How to Recover Deleted Photos from USB Flash Drive Without Any Hassle

Anuraag Singh | Last Modified: June 6th, 2020 | Recovery
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    how to Recover Deleted Photos From USB Flash Drive – Hassle Free

The USB flash drive is a proficiently used storage device these days. Mainly, it is utilized to stores all kinds of data like images, videos, documents, etc. It is preferable by users due to its portability and capacity. But, the data stored in it is prone to get deleted accidentally or lost under different circumstances.

Basically, the data loss issue from the USB flash drive is a cumbersome situation to face for anyone. But, don’t worry! because it is possible to recover deleted pictures from USB flash drive without encountering any issue. However, in this write-up, we will be going to discuss the reliable solution to recover deleted photos from pen drive.

Possible Causes Behind The Deletion of Images from USB Flash Drive

There are so many reasons behind the deletion of valuable Images from USB flash drive. A few of them are listed in this section. Let’s have a look:

  • USB flash drive is highly infected by the virus, malware, and worms
  • Improper ejection of USB drive from the local machine
  • Mistakenly delete images from USB

Manual Methods to Recover Deleted Photos from USB Pen Drive

Right here, we are going to discuss the manual method to recover deleted pictures from USB flash drive. Basically, this free method is obtainable in two ways. So, we disclosed both the techniques in an effective manner. You just have to follow any of the step-by-step to get the positive output.

Recover Deleted Photos from USB Flash Drive Using CMD

  • Primarily, in Windows 10, 8.1, 8/7, go to Run by clicking on Windows + R keys altogether.
  • Then, add CMD to start command prompt wizard.
  • Now, type this command ATTRIB -H -R -S /S /D F:*.* in the prompted field

Note: Here, F is the USB drive letter. You can change and replace the letter F as per your own USB flash drive letter is shown on your system.

Recover Deleted Pictures from USB Flash Drive Using the Previous Version

Apart from cmd you can also this method to restore a previous version of files in Windows versions 8.1, 8.7, 7, etc.

  • First of all, right-click on the folder that involves your deleted files and selects the Properties option
  • Now, click on the Previous Versions tab. Then, a message prompts up on your display which says Previous Versions come from File History or from restore points.
  • Finally, a list of older versions of the data file will display. Simply, choose the file edition you are looking for and click on the Restore button to start the recovery process.

Are You Gazing For Something Reliable?

As we all know, the above-listed manual methods are not applicable in these three scenarios as follows:

  1. Recover permanently deleted photos from USB flash drive
  2. Recover corrupted images from USB flash drive
  3. Recover formatted images from USB drive

Mainly, in these three circumstances, the manual solution is not relevant. So, after performing the free method if you are still unable to view your photos then, it can be possible that your data files permanently deleted from USB flash drive. But, do not worry! you can recover them easily utilizing another method. Just, switch to the next technique to recover deleted pics from USB quickly.

Eminent Way to Recover Deleted Photos From USB Flash Drive

There are many users, who are still unaware of the fact i.e. when they normally delete any photo or any data file from USB flash drive. So, those files will be deleted permanently, instead of going to the recycle bin. Because, once any file is deleted from an external storage device so, it will be wiped permanently from the device. Well, after losing the data permanently, users searching an efficient technique to recover permanently deleted pictures from USB flash drive. So, all the above-stated manual solution does not have the capability to recover deleted image from USB.

However, this can be possible with the help of USB Drive Recovery Software. This tool is one of the perfect application to recover deleted pictures from USB flash drive without any hindrance. Simply, follow below-outlined steps to implement the recovery procedure using an amazing USB flash drive recovery software.

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Steps to Recover Deleted Images From USB Using Software

Step 1: You can select scan option to recover your deleted and corrupted data from USB drive

usb-drive 1

Step 2: Them, preview all the recovered data elements and search for required data files.


Step 3: Ultimately, click on the Save button to export recovered deleted photos from USB flash drive.


A Tip!

Once you realize that you have lost your vital photos from USB flash drive. So, immediately stop adding any new data to that existing USB flash drive. Because any data may overwrite the permanently deleted pictures. And when the data is overwritten then, it will be irretrievable.

All in All

At times, when you lost your crucial photos primarily, you have to check whether you generate the backup or not? If you have a backup of all important images then, you can easily recover deleted photos from USB flash drive. But in case, you do not have the backup. In this situation, it is advised to go with an alternative technique named as USB drive recovery software. Because there is no manual solution is available to recover deleted pictures from USB flash drive. Thus, USB flash drive recovery software is an ultimate way for this kind of circumstance. So, its time to take a wise decision.


How can I recover deleted photos from USB?

In the above blog, we have mentioned three solutions to recover deleted photos from USB flash drive. You can choose any one as per your requirement. But remember one thing by using manual method technical knowledge is required.

How do you recover deleted files from a USB flash drive?

By using this blog you can recover deleted files from a USB flash drive. But sometimes your data is deleted permanently they manual methods is not able to recover shift deleted data from USB drive.