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Convert WebP to PDF file and Other Image Format

Anuraag Singh | Published: January 8, 2022|Conversion | 3 Minutes Reading

convert webp to pdf

Technology is enhancing day-by-day and the internet plays a big role in that. All over the internet images are used in many ways and the better the work is, the better the images need to be used. The image format usually used by users is WebP. and to send or transfer it many convert WebP to PDF files.

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WebP, in old times it was known as “Weppy”. Now WebP is the next-gen image format and is supported by most browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Edge, and Safari.
WebP image format has a versatile nature because it includes animation as well as transparency. It took no time for loading and takes less storage space.

On the other hand, PDFs are used everywhere on daily basis such as Schools, Companies, Resumes / CVs, etc. PDFs are designed by Adobe in 1992 that work on the basis of PostScript language. Basically, the PDF file is a complete description of fonts, text documents, including vector graphics and raster images.

Apart from this, convert WebP to PDF can be a way to store WebP images in bulk to reduce storage, as WebP images are large in size.

PDFs are easy to make but for high-resolution images such as WebP, normal PDF files can not maintain quality properly. So, the converter tool is the only option.

However, the converter tool can easily solve the problem of the conversion process without reducing the resolution and damaging the WebP file. Converter software is paid and free both, users can download it to use for a free trial version, and for advanced features, you can purchase the tool.
WebP to PDF converter tool can convert up to 17 image formats to HTML, PDF, DOC, BASE64.

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Steps to Perform to Convert WebP to PDF File

  • Complete the prerequisite steps after Downloading the converter tool.
  • Download Now Purchase Now

  • Add File(s) or Folder(s) of WebP image(s) and browse the Destination path and NEXT.

add file


  • Preview the WebP images files and go on to the other section, press NEXT.


  • Choose file PDF from the Export format

select pdf

  • Select any 1 option: create one PDF for all images or create a PDF for each image.

select option

  • Add Password and Restriction to secure your PDF file.

set password

  • Fill PDF pages settings such as Margins, Page layout, Size of Page then have a preview of the PDF file and Convert.

fill pdf page setting

  • The WebP into PDF conversion is finished.

Amenities of the WebP to PDF Converter Tool

  • Gives 100% guarantee to secure the WebP or other image quality.
  • Users can combine multiple WebP to PDF files.
  • Set up to 9 WebP images in the PDF files.
  • Page setting for export format such as margin, page orientation, and page size.
  • Fill in the password as well as Restrictions to secure PDF files.
  • The tool has a preview feature for inserted WebP and other image files.
  • For technical users, use shortcut keys to perform the tool’s functions.
  • Maintains proper resolution of added image files.

The Final Words

Convert WebP into PDF with a simple and smart approach, the best WebP to PDF converter tool. The tool gives advanced features to merge WebP images into different files formats like HTML, DOCX/DOC, BASE64. Hope this article can have your solution.