All About Zoho Small Business Email – Sign-up Domain Account Freely

Anuraag Singh | Last Modified: November 5th, 2019 | Email Forensics, News, Updates, Zoho Mail

Do you know about Zoho Small Business Email? Is it worthy over other mailing web services? Need to have a domain-specific account for free? Get along with the article and know about one such mail service.

In 2015, I was using a Google Apps account, as it provided a free domain-specific account for the users. But late towards it, the Google mail made the account paid for us. This wasn’t good news for me. I had to pay them for long to get my account enabled for my business works. Then came the reliever Zoho Free Business Mail Service. This was really a relief for me.

If you are the one looking out for a free domain account, then Zoho Small Business Email is your solution. There are various features provided to the Zoho Business mail account. Apart from this, you have a couple of options offered to create a domain-specific account; using your domain provider or the cPanel to create a free account. If this is not possible in your case, then use Zoho Mail.

Note: While configuring Zoho Mail with your domain, make sure the MX records are stated correctly. Otherwise, you may not receive the emails sent by the customers.

The Zoho Business mail has a premium version as well, that offers some additional features accordingly. But here you will know only about the features you will gather in using the free Zoho Business Mail.

Expert Suggest: In case of the Zoho mail account filling fast, you can download and archive Zoho Mail data to local hard drive. For this Zoho mail offers an email export option. This will download all your data in the local hard drive in the EML file format.

Features of Zoho Small Business Email

You will get the following set of functionalities with the free Business Mail

features of zoho free business mail

If you want anything more on this, you need to contact Zoho and get an upgraded premium plan.

Note: You can have a trial of the premium plan for 15 days to analyze the features offered in it as compared to those on the free version. If the payment is not done after 15 days, your account is downgraded to the free version or the subscribe plan version.

Now, we shall move on and see the process to sign-up to the free Zoho Small Business Email account

Sign-Up to Free Zoho Business Mail Account

The process of signing in to the free business email account is displayed below. Follow the process:

  • Launch the Browser and open the link:
  • Scroll down and click on Sign up now option under FOREVER FREE PLAN section
zoho small business email free plan
enter domain name
  • Then Enter the Registration Details (Administrator account credentials, Contact email, etc.). Click on proceed button
Zoho create business email
  • View the summary of details entered and click on Sign Up button
zoho small business email signup
  • After completion, verify your emails and phone number. Afterward, you will be redirected to the page asking for domain ownership verification. Click on Continue Setup to verify your Domain Ownership for free Zoho Small Business email account.

Domain Ownership Verification

  • You will be redirected to the Zoho mail account. Move to the Verify Domain tab. In the Zoho Mail Domain verification check, search and select your DNS manager from the drop-down list.
Domain ownership verification setup
  • There are three options available to verify the domain ownership; CNAME, TXT, HTML file upload. Choose any among the three to verify ownership of domain.
  • Here the HTML verification is displayed as it is the easiest and the fastest among the three. You need to download and upload a file to the root server.
HTML method
  • Choose the HTML file upload option. Download the file and upload the file in the folder location: Domain_name/zohoverify/verifyforzoho.html
  • After uploading, cross-check the file. Once, its set-up, you will be displayed a success message.

Update Zoho Small Business Email Setup

Once your Free Zoho business mail is set, you need to update the MX records for your domain ID to receive emails correctly. For this follow the steps provided below

  • Login to DNS cPanel (registrar web portal)
  • Navigate to Domains tab
  • Locate the MX records/ Email servers/ Email settings option
modify MX record option select
  • Specify the Domain name (as like, enter the destination as Also, set a priority of the record in 10 or below number.
  • Click on Add Record to insert the MX record in the Zoho mail cPanel.

Note: It will take 24 hours to update the MX record. So please wait.

After the MX record is added, move back to Zoho Domain setup. Here you will see your Dashboard. Move to your mail and send a test mail to any of your personal mail ID. This will ensure that your mail is successfully set up and working fine.


This article describes the feature offered within the Zoho Small Business Email Service. You can easily get a free Zoho Business mail Domain-specific account that ca help you establish your small business in a better way. If you are tight in your business and require a domain account for free, try Zoho Free Business Email Account.