Migrate Contacts from Google Apps to Office 365 – Complete Guide

Anuraag Singh | Last Modified: December 9th, 2019 | Updates

Google Apps (currently known as G Suite) and Office 365 both provide cloud-based services to the users. As both are leaders among cloud service providers, users often switch between these two. When someone moves to Office 365 from G Suite, they have to migrate Contacts from Google Apps to Office 365. Users need to know the technique to export G Suite Address Book to O365. We will discuss different Gmail Contacts migration methods for the benefit of the users. Before that, here is a user query that will give readers a better understanding of the situation and help you to migrate contacts from Google Apps to Office 365.

I work in an office that used G Suite in the past. Recently we have decided to switch to Office 365. I want to migrate all my Gmail contacts to O365 Outlook. I do not know how to export the contacts. Can anyone tell me how to do it. Thanks in advance.

The above query states a situation when users want to migrate G Suite Contacts but do not know the method to move contacts from Google to Office 365 or any other platform. To help these type of users, we will discuss method to migrate contacts from Google Apps to Office 365 in this next segment.

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Methods of G Suite Contacts Export to Office 365

Users can export their Gmail Address Book to Office 365 Outlook using two different methods. They can either use manual method or they can opt for alternative method. This post will describe two methods to migrate contacts from Google Apps to Office 365 in detail.

Manual Method to Transfer Google Apps Contacts to Outlook

The process of manual migration of Google Apps Contacts is divided into three parts. First, we export the Contacts into CSV, then import that CSV file into Outlook. To perform the method successfully, follow the instructions:

Part A: Migrate Google Apps Contacts to Outlook

  • Step 1: Open Mail from your G Suite account.
  • Step 2: Click on the down arrow beside Mail and choose Contacts.
  • Step 3: Click on More>> Export.
  • Step 4: From next window, select ‘All contacts’ and ‘Outlook CSV format’ options. Click Export to migrate contacts from Google Apps to Office 365.

  • Step 5: If prompted, choose save as and browse to select the destination location. All your Contacts of Google Apps is saved in CSV format now.

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Part B: Import CSV into Office 365 Outlook & Migrate contacts from Google Apps to Office 365

  • Open Outlook in Office 365.
  • Click on File>> Open and Export>> Import/ Export.
  • A wizard will appear. Select Import from another program or file option and then click Next.
  • Choose Comma Separated Values as file type and hit Next.
  • Now, browse to select the CSV file containing Google Apps Contacts.
  • Choose how Outlook will treat the duplicate contacts and then click on Next.
  • A box named Select a destination folder will appear. Select Contacts folder and then click Next.
  • Click Finish. All your Google Contacts will be migrated to Outlook Office 356.

After migration process is done, open Outlook and select Address Book name of your mailbox and contacts. Here you can see all contacts including G Suite Contacts you have just transferred.

Recurring Issues During Manual Migration of Google Apps Contacts

It is seen that people face some issues during G Suite Contacts transfer. Here we will talk about some of the commonly occurred problems in process to transfer data from Google Apps to Office 365.

  • Contacts Not Appearing in O365: Even after migration, sometimes transferred Address Book does not appear in Outlook. This is a limitation of manual migration process.
  • Error Message Popping Up: If you try to manually import more than 2000 Gmail Contacts, error message will pop up. To avoid this, export less than 2000 contacts at a time.
  • Contacts Info Missing: After manual export, some fields of Google Apps Contacts go missing in Outlook Office 365. This is the most common problem of performing manual method to move contacts from Google to Office 365.
  • One user at a Time: This method moves contacts of only one G Suite user at a time. For 100 users, you will have to perform the entire process 100 times.

Alternative Method to Migrate Contacts from G Suite to Office 365

It is evident from the discussion that manual process can give rise to some annoying issues. That is why we suggest implementing alternative method to transfer Google Apps Contacts to Office 365. Users can try third-party applications as an alternative approach to manual method. G Suite to Office 365 Migrator is one such tool that will migrate Gmail Contacts without any problem. To migrate contacts from Google Apps to Office 365 through such a user interface of this software is so simple that anyone can use it without any problem. It is compatible with Windows 10 and all other versions. Some of its main features of the tool that move contacts from Google to Office 365 are:

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  1. Migrates Google Apps Contacts to Office 365 smoothly
  2. Options to filter based on Date and Category are available
  3. Exports from multiple G Suite accounts Contacts in a batch
  4. Contains usergroup mapping options during transfer process
  5. Compatible with Windows 10 OS and all below versions
  6. Transfers any and all of Contacts from Google Apps to O365

Alternative Method

Steps to import G Suite contacts to Office 365:

  • Step 1: Run the G Suite migration tool on your system.
  • Step 2: Authenticate the G Suite & Office 365 admin accounts.
  • Step 3: Apply date filters and select the contact category.
  • Step 4: Map G suite users to Office 365 for transferring the contacts.

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Google Apps to Office 365 migration is a common scene in current time. People who are switching between these cloud-service providers need to transfer Contacts and other items to O365. They can follow the manual method to migrate Contacts from Google Apps to Office 365. As the manual technique has got some limitations, they can also use the third-party program mentioned in the post. This software transfers G Suite Address Book to Office 365 effortlessly. Moreover, users will not face the limitations of manual method while using this application. Users should use this tool for quick and easy G Suite Contacts export to Office 365.

Some Common Queries Regarding Migration:

How do I move a single G Suite account contacts to Office 365 account?

You can move the account data using the manual steps mentioned in this article. This process is absolutely free of charge. However, it may take a while to complete.

Is it possible to batch import multiple G Suite user account data at once?

Yes, the alternative approach of manual method can easily migrate all the contacts and other data into the Office 376 account.

I wish to migrate emails and calendars along with G Suite contacts. How do I do that?

You can either perform the manual method regarding each of the G Suite categories (emails, contacts, calendars) separately. Or use a specialized tool for instant and effortless migration