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How to Divide PDF File in Two Parts with Best Solutions

Anuraag Singh | Modified: September 21, 2022|PDF Updates | 5 Minutes Reading

Scenario 1: “Hello all. I have got a large sized PDF file that I want to split. Actually, the file contains discussion on two different topics so it is a bit confusing while looking for a topic from the whole book. Therefore I think, splitting the PDF file will be a good option. Can anyone tell me how to divide PDF file in two parts in an easy method? I will be grateful.”

Scenario 2: “My task is to make booklets in the form of PDF files for the employees of an organization. PDF files often contain instructions and manuals. But after seeing the final PDF file, my instructor wants me to make it into two separate PDFs. So, tell me the technique to break a PDF file into parts. Thanks.”

Focused Sections:

  1. Divide PDF file in two parts with Adobe Acrobat
  2. Why to Avoid Online Solutions to break a PDF into parts
  3. Ultimate Solution to divide PDF into multiple files

PDF files are one of the most popular file formats for documentation. Security and portability are the major reasons for its popularity. PDF files are often needed to be divided into two parts. This blog will address this necessity of PDF users by describing various methods on how to divide PDF pages. Let us take you straight to the main segment when the discussion on the solutions will take place.

Different Methods to Divide PDF File into Two Parts

Usually, three techniques can be used to break a PDF file into two parts. Here we will talk about these methods.

Use Adobe Acrobat DC if Available

If you have Adobe Acrobat DC, which is a costly software, then you can
divide PDF file in two parts using its Split option. Here is how you can use Acrobat DC for this task:

a. Use Adobe Acrobat Pro DC to open the PDF file.
b. Select Tool>> Organize Pages to make Organize Pages toolset appear.
c. From there, click on Split.
d. Add necessary information in these fields – Number of Pages, File Size, and Top-Level Bookmarks.
e. Click on Output Options and choose the target location before clicking on OK.
f. In this way, users can divide PDF files into two parts.

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Why You Should Never Try Online Solutions?

Many people use online sites that offer the service of PDF file splitting. However, you should never use online services that require you to upload your files, just like in the case of diving PDF. Once you upload the file, you never know where the file is being stored and how its data are going to be used. Moreover, online sites have some file size limitations also.

PDF Split & Merge: The Ultimate Tool to Divide PDF Into Multiple Files

As you can understand, both these above-mentioned methods have got some disadvantages of their own. To avoid these issues, it is better to go for SysTools PDF Split and Merge Tool. This software lets you divide PDF pages in 6 ways. Since the software has a very simple interface, anyone including people with no technical knowledge can operate it. The compatibility of this tool with all types of PDF files makes it an ideal program. Along with this users can also Merge Specific Pages of PDF with this software.

Now, to divide the PDF file into two parts with this application:

a. Download & launch the tool for splitting PDF files into two PDFs

Download Now Purchase Now

Download Now Purchase Now

b. Select the Split tab

divide PDFs
c. Click on Add file(s) or Add Folder option and go to the location of the PDF file to select it.

Divide PDF File in Two Parts
d. Now, enable the radio button beside the Split by Range option and enter the page range of the first part of the PDF file you wish to make.

options to divide PDF
e. Click on Change and add the location for the target file.

change saving location
f. Now click on the Split button.

Divide PDF File in Two Parts

By following this process, users can easily split the PDF files into two parts and even multiple parts.

Note: The chosen range will be saved as a different PDF file. For the second PDF file, repeat the process and add the remaining pages of the PDF file in the page range box.

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Various reasons give rise to situations when people need to divide PDF files into two parts. They can perform this task by different methods such as using Adobe Acrobat DC, online sites, and an automated software. Since the first two methods contain some limitations, so using the prescribed software will be a good idea for this purpose. With the help of this tool, users can break a PDF into parts according to their requirements.