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How to Convert Gmail to PST – Solved

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Published On October 27th, 2023
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We have come across two major situation when a user wants to convert Gmail to PST. The first situation is when the user has already downloaded the Gmail emails via Google Takeout. So, he has an MBOX file but no way to convert MBOX to PST.

The second situation is where a user wants to directly process the Gmail emails and export them into PST format.

We have divided this guide into two parts according to these situations. So, opt for the method as per your requirements.

How to Convert Gmail to PST – Direct Method

Use Gmail Backup tool to directly convert emails from Gmail to PST.

How to Export Gmail Emails to PST – Downloaded from Takeout

Problem: I have downloaded my Google Gmail emails via Takeout but now I am unable to import the files to Outlook as Outlook does not provide an option to import Gmail mailbox files. Please recommend me a solution to convert Gmail to PST.

Solution: To import Gmail to Outlook follow the steps given below:

Simple Steps to Convert Gmail to PST Free

Step 1- Save Gmail Emails using Google Takeout

If you’ve already downloaded your Google Gmail emails to your local system, then you can skip this step. But, if your emails are still in your Google Gmail account and you need to export them to Outlook then, follow these steps:

1. In order to download your Gmail emails, first open Google Takeout and log in with your Gmail account

convert Gmail to PST
2. After the user login, a new page will be open as shown below

open google

3. Under Select data to include, first click on Deselect all and then, select Mail option

select mail

4. Select the MBOX format and under All mail, data included choose the mail contents as per your requirement to import Gmail to Outlook. Click OK >> Next Step

next step

5. Under Customized archive format you will find 5 methods to export emails. As shown below we have selected Send Download Link Via Email

download link via email

Note: You can export the data in both .zip and .tgz but, it is recommended to choose .zip.

7. Select the Archive size as per your requirement. By default, it is 2GB

select archive size

8. After this, click on Create Export to import Gmail to Outlook

create export

9. The process of downloading Gmail emails will start right after this and it might take a long time to create archive folders (depends upon the size of your Gmail emails). Once downloading gets completed, you will receive an email with an attachment

export in progress

9. Click on the Download button and after unzipping the downloaded file, you will find that all your Gmail emails will be downloaded in MBOX file format.

download gmail to pst

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Step 2: Convert Gmail Files to PST

1. Launch the MBOX File Extractor Tool

Download Download

2. Click on Add File button to add .mbox file to the software

run google to outlook converter

3. Now, you will get two different options:

  • Default profile configured – After selecting this option the software will automatically fetch data from its default location.
  • Select file/folder from the file system- After selecting this, you can fetch the MBOX file from any desired location to import Gmail to Outlook.

export Gmail to PST

4. Click on the Folder List to display the complete hierarchy of all MBOX files added in the software.

Google to PST converter

5. Now, you can preview your emails in 6 different preview modes along with attachments.

preview google emails

6. After this, you can export only the Selective Emails via checking desired emails or you can Export in Bulk without marking any checkboxes.

selective emails

7. Next, select PST as your Export option and hit the Change button to set the default location. After this click on the OK button to end the conversion processes.

convert gmail to pst

So, this is how you can resolve how to convert Gmail to PST and you can check your converted PST format in the saved location.

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Step 3- Import the PST File to Outlook 2016

1. Run Outlook in your system and select the File option from its top ribbon to convert Gmail to PST

run outlook

2. Choose Open & Export >> Import/Export

3. The Import/Export wizard will provide you with different options. Select Import from another program or file and click on Next to import Gmail to Outlook.

4. Choose Outlook Data File (.pst) and click on the Next button to continue

outlook data file

5. Click on the Browse button and select the resultant PST file to convert Gmail to PST free and choose other desired options

select resultant pst
6. At last, click on Finish to convert Gmail to PST and the Outlook will instantly start importing Gmail to Outlook process

Once the importing process gets done successfully, you can check your Gmail emails from your Microsoft Outlook account

So, this is how to convert Gmail to PST quickly. FYI, the tool used here is also known as Google Takeout Converter, so don’t get confused.