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Save Archived Zoho Mail Emails to Computer With Simple 2019 Methods

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Is it easy to retrieve emails archived in Zoho Mail? Do you want to save the emails in Zoho Mail to local hard drive? Read the article below and find multiple solutions to download and save archived Zoho mail emails on computer system.

Zoho Mail

Zoho mail is a CRM based email client used to build the customer user relationship providing solutions for their queries using the Zoho Mail. Zoho mail needs to be configured so that the business mail gets the emails from the domain directly and instant solution is provided to the customer. You can know more about the Zoho mail domain configuration and MX records to have a safe emailing experience.

In some instances, we archive some emails so that they are saved in the webmail as an important email. The mail could contain any sort of information. Some of them could be an issue within the product, an important suggestion to the service provided, etc. These are generally moved to Archive Folder so that they are retrieved in future for referrals.

There come situations when we prefer to save the data on the local hard drive. This might be because we don’t want to lose it on any condition or the storage space might be filling fast than ever before. In such a situation, the best way is to export data from Zoho Mail to the local hard drive and clean the storage space.

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Methods to Backup Archived Zoho Mail Emails on Computer Hard Drive

For cleaning Zoho Mail emails from account without losing data, the best way is to save the data on the local hard drive and then delete the email data from the Zoho mail account server. There are two ways to accomplish the task.

  1. Recommended method
  2. Archive Zoho Mail to Hard Drive (Not Recommended)

In both methods, you will save the emails on local hard drive in a various manner. Plus, you will find different deletion process among the methods. Let us see how the methods work out to save archived Zoho emails on local hard drive.

Method 1: Download Zoho Email to Computer with Zoho Mail Backup

Zoho Email Archive Tool is a powerful facility to download and backup Zoho Mail emails to Computer/ Laptop without any hassle. The program provides a simple user-friendly UI process to save all Zoho emails to local hard drive/ USB. The utility allows featuring selection over the emails downloaded to local hard drive (skipping unwanted email backup). There are many other facilities included within the application for comfort backup and archive of Zoho mail. You have the facility to download data from personal Zoho mail and Zoho Small Business Email.

Download button

5 Steps to Save Archived Zoho Mail Emails on Hard Drive

Step 1. Install Zoho Mail Backup Tool and enter Zoho account credentials.

start the backup

Step 2. Select Backup Format: PST/ EML/ MSG/ MBOX/ PDF

select format

Step 3. Browse a location for saving archived Zoho mail email file

browse location to download archived Zoho mail emails

Step 4. Select folder from which you want to export emails.

select folder

Step 5. Click on Start button to begin Zoho email backup

Save Archived Zoho mail emails

In case of deleting the emails saving on the local hard drive, there is an option named Delete After Download. You need to check the option. The option offers the function to remove the emails from the Zoho mail server that are downloaded to the local hard drive. This process is automatic after the Delete after download option is selected.

Delete after download option

There is no other manual intervention required for deleting emails from the server. Another important functionality within the program is the Pause and Resume function. To resolve the issue of network connectivity, you have a pause option during the backup process is active. This will discontinue the ongoing process. When the network bandwidth is stable, you can restore the same process where it was stopped using the Resume option.

This is a method of saving Zoho emails to local system. Move down to view the other method of downloading Zoho mail emails.

Method 2: Save Archived Zoho mail Emails to Computer System

Zoho Mail provides a function to save the emails to local hard drive. With the inbuilt Export function within the Zoho mail, a user can easily export any number of emails to the computer system. There is also facility to download archived emails along with date filtering capability.

Steps to Download Zoho Mail Emails on Local Hard Drive

  • Go to ‘https://accounts.zoho.com/signin’ link and login directly into Zoho Mail.
  • From the email folder, click on the View Archived option.
View Archived Zoho Mail emails
  • Check for Select all checkbox and select an Unarchive option.
Unarchive Zoho Mail emails
  • Click on the Settings Gear icon located at the right top section.
Settings option
  • The Setting section opens in a new tab. There are multiple options available. You need to scroll down and navigate to Import/Export Emails section. Click on Export History button to save archived Zoho Mail emails on desktop.
Import/Export emails setting
  • The Import/Export Emails window opens. Go under Export section and click on Select Folder drop-down button. Select the folder that contains the archived Zoho emails; Inbox, Sent, customized folders.
Select folder to download zoho emails
  • Click on Export date drop-down button. Select the option: Export all emails in the folder.
Select Export all emails in the folder option
  • Check for the Include Subfolders option and click on Export button to initiate backup process in Zoho mail.
Click on Export option
  • The Zoho team will send you an email after the backup is created. The email contains a zip file link containing your Zoho emails.
  • Open the email and click on show zip links. Moreover, this link is valid for the next 30 days.
Click on the Show Zip links option
  • Click on the .zip file link. It will download your archived Zoho mail emails in local hard drives.
download archived Zoho Mail emails

The zip file downloaded contains all the emails of the selected folder in EML format. These files can only be accessed by its supportive applications like Thunderbird, SeaMonkey, Zoho Mail, etc.

Once the data is saved, you can get back to the folder and manually delete the emails in bulk. Use the Select all Checkbox to remove multiple Emails in bulk from the Zoho Mail account. Afterward, remove the emails from the Trash folder as well.

This helps to clean your Zoho Mail account and make space for new incoming data.


Zoho mail is a part of CRM, used by its users to revert back solutions to their customers and build their business. There could be many important emails that would be archived in the Zoho mail. The safest place of this data is a local drive preventing the data from Data leak and hack. Get to know simple solutions on how to save archived Zoho mail emails on local drive without much effort taken.