How to Recover Data From Pen Drive Affected By Virus Effortlessly?

Anuraag Singh | March 25th, 2019 | Recovery

These days, the virus infects a pen drive is commonly faced issue by several users. So, we took this issue into consideration and come up with this flawless article. Today! With the help of this post, we will be going to reveal the perfect techniques to resolve how to recover data from pen drive affected by a virus. Mainly, we discuss the free and professional solution for the same. Just, go through to the complete blog to know more. Let’s get started:

Symptoms of Having Virus in Pen Drive

When the virus attack to any storage device such as pen drive, hard drive or memory card etc. So, you can easily recognize that a virus highly infects your device. Here, in this section, we are going to mention some common symptoms which makes you able to realize that a virus infects your storage device:

  • Your file system is getting destroyed. Because, when virus attack to your device it directly destroy the file system.
  • The file name has been changed
  • When virus attack on your pen drive, it will start deleting the entire data. So, in this situation, you lose your complete data.

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Methods to Recover Data From Pen Drive Affected by Virus

Chiefly, there are two ways to recover data from pen drive affected by the virus such as manual and professional. So, in this segment, we will be going to discuss both of them adequately. You can follow anyone as per your necessity. Let’s get started:

Solution #1: Recover Data From Pen Drive Affected by Virus Using CMD

This is a manual way to recover data from pen drive affected by virus. Mainly, you can perform this free solution using a command prompt. To do the same simply, follow the below-stated steps appropriately.

  • Initially, plug your pen drive into your local system.
  • Navigate to Start menu and type cmd in the search bar. Hit on Enter key then, you will see something named cmd.exe in the list.
  • Then, hit on cmd. Exe and you will be guided to the Windows command line. Here, it permits you to recover files and folders from virus infected pen drive.

After implementing the above-listed direction, you might format your USB flash drive. Or in case, if you already do that. So, you should proceed to an alternative solution because there is nothing is left now.

Solution #2: Recover Data From Pen Drive Affected by Virus Using Professional Software

There is no manual solution which has the ability to recover data from pen drive affected by virus. This utility name is pen drive data recovery software. Using this software, you can flawlessly recover corrupted, deleted, and formatted data from a flash drive which is infected by the virus. Mainly, this software comes under the world’s top 5 recovery applications. All types of users either professional or non-professional utilize this tool all over the globe. However, this software is programmed with a smart scanning algorithm. It quickly and effectively scans the virus infected pen drive and restores the complete data files. Moreover, this tool comes in two editions such as demo and paid. So, download the free version of the software and check out its more proficient features and functionalities.

Steps to Recover Data From Pen Drive Affected by Virus

Here, in this segment, you will get the instructions to execute the data recovery procedure from virus infected USB flash drive. Though, we have discussed all the steps sequentially. Simply, follow of all them to restore corrupted, deleted and formatted data from pen drive instantly.

  1. Primarily, download and run the SysTools Pen Drive Data Recovery software and plug-in your virus infected pen drive to your device. free download
  2. After that, the software will provide you two options such as Scan and Formatted Scan. Here, you have to choose Formatted Scan to proceed further.
  3. After completion of the scanning procedure. Now, the software will display all the recovered data from pen drive.
  4. Lastly, click on the Save button to store successfully recovered data at any desired place.

Tips to Prevent Pen Drive From Affected by Virus in Future

  1. You should regularly scan your USB drive.
  2. Do not download and store any unsecured and corrupted data files on the pen drive.
  3. Run an efficient and effective anti-virus program, as soon as you realize that your USB is get infected by a virus.
  4. You should avoid utilizing your USB on public computers. Only use on safe and secure local machines.

Final Verdict

Are you waiting for any miracle to happen? So, you are just wasting your time. Do not waste your valuable time simply, go thoroughly to this complete write-up to understand how to recover data from pen drive affected by virus. Mainly, we have discussed the manual solution also but, it cannot do the same in minimum time. And this free solution consists of some constraints which end up with formatting the USB flash drive. Thus, it is highly recommended to go with Pen Drive Recovery tool. All in all, this is a reliable application to implement the data recovery procedure from corrupted, formatted or virus infected pen drive. Conclusively, it depends on you which one you need to acquire, you can go with any of them.