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How to Remove Password from MS Access Database Learn the Best Technique

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Published On February 27th, 2024
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Are you searching for an instant solution to resolve your Access password-related issues? Trust yourself, you land in the perfect place. Because today! In this write-up, we will be going to discuss the prominent ways to remove passwords from MS Access databases 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019, and 2021. Simply, go through the complete blog to know more.

Microsoft Access is a Database Management System ‘DBMS’ which is provided by Microsoft. Mainly, it combines the relational MS Jet database engine with an explanatory interface. Despite this, it consists of enhanced functionality, i.e., it provides an option to encrypt the MS Access database using a password. However, it helps to prevent Access database MDB / ACCDB files from any fraudulent activity.

But often, some users forget the password and look for a solution to remove passwords from accessing database online. So, we considered this issue and came up with this flawless article, to let users know about the perfect techniques to get rid of this issue. Thus, go through the complete post to understand the steps to remove passwords from MDB files or ACCDB files.

Quick Steps to Remove Password from Access Database

  1. Install the Data Forensics Tool and run it.
  2. Add MS Access database in software GUI.
  3. Select Access database and analyze.
  4. Hit Recover to restore the Access password.
  5. Remove password from MDB file.

Note: If you forgot your MS Access database password then you can use this software to remove password in Access database within 5 simple steps. But if you know your database password then you can go with manual techniques.

How to Remove Access Database Password with Manual Methods

To perform the manual approach, you should remember an appropriate password for your protected database. Here, we discuss all the instructions to implement a procedure to remove passwords from ACCDB and MDB database files. Let’s get started:

#1 Remove Password from Access Database 2003

  1. First, start MS Access 2003 and choose the Open Folder icon to begin.
  2. Choose the database MDB or ACCDB file and hit the down arrow near to Open button.
  3. After that select Open Exclusive to open database exclusively.
  4. Now, hit a click on Tools >> Security >> Unset Database Password.
  5. Here, input the Access database accurate password, and click on OK.
  6. Afterwards, the MS Access DB password has been removed perfectly.

#2 Remove ACCDB Database Password Using Access 2007

  1. Primarily, run MS Access 2007 and hit on the Folder icon.
  2. After that, choose the Access database file in the Open dialogue.
  3. Click on the down arrow near to the Open button and choose Open Exclusive.
  4. Then, hit on the Database Tools >> Decrypt Database.
  5. Conclusively, enter the proper password in the Unset Database Password dialogue box and hit OK to finish up the procedure.

#3 Remove Password from Access Database 2010

  1. First, launch Microsoft Access 2010 on your machine.
  2. After that, choose File >> Open option to browse the database.
  3. Select the MS Access database and open it exclusively.
  4. Subsequently, hit on File >> Info >> Decrypt Database.
  5. Add the right password in the Unset Database Password dialogue box.
  6. Lastly, hit OK to quit the procedure.

#4 Remove MDB and ACCDB Password in Access 2013

  1. Begin by starting MS Access 2013 on your computer.
  2. Choose File >> Open option to continue.
  3. After that, select Computer >> Browse button.
  4. Select MDB or ACCDB database and Open Exclusive mode.
  5. Choose File >> Info >> Decrypt Database option.
  6. Enter the exact password of the database in the unset password box.
  7. Click OK to remove the Access DB password.

#5 Remove Access Database Password in 2016 to 2021

  1. Run the MS Access 2016-2021 application on your PC.
  2. Thereafter, select Open >> Browse for adding a database.
    Browse MS Access database
  3. Select Access database and Open Exclusive from dropdown.
    Open Exclusive mode
  4. Type a password to open the Access database exclusively.
    Enter database password
  5. Choose File >> Info >> Decrypt Database option.
    Decrypt database
  6. Enter a password in the unset database password popup box.
    Remove password from MS Access database
  7. Click OK to remove the password from the MS Access database.

What If You Forgot to Access the MDB Database Opening Password?

Chiefly, with the help of the above-stated manual solutions, you can only remove the password when you remember the password. Otherwise, there is no free technique available to break Access database password from MS Access 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019, and 2021. But do not worry! Here, we have the ultimate solution to resolve your issue. It is a third-party software, i.e., Access Password Recovery Tool to recover access passwords. Using this utility, you can easily and quickly remove passwords from the MS Access database.

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This software supports removing multiple types of passwords like multilingual, numeric-alphanumeric, ANSI / UNICODE, etc. However, this tool consists of an understandable and user-friendly interface. So, a novice user can also implement the password decryption procedure without taking any external help. Apart from this, it also involves some more effective features that help to open password password-protected Access database.

How to Remove a Password from An Access MDB File?

Simply, follow the below-outlined steps to execute the procedure to remove a password from an Access .mdb file. Here, in this segment, we have explained all the steps appropriately. Have a look:

  1. Initially, download and run the eminent utility on your local machine.
    Start software
  2. Select the Add Files or Add Folders button to add protected Access databases.
    Add Access database
  3. Browse Access MDB database and click the Open button.
    Select database
  4. Select the MDB database and see information about its path and information.
    Select MDB database
  5. Click the Recover button to retrieve database passwords.
    Remove password from Access database
  6. See recover Access database password process completed.
    Remove password from MDB file
  7. Hit Copy Password and paste it to remove Access MDB password.
    Copy password

Time to Verge

This article emphasized the perfect techniques for how to remove password from MS Access databases 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019, and 2021. Mainly, we have mentioned the manual and professional solutions to do the same. Thus, you can go with any approach according to your necessity.


Q 1:- Is it possible to recover any kind of MDB password?

Ans. Yes, with the help of the above-explained software users can recover any kind of password for MDB files without any hassle.

Q 2:- Can I recover corrupted .mdb database passwords?

Ans. Yes, you can healthily recover corrupted .mdb database passwords without any hassle.

Q 3:- Is there any manual solution to remove passwords from the access database?

Ans. Yes, in this post we have mentioned various manual solutions that users can use as per their needs. But remember that this manual method has some limitations. To overcome the manual limitation, try a professional solution.

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