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Thunderbird Converter Wizard to Convert Thunderbird Emails Easily

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Want to convert Thunderbird files into desired file format but are unable to find the most productive solution? Don’t trust software with your important Thunderbird mailboxes? Well, download the Thunderbird converter free version and export your Thunderbird items into multiple file formats.

Mozilla Thunderbird is a quality open source email client. Its primary usage is for email management, however, it is also used as a Personal information manager. Thunderbird uses MBOX files to store its email messages and standard formats are maintained for other items. Sometimes users want to switch to other email applications such as Outlook, Apple Mail, etc. which very often results in data loss. In this article, we will introduce a total Thunderbird converter that can help you achieve a loss-free conversion of Thunderbird data.

SysTools Thunderbird Converter – Hassle-Free Bulk Migration

There are various ways to measure the capability of a conversion program. The key factors are efficiency, performance, and accuracy. SysTools Thunderbird converter is the adequate solution that truly adheres to these factors. With this utility, you can easily convert Thunderbird into six file formats without losing a single metadata attribute. Extracting MBOX contacts and calendars is an easy task and can be done manually, however, the pain point is the migration of emails. Still, for user convenience, methods for each of the following are described in the upcoming sections:

thunderbird converter to convert thunderbird emails

Thunderbird Mail Converter – How to Convert Thunderbird Emails in Multiple File Formats

There are six different file formats that Thunderbird converter supports and enables users to export data into:

  • PST – This format is mainly for exporting Thunderbird emails to Outlook i.e., converting MBOX file to PST since PST is the file format of MS Outlook.
  • EML – EML file is a generic file format that stores one email message. Most email applications around the globe support this file format.
  • PDF – PDF file is the globally accepted standard file for business, casual and legal purposes. It is independent of the operating system and hence is fairly secure.
  • MSG – Outlook uses MSG files to store a single message. Using this software, you can convert Thunderbird to MSG without skipping any details.
  • HTML – A text file format that can be used to view Thunderbird messages in a web browser.
  • NSF – NSF file is the file format of IBM Notes. So, if users want to convert Thunderbird to Lotus Notes, you can use this option.

So, here we will be using the MBOX Converter to convert thunderbird data to multiple file formats. This software maintains the email attributes during the conversion of Thunderbird files and also ensures that no data is lost during the process. You can choose the file format of your choice and perform either selective or bulk exporting of Thunderbird mailboxes.

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One important characteristic of the software is its capability to directly fetch the Thunderbird database irrespective of the number of profiles configured in Thunderbird. So, you can either look for all your MBOX files or automatically fetch them using this feature.

Note: Thunderbird converter software defined here runs on Windows platform. However, a separate version for Mac also exists. If you are a Mac user, download the tool here.

Elaborate Steps to convert Thunderbird files without any hassle:

  • Launch Thunderbird converter and select Add File on its home screen.

  • Select Thunderbird from the Email Application list and choose either of the two options to proceed forward:

    • Default Profile configured: This feature is only available if Thunderbird is installed on the current system. It lets you automatically fetch the mailbox data from multiple Thunderbird profiles.
    • Select file(s)/folder…: With this feature, you can locate the MBOX file and add them to the software for conversion.
  • Once the profile or Thunderbird files are selected, the software scans and previews them on the software screen.

  • You have two choices here:
    • Selective Thunderbird Export: For selective exporting Thunderbird emails, you can select the checkboxes and right-click to choose the Export option.

    • Bulk Thunderbird Export: For exporting multiple Thunderbird folders, you can directly hit the Export button on the ribbon bar.

  • Now, select the desired file format to convert Thunderbird emails. Each file format has its own set of advance options. For example, PST provides an option to split the mailboxes, while the EML format allows naming conventions to be applied.

  • Finally, click on Change to browse the folder for storing the converted Thunderbird emails, and click on the Export button. The software starts converting the mailboxes into the desired file format.

Thunderbird Converter for Mac

The software is also available for Mac. However, the Mac version requires you to manually browse the Thunderbird mailbox file into the software.

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How to Convert Thunderbird Items such as Contacts & Calendars

If you also want to convert Thunderbird items other than emails, you can very well do so without any technical assistance. Just follow the methods given here:

For contacts:

  • Click on Address Book on the home screen of Thunderbird.
  • Now, go to Tools from the menu bar and select the Export option.
  • Then, select the destination where you want to export Thunderbird data and select the file format in the Save as type option.
  • Click on the Save button.
  • Each book will be saved as a separate file without any hassle.

For Calendars:

  • Open Thunderbird and if the menu bar is not visible, hit the Alt key.
  • Select Events and Tasks from the menu bar and click on the Export button.
  • Select the file where you wish to save the data and click the Save button.

Observational Verdict

In this day and age where multiple email applications are available to users, it is not uncommon to switch from one app to another for better productivity and ease. So, for Thunderbird users who want to convert Thunderbird emails into the desired file format, there is a requirement for Thunderbird converter software. Thus, this article defines a freeware conversion tool for Thunderbird that supports six different file formats.