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Opt for Best Split PST Software Free Download

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Published On July 10th, 2023
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split PST software free download

What if you find your Outlook data file exceeds the size limit? As we all know that the data file too large problem can lead to loss of important data. It also causes data corruption error in Microsoft Outlook. So, you will definitely try to divide a large PST file into smaller parts. To make your task easier, you must look for an instant solution to split PST software free download. Let’s tackle this problem today and propose an automated solution. However, you will quickly find a solution to your problem in this article.

Here in this blog, learn how to break PST files with the help of the best software available in the market. Many users search the web for split file PST tool. So, here we will explain the best solution to solve this problem.

Why is ito Divide PST into Smaller Parts?

  • Prevent Corruption of PST File: Large PST files can easily get corrupted and make the data inaccessible. Apart from PST file too big errors, you may also encounter many PST file too big errors. Therefore, to avoid corrupting Outlook, it is recommended to keep data files small and easily accessible.
  • When the Outlook Mailbox Size Exceeds the Limit: The utility is a great tool to divide large PST files when your Outlook mailbox exceeds the size limit. This software allows you to split large PST files into multiple files based on size, like MB and GB.
  • When your Outlook PST File is Too Big to Open and Copy: As the mailbox data grows, so does the size of the PST file. After reaching the threshold, this Outlook data file started showing a PST file too big error. The best way to solve this problem is to use a best automatic application to divide Outlook PST file into smaller files.

Key Feature of this Utility

  • The software maintains the hierarchical structure of the original PST file after the partitioning process.
  • It is designed using special algorithms to reduce Outlook PST file Size without Outlook 2021, 2019, 2016, 2013.
  • Possibility to set a password in a separately generated PST file.
  • Includes the option to ignore duplicate emails in PST folders.
  • There are two ways to create new PST files: create one PST or create separate PST.
  • Date filter option to move data from PST file to break PST file by time period.
  • It can also distinguish between ANSI and Unicode PST file types.

Split PST Software Free Download to Divide Large PST Files

To break PST files, we have SysTools PST File Splitter Tool, which is the most secure solution available in the market. This application has been tested by technical experts for more than 10 years. Also, this software is easy to use and offers a number of features to its users. Some of the features have already been mentioned in the next paragraph.

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This software is a professional tool that helps you split Outlook PST file into smaller parts with or without Outlook. divide one or more PST file sizes based on criteria such as date, size, folder, and email sender ID. With utility, users can easily break PST files containing emails, contacts, calendars, notes, and tasks into smaller PST files.

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 Steps to Split Large PST File into Multiple Smaller Parts

Step 1. Download & Run the Software.

split PST software free download

Step 2. Then Add the PST file and Select the Destination Path.

Add Split PST

Step 3. Choose the Options mentioned to Split the PST file.

split Options

Step 4. After that, Select Summary and click the Next Button.

Select on the Summary

Step 5. Last, the Software started the process of splitting PST files.

process of Split PST files

Why Choose this Split PST Software?

The best tool provides you with all the advanced features you need to easily break PST files. The powerful features and interactive user interface of this tool make it an ideal solution for all users. Furthermore, you can evaluate the entire software with the free trial version.

  • Split a PST File with Five Options: The Tool is an advanced program that allows users to split Outlook PST files based on different splitting options, such as:
  1. Split by size (in MB or GB)
  2. Divided by date
  3. After a year
  4. Separated by folder
  5. Separated by email address
  • Save Resulting File to Desired Location: It allows you to save generated files anywhere on your hard drive. It is also possible to create a new folder directly from the software console to store output files.
  • Keep the Original Meta Property: Unlike other splitting programs, this innovative tool keeps file contents and meta attributes intact. It does not change any data or details. Therefore, all generated PST files have the same properties as the main PST.
  • Interactive GUI: Despite all the advanced features, the graphical user interface of this utility is very simple. The main motivation is to make this tool easy to use for all users. Therefore, both newbies and advanced users can divide large PST files without any help.
  • Option to Ignore Email Duplicates: If you want to exclude all duplicate emails while dividing a file, then you need to use the Ignore Identical Emails feature of the application. This option allows you to create detailed PST files after deleting large Outlook data files.
  • Free Demo Version: Users can now download a free demo version of application and test the utility by splitting 50 PST emails for free. However, users must purchase the full version of the Tool for extensive splitting.
  • Compatible with All Windows OS: It is a powerful tool to split large PST files into smaller parts. It is compatible with the Windows operating system, which means you can run the software on any version of Windows (32-bit and 64-bit): 10, 8.1, 8, 7, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How Does Software Work?

Steps to Break PST files without Outlook

  1. Install the Run software.
  2. Click Add File” and select PST file you want to upload.
  3. Choose the split options to divide PST file. Click Next.
  4. Select the destination to save the restaurant directory.
  5. Click the Split button to split the large PST file

Q: Can I split PST files without Outlook?

Yes! You can use this tool to split or share large PST files, as the software does not require Outlook.

Q: Does PST Split support dividing PST contacts and calendars by date?

Yes, The software provides the ability to divide PST contacts and calendar items by date options or time periods. You can select any option from the given options split by date (specific date only), and the PST file will be split accordingly.

Q: What is the difference between the free and paid versions of your device?

The free version has all the features of the paid version. The only difference is that you can only separate 50 emails from the PST file. To split all data from a PST file, you need to purchase the full version.


We have explained how to split PST software free download in all of the previous posts. We have mentioned that the best tool available provides a free download option. Also, we have mentioned the features, working guide, and frequently asked questions from the users.