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How to Recover Deleted CCTV Footage from Hikvision DVR?

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Published On February 19th, 2024
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Summary: When some crimes like theft, burglary happen, surveillance videos and photos will be the key to investigations and evidence. But, if these important photos and videos are removed or deleted accidentally, can users make a CCTV/DVR recovery? Now, in this article, we will discuss the extraordinary solution to recover deleted CCTV footage from Hikvision DVR by using Data Recovery Software.

If you don’t have backups or extra copies of the deleted .cctv or.dvr footage, it looks like the hard drive data recovery software is the only method to recover deleted video from Hikvision DVR. Besides, it’s more straightforward and competent if you take a close look at how it executes throughout the recovery procedure.

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Why CCTV Footage is Deleted from Hikvision DVR or Hard Drive?

Like all technology, CCTV cameras are prone to damage, which can lead to data loss. There is a need to pay little attention to the causes of CCTV footage or video loss from Hikvision DVR hard drive. Here are some common reasons that can result in damaged recorded footage.

  • Unintentional deletion of CCTV footage.
  • logical and physical error in DVR hard drive
  • Fire damage to the DVR.
  • Accidentally formatted SD card, corrupted or damaged CCTV SD card or DVR.
  • Malware or virus attack on the CCTV hard drive or SD card.

Methods to Recover Deleted CCTV Footage from Hikvision DVR?

We will take you through the precious CCTV footage recovery methods that are effective in recovering deleted CCTV footage. Follow the below methods to restore lost CCTV footage from Hikvision DVR.

Recover Deleted DVR Recordings from DVR using Backup

In cases related to accidental deletion, wherein, the user erased or deleted footage from a Hikvision DVR or hard drive,. If users have a backup, then they can access their files by following the below listed simple steps.

Can You Recover Deleted Video from Hikvision DVR? Alternative Solution

Have you had an issue where the recorded videos and footage were mistakenly deleted or erased from a CCTV Hikvision DVR camera hard drive? If this is the case for you, can you recover deleted footage from Hikvision DVR digital devices as you wish? Some of the users are using Dish DVR or Hikvision DVR security devices, and users should know that there is a recycle bin similar feature that will keep their removed footage temporarily. However, it does not consider the methods of permanent deletion or hard disk formatting. Even though users can simply retrieve deleted digital data from any of the DVR storage via a Professional Hard Drive Recovery Tool or the previously created backup,.

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However, this facilitates an understandable user interface so a non-technical user can also avail of it without thinking twice. This tool has the ability to recover permanently deleted files from a hard drive. Download this utility on any version of Windows OS.

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Steps to Recover Deleted CCTV Footage from Hikvision DVR

Just, follow all the below-mentioned steps to recover deleted DVR recordings. All the instructions are listed appropriately. Let’s get started:

1: Firstly, you have to download and run the software on your computer, from which you need to recover deleted video from Hikvision DVR  and SD card or hard drive.

how to recover deleted cctv footage from dvr

2: Now, the software will display scan and formatted scan options to scan your DVR hard drives. Select scan option to recover deleted DVR recordings

Can I recover deleted CCTV footage?

3: After completion of the scanning procedure,. The utility will show all the information in the left panel of the tool. The utility will automatically highlight the folders that include data files inside them.

 4: Then, users have to explore the needed folder and preview the recovered deleted video from Hikvision DVR

 recover deleted video from hikvision dvr

5: At last, users have to click on the save button to save successfully recovered deleted CCTV footage from the Hikvision DVR hard disk.

How can I get data from my DVR hard drive?


This blog emphasizes the perfect techniques to resolve the most commonly asked query, such as how to recover deleted CCTV footage from Hikvision DVR hard drive. After reading this complete write-up, hopefully, users will get rid of this tiresome issue. But, there are multiple solutions available over the web so, don’t get confused about getting the suitable one. Thus, take the decision wisely because a wrong choice makes the situation worse.

Frequently Asked Question by Users

Q: Can you recover deleted CCTV data?

Yes, data recovery allows you to recover data from CCTV camera recordings. If you need to recover more data, then contact the software.

Q: Will CCTV footage be deleted automatically?

This depends on the settings of the DVR and the capacity of the hard drive. In some cases, old CCTV footage may be deleted regularly, i.e., in a month or a week. In other cases, CCTV footage may be deleted or overwritten due to a lack of space.