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Convert Multiple JPG to PDF File in Bulk | Solution

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Published On January 6th, 2022
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convert jpg to pdf file

Convert JPG to PDF” or “combine several JPG to one PDF”, can be possible through the converter tool.

As we live in the 21st century, everything is digitally and when we save or store something digitally, it will be in format. So, like that when we capture pictures with a normal smartphone camera we will get image in JPG file format.

So likewise, images are the part of our day to day lifestyle and users have saved those images in JPG format i.e. with .jpg or .jpeg extension.

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JPG image files are acceptable by almost every camera device such as mobile phones, iPhones, laptops, PC.
JPG file has a lossy compression nature, due to this quality of the image depends on the size of the image. If we decrease the size of the JPG, the quality will automatically decrease.

That is why we can say that the JPG format is flexible and needs maintenance. When users use any social media site to exchange images with the JPG file extension, the quality and the resolution will reduced slightest and with every transfer at the end we noticed picture are blurry. So to secure the quality, the best way to export JPG file in PDF. And like this there can be other reasons to convert JPG to PDF.

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The free way is a Windows 10 “print to PDF” feature, but it will not maintain the image quality. So that is why using the image converter software is the best way to convert JPG to PDF file. It does not store images and interfere with users privacy as it gives 100% guarantee to its users to secure their privacy and images data. Converter tool maintains the JPG image quality in its original form. The tool offers the trail version in which you can add up to 5 JPG or other image formats.

Direction to Merge Multiple JPG to PDF

  • Purchase / Download the converter tool and finish the procedure of the installation steps, after that open the software.
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  • Tap on ADD FILES / ADD FOLDER options, then add JPG files into the converter and also add location and press NEXT.

add files to convert jpg to pdf

  • View the PREVIEW of the inserted JPG image(s) to check the image files, and hit on NEXT.


  • Choose PDF from EXPORT FORMAT to convert multiple JPG to PDF.

select pdf

  • Now, select any option: single PDF for all images or PDF for each image.

select option

  • If you are selecting “single PDF for all” then add number of images in one page of the PDF file.

add no of images in one page of pdf file

  • After that set Password as well as Restrictions for PDF file security.

set password

  • At last, fill all the options related to the page setting of the PDF file and hit on the CONVERT.

page layout then convert

  • The JPG file to PDF converter tool completes the process of conversion.

process completes

Amenities of the JPG File to PDF Converter Tool

  • Converter is compatible with all versions of the Windows OS.
  • The tool can combine multiple images into one PDF, DOC, HTML.
  • Converter can merge multiple JPG to PDF in bulk.
  • TIFF, WEBP, TGA, JPG, JPEG, BMP, GIF, EXIF, etc (up to 17 image format) supported by the tool.
  • Converter gives two Preview: 1. After adding JPG files, 2. After filling the PDF setting.
  • Additional setting for PDF: Set password and restriction, page layout setting.
  • Users can create a PDF for each JPG image or one PDF file for all JPG images.
  • Buttons are given to perform functionality of the software such as remove, remove all, move up, move down.

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Following write-up is all about convert JPG to PDF in bulk through the jpg file to pdf converter tool. This tool is expertized and secure images properties 100% also has ratings from different platforms such as Google, TrustPilot. Hope now you can freely make PDF files of the JPG files.