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Split Outlook PST File Into Smaller Parts With Manual Steps

Jaspreet Singh | Modified: January 13, 2023|Outlook | 6 Minutes Reading


When the size of Outlook PST files exceeds the maximum size limit, users face many problems such as data loss, data corruption, unable to open and close PST files, and more. To reduce PST file size, manage PST files and avoid all these problems, you just need to divide large size PST file. In this blog, we are going to show you the step-by-step method of how to split Outlook PST file into smaller parts. So, let’s start…

MS Outlook stores its all data in a PST file which is known as Personal Storage Table. Each version of Outlook has a different format. Outlook 2002 and earlier versions, use ANSI (American National Standards Institute) format while Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, and 2016 use the UNICODE format.

What is Outlook PST File Size Limit?

The size limit of PST file is different in all Outlook versions. Below we described the PST size limits:

  • In Outlook 2002 and earlier versions, you can only save data up to 2 GB.
  • The Outlook 2003 and 2007 maximum size limit is 20 GB.
  • In Outlook 2010, 2013, 2016, and 2019 the file size is limited to up to 50 GB which can be increased or decreased by applying changes to the Windows registry settings.

How to Check the Size of Outlook Mailbox?

Follow the below steps to find out the size of your mailbox to split Outlook PST file into smaller parts:

1. In the Mail view, click your account.

Check Size of Outlook Mailbox

2. Click Folder >> Folder Properties.

Folder Properties

3. Click Folder Size at the bottom.

Folder Size

4. Now, you will see the size of the mailbox.

Check the Mailbox Size

Why Need to Split Outlook PST File into Smaller Parts?

There are many reasons behind the task to split large PST file into multiple small files. Some of them are as follows:-

  • The large size of PST file slow down the performance of Outlook and may cause data corruption or loss problem.
  • Outlook stops storing data items when the PST file exceeds its maximum size limit so it is required to manage the PST file size limit.
  • Oversized PST file is the main cause of PST file data being inaccessible or corrupted. Thus splitting large PST file into smaller parts is the best method to reduce PST file size.

3 Manual Techniques on How to Split Outlook PST File into Smaller Parts

Unluckily, there is no inbuilt utility or feature in Outlook for splitting PST files. However, we found some freeways that can help to solve your problem.

Method 1: Use the Import/Export Option to Manage Large Size PST File

With the help of the following steps you are able to split large PST file into small files in Outlook:

1. Click on the File tab >> Account Setting >> Account Settings.

Split PST File

2. Click Add button under the Data Files tab.

Add PST File

3. Enter the File Name and Save types as Outlook Data File (.pst) and click OK.

Create Outlook Data File

4. The new PST file is created successfully.

5. Now, again click on the File >> Open & Import >> Import/Export.

Export PST

6. From the Import and Export wizard, select Export to a file option and click Next.

Export PST File

7. In Export to a file window, select Outlook Data File (.pst) option and click Next.

Export Outlook Data File

8. Select the folder to export from and check the Include subfolders option.

Move PST File

9. Browse to select PST file and check the Do not export duplicate items checkbox. Click Finish.

Remove Duplicates

10. You can set a password for exported PST file or simply cancel it if you want.

Method 2. Split Outlook PST File into Smaller Parts With Move to Folder

This is the 2nd method for splitting PST files. Follow the mentioned steps to truncate the PST file:

1. In Outlook, Click File >> Account Setting >> Account Setting.

Move to Folder Option

2. Click on the Data File tab and click Add button to add a new PST file.

Add New PST File

3. Now, go to Home, click the Move button and select Copy to Folder.

Split PST File

4. Select the PST file so that all the selected items can move to a new file.

Split Outlook PST File

5. In the end, delete the copied items from the default PST file to split large PST file into small files.

Method 3: Use Archive Feature for Reducing Outlook Mailbox Size

This feature can also help you to divide large-size PST file by following the step-by-step process:

1. Launch Outlook, Select File >> Info >> Tools >> Clean Up Old Items.

Split Outlook PST File Into Smaller Parts

2. Select the folder to archive and choose a date in the Archive items older than section. Click Browse to save the archive file to the selected location and click OK.

Split Outlook PST File Into Smaller Parts

Limitations & Disadvantages of Manual Methods to Truncate PST File

There are some limitations to using manual tricks on how to split a PST file into smaller parts. Some of them are –

  • Time-taking and lengthy process for the users.
  • Lots of chances of data loss and misplaced.
  • Required technical expertise to perform the task to truncate PST file.
  • Does not reduce PST file size properly or according to your need.

#Best Ever Technique to Split Outlook PST File into Smaller Parts

To overcome all the limitations and problems of reducing Outlook mailbox size using the manual method, you can easily go with the professional too i.e. Split PST Software Free Download. It is one of the best and most highly rated tools that is able to split large PST file in Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, and other versions.

Here are the Steps to Truncate PST File:-

Step 1. Download and launch the software.

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Step 2. Add PST file/folder(s) and Browse the destination path.

Step 3. Now, select the required Split Option: Split by Size, Date, Year, Folder Email ID, and Category.

Step 4. Check the summary of Split Information and click the Next button to proceed.

Step 5. Finally, the process to split the PST file into smaller parts is completed.

Once, the process to divide large-size PST files is done. Go to the selected destination location and review the resultant PST files.

Final Verdict

Here, we mentioned the multiple manual techniques to split Outlook PST file into smaller parts step by step. The manual process to reduce PST file size has some limitations and is not completely safe, therefore we also mentioned software fixes. The software is able to split large PST files by size, date, folder, year, email id, and category. It helps you to split large PST files into small files and corrupted files without any trouble.