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Solution to How to Merge PDF Files on Mac (Apple)

Aldrich Calvin | Modified: May 3, 2022|PDF Updates | 4 Minutes Reading

You can merge PDF files on Mac by using the Preview application. It is a default application to view PDFs and does minor modifications for Mac operating systems.  Now, let us see how to merge PDFs on Mac using various methods. 

This is how you can merge two PDFs using Preview:

  • Open PDF file in the Preview.
  • Select ‘View’ > ‘Thumbnails’ to show sidebar page thumbnails.
  • To designate the place to put the other PDF document, choose a page thumbnail. 
  • Now, select ‘Edit’ > ‘Insert’ > Page from File, here you have to choose the PDF that you want to add, then click Open. 
  • Lastly, save the resultant file, select File > Export as PDF.

If you want to merge some part of one PDF file to another, perform the following actions:

  • Open your PDFs in Preview that you want to merge.
  • In each file, select ‘View’ > Thumbnails to show the sidebar page thumbnail.
  • Press and hold the Command key then, choose the page thumbnails that you want to merge to the other PDF file, then release the Command key. 
  • Drag the selected pages or thumbnails into the sidebar of the other document, then let go in the place where you want them to be put. 

Note: If you are using macOS Sierra or below versions then, simply drag the thumbnails directly onto a thumbnail of the other file.

  • Lastly, save the resultant file, select File > Export as PDF.

How to Merge PDF Files on Mac Using The PDF Merger Mac

The above manual methods are time-consuming and can be irritable while using large numbers of PDF files. To solve this you have to look for a professional solution to merge specific pages of PDF. Try SysTools PDF Merger for Mac. This automated tool comes with options like “Merge PDF with page range” which lets you merge a range of pages from PDF files (You can’t do this in Preview application). 

Along with this, you get various splitting options to divide PDF file in two parts in the tool. But now, let’s see How to merge PDFs using PDF Merger for Mac.

Perform the following steps to merge PDF files on Mac:

1-step: Install PDF Merger for Mac on your system and choose the Merge radio button. Click on the ‘Next’ button.

How to Merge PDF files on Mac


2-step: Click on the “Add File(s)” option to take PDF files that you want to merge.

Add files to Merge PDF files on Mac

3-step: Choose the merge option to specify the way you want to merge PDF files on Mac. And also provide the destination location to save the resultant file (by default the file will be saved on the desktop, in a folder).

Option to Merge PDF files

4-step: At last, press the “Merge” button to start the process.


After successful completion, the software will display the message.

click ok to Merge PDF files on Mac


You can download the Free Edition of the software before you get ahead with the tool.

Download Now Purchase Now

Note: Dear Mac users kindly install JDK and JRE 8 before running the application. It is easy to download and install just CLICK HERE.

Benefits of Using The Tool

The software is equipped with esteemed features that are mentioned below:

    1. The utility can process a large number of PDF files at once.
    2. You will get the option to merge PDFs by Page Range and you can even split the merged PDF by size (if the resultant file gets too big).
    3. There are two ways you can join PDFs namely ‘New PDF File’ or ‘Existing PDF file’.
    4. Performs the mechanism in the batch that is why it is very fast.
    5. Takes care of the layout, structure, and orientation of the PDF pages.
    6. Supports all the versions of Mac OS X.

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In this blog, you have learned the step-by-step tutorial on “how to merge PDF files on Mac”. You can take help from the Preview application which is a manual solution. But, the problem with manual methods is that you can’t merge more than two PDFs at once. Hence, you should go for a professional automated tool. This is an advanced automated software designed to efficiently merge as well as split PDF files.