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Top 2 Methods for Moving Contacts from Office 365 to G Suite

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Both G Suite and Office 365 are the cloud-based service providers that provide the best productivity business applications. Due to which people are migrating among these two. While migrating Office 365 mailbox data to G Suite account, it might be possible that people want to migrate contacts too. It’s because contacts are important for every user to execute the communication process. However, people are searching for the solutions for moving contacts from Office 365 to G Suite but they are unable to find the reliable one. Therefore, to ease the problem we come up with this write up and presented the best solutions to resolve the problem.

Ways to Migrate office 365 Contacts to Google Apps

There are different methods for the migration of contacts from office 365 to g suite. Some of the methods are explained below. The user can opt for any of the solutions according to his/her choice.

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Technique 1# Moving Contacts from Office 365 to G Suite Manually

This method is divided into two steps i.e.

1- Set up roles for Office 365 Accounts

It is a pre-migration step that makes the migration possible. When you are migrating user Office 365 user data it is necessary to provide credentials from O365 accounts to G Suite Data Migration Service.
For DMS to extract data, it is necessary to assign some new roles for your O365 account. These roles are:

– ApplicationImpersonation
– ViewOnly-Configuration

To do this follow these steps:

1. Log in to your Office account.
2. Go to Admin panel. In the desktop version, navigate towards the apps and click on Security&Compliance. In the web version, you have to click on the Exchange
3. Go to Permissions section.
4. In Admin roles block click on +. In the new window, Enter the Name field, go down to Roles and press on + again. Select the first role (ApplicationImpersonation) and click on Add. After that repeat the same with the second one (ViewOnly-Configuration).
5. Click on Save.
6. Then, go to the User roles block. Click on + and add your account.
7. You don’t have to do this with all the accounts you are about to move data from – do this just for the account that G Suite will use to connect to Office 365.
8. Note that the process may take some time to take effect. Wait for 10-20 minutes, and then you can proceed with the migration process itself.

2- Steps for Moving Contacts from Office 365 to G Suite

1- Open your G Suite admin console & navigate towards Data Migration.
2. Select Contacts
3. In the Migration Source field choose Microsoft Office 365.
4. In the Connection protocol field, chose Exchange web services. There will appear a new field where you have to enter a web address of the migrating Outlook account.
5. In the Role account field, type the email address and password of the role account on your mail server.
6. After that click on the Connect option.
7. Press Select Users.
8. On the new page, specify the source account(s) to transfer data from, and the destination account to move data to & Click Start.

Limitations of Manual Solution

1- Manually moving contacts from Office 365 to G Suite is very lengthy & time-consuming
2- We cannot move all type of data together i.e. at a time single type of data can be moved.

Technique 2# Quick Solution to Migrate Office 365 Contacts to Google Apps

Users can opt for advanced solution i.e. Office 365 to G Suite Migration to transfer contacts from office 365 to G Suite. With this application, a user can eliminate all the limitations of the manual method for moving contacts from office 365 to G Suite. With this advanced tool, users can migrate all contacts from the O365 account to Google Apps in a hassle-free manner. Along with contacts one, it is also possible to move emails, calendars, and documents too with this software. It is very simple and easy to use software without much technical knowledge we can use it to perform this migration task.

Other Beneficial Features Offered by the Tool

  1. Allows selective data migration by providing multiple filter options
  2. Through delta migration set automatic data transfer
  3. Priority feature is provided to early migrate selective users data
  4. Through incremental migration transfer newly arrived data
  5. Software shows real-time progress status of the import task
  6. Compatible with all versions of Windows Operating systems
  7. Gives 3 options to add users i.e. fetch users, import users & download template
  8. Provides Concurrent migration feature to improve efficiency

Steps for Moving Contacts from Office 365 to G Suite

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  • Download and Install Office 365 to G Suite Migrator Tool
  • Select O365 as Source & G Suite as a Destination Platform
  • Choose category as “Contacts”
  • Enter Office 365 Admin credentials and validate permissions
  • Enter G Suite Admin Credentials and validate permissions
  • Perform Source (O365) & Destination (G Suite) User group mapping
  • Click on the Start Migration button to initiate the process

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Sometimes, there arises a need to move from one cloud-based platform to another. Many people are moving contacts from Office 365 to G Suite for various purposes. Therefore, to help out all the user, we have described the manual as well as the automated method in the above section. However, there are some drawbacks to use the manual method. Therefore, it is recommended to select an automated and reliable solution provided by SysTools. The software will help the users to migrate Office 365 contacts to Google Apps in a trouble-free way.