the problem occurs. Maintaining the Tiff image quality without damaging resolution is a difficult task.

Now, the reason can be anything for conversion such as for needing to make a presentation or wanting to send someone a Tiff file.

However, users can have other reasons too, that is why they are not able to convert Tiff files to PDF and other formats due to the risk of losing quality.
But with this article, we are going to put forward the best Image Converter Wizard also known as Tiff Converter Tool that will do work for you in a seamless manner.

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We will convert Tiff to PDF and in other formats as well such as HTML, TEXT(BASE64), DOC/DOCX/

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All About Tiff File Converter Tool

Well, this software was designed and developed by SysTools, and experts give it 4.8 rating as well as 4.6 rating from Google, 4.3 from TrustPilot. Software can convert Tiff file to PDF, HTML, BASE64, DOCX. As well as support various image formats that include .webp, .png, .jpeg, .jpg, bmp, .tga, .ico, etc.

Along with that, the Converter tool properly maintains image resolution, quality and properties. With an advanced option that can be used while converting Tiff File.
Tiff file converter gives password and restrictions option so users don’t need to worry about PDF file security.

Upload your TIFF image files into TIFF file converter and convert bulk images in different formats such as DOC/DOCX, HTML, Text(base64), PDF.

Noteworthy Characteristics of the Tool

Format Supported

TIFF file converter supports various image formats such as .wepp, .tga, .jpeg, .jpg, .jpe, .png, .gif, .icon, .ico, ccitt, .emf, .exif, .wmf, .memorybmp, .bmp, .jfif. Users can convert any of these image formats into PDF, HTML, DOCX, Text(BASE64) formats.

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Data Security

Converter tool gives the 100% safe and secure conversion process. This is the trust and reliable software designed by experts to provide benefits. If users are not satisfied, the tool has 30-days money-back guarantee.

High-Quality Conversion

Tool 100% maintains the TIFF image and other added formats quality and resolution. Especially TGA and WebP images, which have high-resolution properties. Tool keeps them exactly the way you added them. Users can convert TIFF file to PDF and can add up to 9 images in a single PDF page without losing any of the image quality.

Export Report

Tiff file converter provides export report after completing the conversion. Users get to know how many, out of total files are successful and fail. Software shows the total count of success and fail files in the last section of the tool.

Create Multiple and Single PDF Files

Creating a single file or Multiple PDF file is the advanced feature of the tool.
Users can create a single file for all images or create separate files for each image. If you select the “single file for all image” option then one can add up to 9 images in a single page.

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Why Prefer TIFF to PDF File Converter Tool?

  • Add multiple TIFF files and folders without any limit.
  • Execute functionality of the converter with the help of shortcut keys.
  • Tiff Converter has a preview option after adding TIFF files users can have preview.
  • The Export report is provided after the completion of the process.
  • To reach the desired destination location, the user can click on the Destination Path.
  • Converter will provide you page layout settings for PDF and DOC format.
  • Users can set Password and Restrictions on PDF files.
  • After All the settings regarding conversion process of TIFF file to PDF, one can see PDF file preview.

How does the Tiff File Converter Tool Work?

    • First users need to Download the wizard and finish the installation procedure and launch it.
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    • Tap on the Add Files and Folder to insert Tiff files into the converter tool then press on Next.

    click on add files or folders of the tiff file converter

    • Now, view the added Tiff image file in the Preview section and click Next.


    • After that choose PDF format from setting section,

    select pdf file

    • Now, choose PDF settings from ribbon belt: create single .pdf file for all the exportimages and no. of image in single PDF page, create PDF for each image,

    choose pdf option

    • After that add Password and Restrictions and set page layout and click on Convert.

    set password and page layout

    • The Tiff file to PDF process is complete, now, tool will give Export report and Destination path.

    export report & destination path

    The End

    Well, this is all about the TIFF file converter tool, if you’re searching for the best Tiff converter to convert Tiff to PDF, DOC, HTML, BASE64 formats. Try a demo version of the utility to test the features and functionality of the tool.