Top 5 Best Data Migration Software in 2019

Anuraag Singh | November 6th, 2019 | Updates

What is Cloud Migration?

How to Migrate From Cloud to Desktop (on-premise)?

How to Transfer Data from PC to Cloud?

If all these questions troubling your mind also and you are looking for a solution for them, then you are in the right place. This article covers all the possible types of migration and provides you the best Data Migration Software of 2019. We will discuss all type of migration software which you may need and the key features of these top tool.

What is Cloud Migration?

As the name suggests itself, cloud migration is a process of transferring data over the cloud. There are multiple cloud storage providing companies who provide cloud storage service for users. Due to the advanced & unique features available at the cloud system, it attracts more customers so does the need for migration to the cloud.

After coming of Cloud technology, which lets you store data on Cloud server, more and more people start building their business overcloud. Due to this, it increases the demand of users to migrate their existing data from their System to cloud storage. Also, As there are multiple organizations that provide their own unique cloud storage platform, users also like to use multiple platforms. So, all these demands arise two unique questions; How to move files from computer to cloud? And How to Migrate from one Cloud platform to another Cloud Platform?

To answer these questions we have created the list of solutions which help you in migration purpose which are as follows:

Why Cloud Migration is Needed?

Cloud migration is needed for a variety of reasons which require migrate data from Cloud and to Cloud. Topmost reasons are listed as follows:

  • Move Data to Cloud Storage
  • Storage limitation on PC / Desktop
  • Cloud Platform Migration
  • Maintainance and Update Activity
  • Backup of Cloud Data

What is the Best Data Migration Software for Cloud?

To answer this, we have taken 3 scenarios, it will explain to you all possible outcomes and solutions for it.

Scenario #1: Transfer Files from PC to Cloud Storage Platform

In this scenario, we have taken a case in which users who are looking for the method to migrate their On-premise data to cloud storage like from PC to Google Drive, OnDrive, Dropbox and much more. The best tool for this purpose is the File System Migrator. It’s an all-purpose tool to migrate all PC / external drive data to any cloud platform of your choice. The advanced features like include /exclude file type & migrate data by size makes this tool more user-friendly.

Top Key Features of Tool

  • Move any type of file to cloud storage
  • Migrate PC/ Hard Drive to desired cloud service
  • Different Filters like include file type, create date, file size.
  • Maintains folder hierarchy at the destination cloud server
  • It maintains file permission (if any)
  • Support long file path

Official Site: File System Migration Tool

Scenario #2: Migrate Data from one Cloud Platform to Another Cloud Platform

There are multiple users who like to try different cloud services before settling onto one. And others who like to migrate to different cloud platform who’s features suites their requirement best. There are multiple cloud storage providers such as Google and Microsoft their products like G Suite and Office 365 are widely used by most of the cloud users. As, both the cloud storage platform are unique in their own way, they have different functions that attract customers. So, if you need to swtich your cloud storage platfrom then the software which helps you is SysTools Migrator. This all-in-one best data migration software which supports migration to multiple cloud platform. You can migrate to same cloud storage platform or different.

Prominent Features of Software

  • Migrate Mails, Calendar, Contacts & Documents
  • Maintains folder hierarchy same as Source after migration
  • A unique feature like Incremental migration of new data
  • Multiple sources and destination user Id mapping
  • Different filter to migrate selective email data

Official Site: SysTools Migrator

Scenario #3: Move data from Cloud to Desktop or Desired Location

Most organizations prefer to save their cloud data to their computer; for just in case of need of data in the absence of Internet connection. Or accessing cloud platform data on the desktop-based email clients. Following are best data migration software which can help you to transfer Cloud platform data to PC or desired location:

1. Transfer Office 365 data to PST, EML, MSG format

This tool helps you in transferring data from Office 365 emails, contacts, calendars, tasks to multiple platforms, which you can further use in email clients like Outlook.

Official Site: Office 365 Export

2. Save free Gmail account data to PST, EML, MSG, MBOX format

The software is used for saving Gmail( account data to multiple formats to use in Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.

Official Site: Gmail Backup

3. Move business Gmail (G Suite) data to multiple formats

This software is available for all those G Suite users who like to access their account data at the time of the unavailability of internet connection. Or transfer data on a desktop-based email client.

Official Site: Google Apps Backup


In this article, we have covered all the possible scenarios, in which users wish to transfer their data from or to the cloud. We have explained the top 5 best data migration software for your need. You can choose any one of the tools which suit your requirement for the migration. All the tools are tested and verified by the cloud system administrator and they are safe & secure to use. First, try the free demo version of the tool to get a brief idea of the tool.