Why G Suite is Better than Office 365 Know All Possible Reasons?

Anuraag Singh | Last Modified: May 26th, 2020 | Office 365

Which one is better Office 365 or G Suite is one of the most trending queries in the internet? For some people, Office 365 is better while for other G Suite. Therefore, to resolve such user queries we come-up with this write-up. Here, we will tell you which suite one is perfect by comparing the respective features and functionalities. However, as far as I concern G Suite seems to have outranked O365 & according to the majority of people, G Suite is better than Office 365. Although, it is just an analysis, but Office 365 is also having its own ruling areas where it is in the top over G Suite. But, there are features and advantages of the G Suite which makes it best. So let’s get started.

What Makes G Suite Lead Over Office 365?

As we all know both Microsoft Office 365 and G Suite are the best business productivity software. Their respective subscription plan offers various applications. Each suite is having its own advantageous features. Both of these services let you to perform the common business task in the cloud. They help in the creation of documents, spreadsheets, presentations & helps in the collaboration with the team members.
But, the main question is what G Suite is better than Office 365? In the next section, we have discussed the features of both G Suite and Office 365 that will help you in selecting the suitable one. So go through it carefully.

Features that Lead G Suite Over Office 365

FeaturesG SuiteOffice 365
Pricing$5/month – $10/month$5/month – $15/month
Business Email ClientGmailOutlook
Email Storage30GB – Unlimited50GB
Cloud Storage30GB – Unlimited1TB
Security1- TLS & 256 bit AES encryption algorithm
2- Two-factor Authentication
1- In OneDrive business files are encrypted & other files remain plain text
2- During transmission files are encrypted but at MS Server it remains unencrypted
ApplicationsDocs, Sheets, Slides, Keep, Calendar, Hangouts, Gmail, PhotosWord, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook
Video ConferencingHangouts/VoiceSkype
Team IntranetTeamsSharePoint

Other Advantages of G Suite Over Office 365

1- If we compare Office 365 & G Suite in terms of speed then G Suite is better than Office 365 because it is much faster than O365. Documents accessing, file sending, receiving and previewing the attachments work faster as compared to Office 365.

2- Google provides a better experience with mobile devices. Working with Google Apps is better geared towards smartphones or tablets. Though it is not that common to use mobile devices in business; you might need the ability to use them from time to time.

3- We can open and edit documents directly from the mailbox. We will see all the edits in real-time and there is not need to open a separate application for this. But, this can’t happen in Office 365 as you cannot have real-time updates.

Both G Suite and MS Office 365 are great cloud productivity suites. These suites enable the business to collaborate, store files online and easily share them. They make us work from anywhere using any different devices. However, we believe that G Suite is a much better choice for small business owners. It is easy to use, their web and mobile apps are the best, and we all are more familiar with their apps like Gmail, Calendar, Photos, Google Docs, and more. Also, G Suite has much simpler admin panel. Hence, all these benefits conclude that G Suite is better than Office 365.

Do You Want to Switch from Office 365 to G Suite

If you want to migrate from O365 to G Suite then you can try SysTools Office 365 to G Suite Migrator Tool. This utility can migrate emails, contacts, calendars, documents, contacts to G Suite account. It can do the migration process in a very short time. Also, it provides the functionality to perform the selective migration of mailbox items.


Steps for Moving from Office 365 to Google Apps

1- Download and Run SysTools O365 to G Suite Migrator Tool. Choose the source & destination platform.

2-  Check mailbox items (email, contact, calendar, document) need to be migrated. Apply date filter as per requirement.

3- Now, in source panel enter Office 365 admin id, application id and click validate for authentication.

4- From destination panel enter G Suite admin id, service account id, P12 file & click on validate

5- After fetching the users and apply priority filter if required

6- Click the Start Migration button to begin the process.


After reading this write-up we can clearly understand why G Suite is better than Office 365. We provided the features and functionalities of both the productivity suites. However, there might occur contradictions among users, as every user has different requirements. So they can select the one that fits to their needs. Finally, after comparing all the factors I would go with G Suite for sure. Also, if someone wants to switch from Office 365 to G Suite they can try SysTools O365 to G Suite Migrator tool. With this tool users can easily migrate email from Office 365 to G Suite without any hassle. Along with emails migrate contacts, calendars, and documents also to G Suite acocunt.