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The Perfect Way to Open Password Protected Access Database

Olivia Dehaviland | Modified: September 12, 2022|Access | 5 Minutes Reading

Open Password Protected Access Database

“Are you still stuck and waiting for a miracle to open your protected MDB or ACCDB file. Do not worry! Now, you land in the perfect place. Today, we will be going to disclose the techniques to resolve how to open password protected Access database. Simply, go through the complete post to know more.”

MS Access is an eminently utilized utility across the globe. Users prefer this due to its advanced functionalities. Mainly, it provides a unique facility, i.e., the users can set up a password on their access database file. So, any other users are not able to open or even modify the protected document. But, the problem occurs when users forgot the password of their encrypted Access database. Once they lose or forgot the password.

At times, they started looking for an effective solution for how to open password protected Access database. So, we took this issue into consideration and come up with this flawless article, to let users know about the best techniques to resolve this problem within a few minutes. Hence, just go through the entire post to know the ways to decrypt the password protected Access database.

Manual Way to Open Password Protected Access Database

With the implementation of this manual method, you can easily fix your issue. Though, to do so, you have to utilize the Microsoft Visual Basic for Application ‘VBA’ code utility. Mainly, we will be going to disclose the complete procedure adequately. You have to follow all the steps sequentially to get the expected results.

1: First of all, you have to generate a new Access database without being protected by a password.

2: Now, open that new unprotected MDB file and then, press Alt + F11 keys together to open ‘VBA Code’ Microsoft Visual Basic for Application.

3: Then, hit a click on Insert from the menu bar and choose Module.

4: After that, you have to copy the below-stated VBA code and paste it into the displayed module.

vba code

Note: Make sure that you change the destination address where you store your encrypted Access database MDB file.

Step 5: Finally, hit on the Run Macro button and then simply, press the F5 key, to perform the application efficiently.

Automated Solution to Open Password Protected Access Database

To perform the above-stated manual solution, you need an appropriate password for your protected Access database MDB or ACCDB file. If you have the password, so you can easily unlock the protected database. But the query is if a user does not have a proper password or he/ she has forgotten it. So, in this kind of circumstance, only a single solution works adequately named Access Password Recovery Tool. Using this amazing utility, you can quickly open password protected Access database. This software is programmed with eminent functionalities which helps to unlock or open protected MDB file instantly.

Mainly, it has a unique which feature i.e., it restores the forgotten password with brute-force technique. Moreover, it comes with an understandable and self-explanatory interface. So, a non-technical user can also execute the procedure to open the protected MS Access database without any hindrance. Thus, if you need to check out this flawless utility, so visit its official website.

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Steps to Open Password Protected MS Access Database

Below here, we will be going to disclose the instructions to implement an open Access database after forgetting the password procedure. So, you just have to follow all the steps sequentially to execute the process perfectly.

1: Primarily, install and launch the handy and efficient tool on your local system.

download Access Password recovery tool

 2: Now, click on the Browse button to browse the protected MDB or ACCDB Access database file.

step 2

3: Here, we are going to choose a protected MDB file from its relevant destination and then, click on Open.

step 3

4: Subsequently, you have to click on the Copy Password option to copy the restored password to open password protected Access database.

step 4

5: After copying the password perfectly then, you have to hit click on the Open Selected Database option to proceed further.

step 5

6: At last, paste the password into a dialogue box which will appear at the time of opening an Access database. To do so, you can press Ctrl + V keys altogether. After that, hit on OK to finish the procedure appropriately.

open password protected MDB file

Time to Conclude

Hopefully, after reading this article, you will get rid of your tiresome issue such as how to open password protected Access database. Mainly, we have discussed the manual and professional ways to resolve the issue perfectly. But, the manual solution works only when you remember an appropriate password, otherwise, it will unable to unlock the protected Access database MDB file. So, in this kind of circumstance, it is better to choose an automated solution which we have already mentioned above. But conclusively, the decision depends on you so, take the decision wisely.