How to Transfer G Suite to Another Account/Domain?– Let’s See

Anuraag Singh | June 3rd, 2019 | Tips

G Suite is a cloud computing, productivity tool developed by Google. It provides various applications like Google Apps for storing different kinds of user data in the Google database. Unlike normal Google Apps(free Google account) G Suite provides much more storage facility. When it comes to transfer G Suite to another account/domain, it becomes a problem. As an organization having G Suite account have to migrate each user data to another account/domain, which takes a lot of time.
So today we are going to provide an easy solution for those G Suite users who wish to migrate email from G Suite to G Suite. Before that, we think read the query asked by the G Suite user’s on various forums

“Hello, I have been assigned with a task by my Manager to find a method to “transfer G Suite to another account/domain”. As we want to change our G Suite domain and migrate account of every employee in the company to a new domain. We are looking for a quick solution to perform that task. Be sure to provide the solution which is risk-free, as we don’t wanna lose any data of employee during the transfer process. Also, data integrity and security should be preserved.”

“Hello there, I am looking for a foolproof method to export Google contacts to another account. We are splitting our organization into different organizations and also changing our domains. Please provide any method to transfer contacts from one G suite account to another domain. Thanks!!”

G Suite data Migration is the task that cannot be done just manually. G Suite account contains Google Apps like Google Mail(Gmail), Google Contacts, Google Calendar, and G Drive. Transferring each user data in G Suite account to another domain could take a lot of time because the migration process can only be done from the Admin account.

If you are also looking for a foolproof method to perform G Suite Migration then you have come to the right place. Today in this Blog post we are going explain the best method to perform this difficult task.

Quick Solution: If you just want to know various method’s to export Google contacts to another account then refer to our other blog post.

Method to Transfer G Suite to Another Account/Domain

There are normally two methods to migrate email from G Suite to G Suite, both require the access of the Admin G Suite account.

Method 1: Export G Suite account data using Mail Migration Services

Google provides a manual method for the G Suite user to migrate emails from one account to another. This is a free method but the transfer process is quite complicated because it requires setting-up mail migration service which includes:
1. Microsoft Exchange Server
2. Office 365 account
The method requires lots of technical skills and memory space. It becomes a burden when needed to migrate multiple user’s data to another account.

Note – Generally we never recommend this method to the user’s because it takes a lot of time to fulfill all the pre-requisites. Still, if you like to more about this method then you can see this Google post:

Method 2: Use of Third-party Software for G Suite Account Migration.

We recommend you to use SysTools G Suite Migration tool to transfer G Suite to another account/domain. This tool easy to use and also maintain data integrity while migration. You can first try the demo version of the tool which allows you to migrate 50 items of 3 users only. Then purchase the full version of the software for the unlimited transfer of G Suite accounts.
The good thing about the Licensed version is it comes in three forms, each carries its own advantages:

  • Basics
  • Advanced
  • Premium

Advantage of using G Suite Migrator:

  • It allows you to migrate Mails, Calendars, Google Drive, Contacts from Google Apps to another account/domain
  • Only the Admin account can transfer single/multiple accounts to another domain.
  • It provides you the facility to transfer selective user’s accounts.
  • List & Tile view of the resulted data after migration
  • It can migrate email from G Suite to G Suite at very high speed.
  • Migrator tool contains Error Handler to detect failure automatically(loss of connection) and resumes a migration.

Download Demo

Steps to Transfer G Suite to Another Account/Domain using G Suite Migrator:

1. Download and Install the software from its official site. Run the G Suite Migrator and click on Setup.

launch the tool

2. Enter the Service Client ID and browse the P12 file path (created in prerequisite). Click Save to proceed further.enter source client id

3. Next click on Migration>> Source, now enter Source Admin ID and click on Connect Button. Wait for the authentication of the source account and then click Next.

4. In the Destination, enter the Destination Admin ID >> Connect to authenticate destination account.

5. Choose the categories from the Preference Panel which you wish to migrate to another domain. You can also apply the Date filter for the selected file types.

choose preference
6. Now, enter the Destination mailbox address for Source and Destination user mapping.

7. After that click on the Next button, now the tool will start fetching all the user’s associated with the Admin account.

8. Select the user’s from the list to transfer data. You can also apply priority for those user’s whose data you wish to migrate first.

select user's account
9. Now the last thing to do is click on the Start button to begin the transfer G Suite to another account/domain.

selected users
10. Finally, after migration, you can save the report by clicking on Save Report Button. This will download a file to your desktop. You can also view the report in the software in Tile as well as List view.

Now you are done with the migration process, Go to the destination account/domain and check the export process yourself.

Final Verdict

In this blog post, we tried to explain all the necessary steps to transfer G Suite to another account/domain. You can get the more detailed description to migrate email from G Suite to G Suite (with screens shots) on the official site of the product. We have tested the product our self and we have concluded that G Suite Migration tool is by far the best software to perform the task. Also, data integrity and security is maintained during the migration procedure. Visit the Official site and try the tool today!