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How to Split PST File by Date? Multiple Techniques

Olivia Dehaviland | Published: 2021-10-13T08:28:04+00:00|PST | 5 Minutes Reading

In today’s world, MS Outlook is one of the most popular email clients which stores the data in PST file format. A portable storage table file is widely known as a PST file. It has a file size file limitation, which varies for different versions of Outlook. From the latest updates, In Outlook 2016, 2019, and 2013 the PST file can save data up to 50 GB data. And MS Outlook saves all the data like emails, contacts, journals, notes, and many other things in PST file extension. So, that’s why many of us are trying to split PST file by date. In this write-up, we will be discussing the multiple techniques to Split Outlook PST file by date.

Table of Contents

  1. Automated Method to Split PST File By Date
  2. Need To Split Outlook PST File
  3. Manual Approach to Split PST File By Date
  4. Wrapping Up

Professional Tool to Split PST File By Date

Split PST Software is one of the popular tools to split Outlook PST file into smaller parts. Non-technical users can also use this software easily because it has a simple user interface. This software gives multiple features to split PST by date, folder, size, year, etc. Let’s have a look at the step-by-step working of the tool:-

  • Firstly, Install and run the SysTools Split PST tool

  • Tap on the “Add Files, Add Folder, or Search Files” buttons to add the oversized PST file

  • Hit the “Add File” option to split PST file and then click the “Open” option

  • Attach any folder by clicking on the “Add Folder” button

  • Click on the “Search Files” option to find the location of the “PST” files

  • Hit the “Remove Or Remove All” to delete the files from the software panel

  • Click on the “Browse” option to select the location to save the files and click on the “Next” button

split-v7-7.webp (795×609)

  • Now, click on this “Split by Date” button under the split option segment

  • After that, select any specific date of which you want to split data.

  • Users can hit the “Select Date Range” option to split data of any specified date range. And Choose any specific date from the calendar

  • Use the remove button to delete the wrong date range and hit the “Next” button
  • You can see the splitting information under the summary section

Advanced Features Offered by Split PST Software

We will be discussing about the different features offered by the Split PST tool:-

  • Allows users to split PST documents in any specific drive.
  • Users can split PST files by different filters such as category, date, folder, email-id, etc.
  • Allows to split the archive and active PST documents
  • Users support to work with Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016 and below versions
  • Users can add PST files and folders in bulk
  • Allows to split PST files into small files of size 1 MB to 1 TB.
  • Works with MS Outlook versions.

Let’s discuss about the need to split PST file by date in the next segment.

Why Users Split Split PST By Date?

We are going to discuss some major reasons to split Outlook PST file:-

  • If the PST document becomes large, then the performance of the MS Outlook application slows down.
  • With less storage space user can’t save the files in the existing folder.
  • Data corruption issues also take place if the PST document exceeds its limit.
  • Sometimes users can’t access the MS Outlook data, which can lead to data loss.

Split PST File By Date Using Manual Approach

Now, we will be discussing about the “Archive” manual method:-

  • Install, run and open the MS Outlook application.
  • Now, select and open the PST file which you want to move.
  • Hit the “File” button, select the “Cleanup Tools Box” and click on the “Archive” button.
  • An archive dialogue box will pop up.
  • Now, click on the “Archive the folder & subfolders” button.
  • Choose any specific folder which you want to move.
  • Hit the “Archive items older than” button to select items from a specific duration.
  • At last, to save the files, search for any location. And click on the “OK” button.

Limitations of Manual Method

Users can use the above-discussed manual approach to split PST file by date. But, the manual procedure has some limitations, which are discussed below:-

  • The manual procedure is lengthy, tricky, and time-consuming as well
  • This method doesn’t provide any data integrity and security
  • Technical skills are a must to use this method
  • Data loss errors also occur in between the procedure

Final Thoughts

In the above blog, we have discussed the best techniques to split PST file by date. Users can check out the professional as well as a manual method to split PST by date. But the manual technique has some limitations so that’s why we have discussed the professional tool as well.