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How to Break Access Database Password?

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Published On October 3rd, 2023
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Microsoft Access databases are a treasure trove of information in the world of data management. But what happens when you’re locked out of your own database due to a forgotten password and unable to access information? Is there a way to break Access database password and regain access to your valuable data? This blog post explores the methods to break Access password from MDB and ACCDB databases.

Sometimes MS Access users forget their database password and then start searching for a solution to creak Access database password. If you are also one of those who is facing the same issue, then don’t worry. This article explains the best expert-recommended techniques to break MS Access database passwords with or without password. You can use any method depending on your situation.

Situations to Break MS Access Database Password

  • Forgotten Password: When you legitimately forget the password to your own MS Access database, there’s a need to regain access to critical data.
  • Employee Transition: When an employee with knowledge of the database password leaves the organization, and access to the database is required for business continuity.
  • Database Recovery: After a system crash or database corruption, breaking MS Access password may be necessary to restore the database from a backup.
  • Forensic Investigation: Sometimes forensic investigators find password protected MS Access database, then they may want to crack MS Access database password to do an investigation.
  • Legal Compliance: In cases where legal authorities require access to a database as part of an investigation or compliance with regulations.
  • Administration Needs: Administrators may need to break Access MDB or ACCDB database security temporarily for maintenance, troubleshooting, or data migration purposes.

Easy Steps to Break Access Database Password

  • Step 1: Open MS Access password breaker.
  • Step 2: Add Access MDB database in GUI.
  • Step 3: Enable database to crack security.
  • Step 4: Click Recover to break MDB password.
  • Step 5: Use Copy button to retrieve password.

Note: It’s recommended to follow these 5 steps to crack MS Access database password. If you’d like to see these steps with real-time visuals, keep reading the upcoming information.

Automated Way to Crack Access Database Password

Access Password Recovery Tool is the perfect solution to break MS Access database passwords quickly without knowing the password. This MS Access password breaker software supports MS Access MDB database files and offers various advanced features to crack Access DB passwords. It also offers a free demo version that reveals the first 2 characters of your password.

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MS Access Password Breaker Features

  • Break Access database password from multiple MDB databases at once.
  • Dual options for adding MS Access database files in the software panel.
  • MDB password cracker provides 2 options to reset and recover passwords.
  • Suitable to crack complex and multilingual MDB database passwords.
  • Remove password from MS Access database and click Copy Password to use it.

How to Break MS Access Database Password?

  1. Download, install, and run MS Access Password Breaker on your computer.
    Run MS Access Password Breaker
  2. Add Access MDB databases in software using the Add File(s) or Add Folder button.
    Add Access MDB databases
  3. Browse MS Access database and click the Open button.
    Browse MS Access database
  4. Select Access MDB database and see its path and size information.
    Path and size information
  5. Hit the Recover button to break Access database password.
    Break Access database password
  6. The crack Access database password process completed successfully.
    Crack Access database password
  7. Click the Copy Password button and use it to crack MDB password.
    Crack MDB password

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Manual Way to Break ACCDB Database Password

There is no manual method available to break MS Access database password, if you forget the password. However, if you have MS Access database password then you can crack Access database password ACCDB within a few simple steps. Even the manual approach allows you to break ACCDB database passwords one by one. Let’s follow the upcoming instructions to resolve your problems.

How to Crack Access Database Password?

  1. Launch MS Access program and choose Open >> Browse option.
    Browse option
  2. Select Access database and choose Open Exclusive from dropdown to open it.
    Choose Open Exclusive
  3. MS Access database asks for a password and click the OK button.
    Enter Access database password
  4. After that, you can see Access database information.
    See Access database information
  5. Select File >> Info >> Decrypt Database option to continue.
    Decrypt option to Break MS Access Database Password
  6. Enter password again to unset Access database password.
    Enter password again

Closing Thoughts

The above article explained complete steps to break Access database password using automated and manual ways. The automated method can break MDB database password without requiring the password. While the manual method asks to enter password once to creak Access database password. You can opt for any solution as per your needs and situations.

Questions We Often Receive

Que 1: How to break MS Access database password?

Ans: You can read this complete blog post and know the 2 best methods to break Access database security i.e., Automated and Manual. However, the manual method asks for a password so you can’t use it if forgot the password.

Que 2: Can I crack ACCDB database password using software?

Ans: No, the MS Access password breaker is compatible with MDB databases. However, Data Forensics developers will add support for MS Access ACCDB databases as soon as possible.

Que 3: I am using MS Access 2021 latest version, does your software support it?

Ans: Yes, the software works with MS Access 2021, 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, and previous versions. You can use it to crack MDB password.