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Convert Image to DOCX File | The Best Approach

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Published On January 10th, 2022
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convert images to docx

Having images in bulk is common nowadays, even if you’re not doing any kind of graphics or web designing or photography. However, convert image to Docx to store and send over the internet without losing quality.

If we talk about images, then the first thing that comes to mind is its “quality”. Images are flexible in nature and lose their quality easily. Therefore, maintaining quality is the main priority. Conversion process can be done manually as well as through software.

Here, the question arises, why need a converter tool when manually images can be added in the word document?

So, the reasons are, the manual method will not maintain the quality and for each image users need to set page settings separately (in case of multiple images) such as layout, text wrapping, page size, margin, etc.

Convert one image to another file format is not that easy process manually, that’s why converter tools are designed by experts.

The tool gives the option of text wrapping and users can also fix the positions as well as size of images. The image to Docx converter wizard is the best in terms of converting JPG image to PDF file and any other format. This software is rated by Google, TrustPilot, Experts, and also has users satisfaction.

Steps of Using Image to Docx Converter Tool

  • Download or Purchase the Converter tool and finish the prerequisite steps then install the software.
  • Download Now Purchase Now

  • Open it and tap on ADD FILE or ADD FOLDER buttons then insert the images and go to below down to set location before clicking on NEXT button.add files to convert images to docx
  • Now, view inserted images and hit on NEXT.


  • Set Docx / Doc export format to insert images to Docx file.

select docx

  • Tick Docx setting: create Docx for each image

select option

  • Or create single Docx for all images and no of images for single page

or choose another option

  • After that fill Docx page setting layout and Convert.

page setting and then convert

Why use Converter Tool to Convert Image to Doc

  • Windows versions 7, 8, 10, 11 are supported by software.
  • Combine multiple images to PDF file or in one PDF.
  • Preview the inserted images and view the picture.
  • Compatible to approx. 17 image formats such as PNG, TGA, WEBP, EMF, EXIF, etc.
  • Converter can convert images in Base64, HTML, PDF.
  • Advance option for Docx format such as:
  1. Users can create Docx for each
  2. Or create one Docx for all images
  3. Insert at least 9 image in one page of Docx file
  • Docx Page Layout: margin, page size, orientation.
  • For performing functions buttons and shortcut, both features are available.
  • Success report will be given after process compilation.
  • Destination Path is also given in the end, users can reach directly on the location.

As you can see there are several reasons to use this converter software. One of them is “convert image to Docx” and users can easily add images into any desired formats. The tool is simple to use, users don’t have to follow any hectic procedure.


Does this tool support WebP images?
Yes, the tool is compatible with WebP images and can convert it into different formats too and print as well. Read more about WebP images and convert WEbP to PDF files.

Is the quality of images safe after conversion of image to Docx?
Yes, with 100% guarantee. The converter tool secures quality and resolution of the images after adding multiple images in one page of word document.

Final Words

This article is dedicated to the convert image to Docx through converter tool and its benefits. Its top feature is that it will not damage any of the image files you add with 100% guarantee. Users can rely on this tool and even convert PNG to HTML file without reducing the resolution.