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Recover Deleted Files from Pen Drive – Eminent Solution

Anuraag Singh | Modified: May 6, 2022|Data recovery | 4 Minutes Reading

Pen Drive, also named a USB flash drive or thumb drive, is widely used to store, backup, and transfer data between devices. Although pen drives are portable and easy to handle, there are certain unfortunate times when users lose files from them. And, accidental deletion is one of the major causes of losing files from Pen Drive. So this article will provide the solution to recover deleted files from Pen Drive

For example- When your Pen Drive is loaded with too many files, and you want to delete some of them. However one issue is here while deleting unwanted files, some important files also get deleted accidentally. Moreover, deleted files from Pen Drive will not be stored in Recycle Bin. So recovering deleted files from Pen Drive is become problematic.

But it does not mean that deleted files from Pen Drive cannot be recovered. If your photos and any files got deleted from your flash drive, then don’t panic! Here, we will cover some effective methods that can be used to recover deleted files from Pen Drive Win 10.

Reasons Behind Losing Data from Pen Drive

Some factors that might cause data loss on Pen Drive are:

  1. Accidental deletion of the files
  2. Power fluctuations and failures
  3. Virus and malware related issues
  4. Miscellaneous reasons
  5. Recover corrupted data from pen drive
  6. Overuse of the hardware device causes it to fail.

Methods to Recover Deleted Files from Pen Drive

In the consequent section, users will get the various methods to recover deleted photos from pen drive.

1. Use CMD to Recover Deleted Files
2. Use Pen Drive Recovery Software Solution to recover deleted files

Let’s understand each workaround in a detailed manner.

Method 1: Recover Deleted Files From Pen Drive Using CMD

Restore deleted files from pen drive is possible even without software. For this, you will need to use the command prompt. Although it is not guaranteed that you will recover all deleted and formatted files from pen drive by using CMD.

Follow these steps to recover formatted data from pen drive:

  • Connect your Pen Drive to your PC, then press Win + R to launch Run Program Then type cmd then click OK.
    recover deleted files from pen drive using cmd
  • Type ATTRIB -H -R -S /S /D G:*.*, in the command prompt wizard.recover deleted files from pen drive win 10
  • Press Enter Key. Then Window will attempt to recover your files, and you can look for them in your Pen Drive after the process is complete.

Method 2: Restore Permanently Deleted Files From Pendrive Using Reliable Software

It is a powerful and safe solution to recover deleted, corrupted, formatted data from a pen drive. Thus, this application is specially designed to recover corrupt word documents from flash drive without any hassle. You can download this software on the Windows version. Moreover, this software provides an understandable and smart user interface. So, a novice user can also implement the recovery procedure easily. Besides this, below we have mentioned all salient features of the software.

  • Recover & Restore videos, images, documents, etc. from a pen drive.
  • Recover and Restore erased data from pen drive.
  • Highlighted permanently deleted files from Pen Dive in red colour.
  • Supports recovering deleted, corrupted & formatted data from dynamic disk.
  • The software supports recovery from all brand pen drives of any size.
  • Restore exFAT, FAT, and NTFS formatted pen drives.
  • Restore corrupted files in a healthy state from the pen drive.
  • It supports to recover virus infected data from pen drive

Step by Step Process to Recover Deleted Files from Pen Drive.

1: Download & Run SysTools Pen Drive Data Recovery Software.

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2: Connect your pen drive with your system.

restore deleted files from pen drive

3: Click on the “Scan” option instead of the formatted Scan.

can i restore deleted files from pen drive

4: Preview recovered deleted data from Drive.

recover deleted files from pen drive

5: Click on “Save” to restore data at any location.

recover deleted files from pen drive using cmd

Wrapping Up

If you do not know the right procedure, then a simple task can also become the tedious one. In the same way, people who do not have technical knowledge may face problems to recover deleted files from Pen Drive. Therefore, we have discussed the two simplest methods to restore selected data from a formatted USB drive. You can try any of them that suits you best.