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How can I Convert GIF to HTML Code Hassle Free – Solved

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Published On January 6th, 2022
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If you work on Websites with GIF files, it is a way long process to do. You need to save a GIF file on a particular location and have to set a path on your HTML page. So what exactly do you do when you have the GIF file in bulk. The answer is simple: “convert GIF to HTML file”.

Well, generally GIF files are more impactful than any picture on a website, don’t you think so? Users are more attracted towards colourful things, therefore images and GIFs do that work.

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But What GIF Files Are?

GIF aka “Graphics Interchange Format”, is a BITMAP i.e. BMP image file format. It was designed to contain images but later on used to store small video clips, which are literally so small approx. 4 seconds without any sound or audio.

GIF file format was the first image format that was used for websites to give colour pictures in downloading areas.

So if we talk about the 21st century, tech is advanced compared to the 80’s. People can make their own GIF clips and social media apps such as Instagram give the option to make GIF videos.

“Convert Gif to HTML code” is not that a big impossible task to do if we know the right way to do it. There are many converter tools that offer the conversion, but finding a trusted software is a hectic process. So in this blog you will find the properly explained and reliable software that will solve your problem.

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Now, What Way Can We Use to Insert GIF to HTML Code?

There are no manual solutions present, that is why using the GIF to HTML5 Converter tool as part of the Image converter wizard is the best way to embed GIFs in HTML. The software embeds gif into the HTML without damaging the quality. This is an offline tool that has the simple steps procedure of conversion. Non-technical and Technical both users can easily use this tool. Tool has ratings from Tech-Expert, Google, TrustPilot with 96% users satisfaction.

Why Prefer GIF to HTML Converter Tool

  • The converter doesn’t store any image or invade users private data, and also gives 100% security guarantee.
  • The tool provides full assurance of maintaining the image quality.
  • Converter is paid and free both, for free users just need to download the tool and can add up to 5 images format.  Convert JPG to PDF file, HTML, DOC, Base64. For the advance features, purchase it.
  • With this tool, users can add multiple GIF files to HTML.
  • Converter is compatible with all Windows OS versions.
  • Software supports approx. 17 image formats such as WebP, TGA, TIFF, BMP, JFIF, etc.
  • Software provides Preview of the added GIF images or animation files.

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Steps to convert GIF to HTML File

  • Download or Purchase the converter tool and complete all the steps of the installation process.
  • Download Now Purchase Now

  • Go to the ADD FILES / ADD FOLDER options and add GIF files then browse the location and hit on NEXT.

add files to convert gif to html

  • View added GIF files, after that click on NEXT button.


  • Choose HTML to embed GIF files into HTML from Export format.

select html

  • Then select the given options from below, create HTML for each image or Create single HTML for all and click CONVERT.

select options and convert

  • The converter tool completes the conversion process.

The Verdict

The article provides a trusted and reliable source, which can convert GIF to HTML. The converter tool that we have discussed above in the write-up gives you satisfactory results and a safe conversion process.