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How to Create a PDF on Mac with Multiple Files Efficiently?

Aldrich Calvin | Modified: June 29, 2022|PDF Updates | 4 Minutes Reading

Are you looking for a way to create one PDF from multiple PDFs Mac? Your search ends here! In this blog, you will get to know how to create a PDF on Mac with multiple files using an automated tool.

Creating a single PDF file apparently when you have numerous PDF documents is quite a complex process. But it would be very easy if you have the right tool. However, you can use Adobe Acrobat Pro DC if money isn’t a barrier for you. Because it is a subscription-based tool and you have to pay a good amount to buy this software.

Well, for the interest of users, here we come up with the alternative of Adobe Acrobat Pro with all the comprehensive features of Adobe.

How to Create PDF File with Multiple Pages on Mac? – Expert Solution

Users can make multiple files into one PDF on Mac by using PDF File Adder software. It is one of the best solutions to create a PDF on Mac with multiple files. It is a cost-effective solution that allows you to create multi-page on Mac as well as on Windows. With this tool, users can Merge Specific Pages of PDF. The software has a free trial version so that you can test it before you buy it.

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Now let’s see how you can use this tool!

How to Create a PDF on Mac with Multiple Files?

Follow the steps required to create a multi-page PDF on Mac.

1. Launch the software on your Mac OS and select the “Merge” option.

2. Click “Add Files” to add multiple PDF documents or “Add Folder” to add the complete folder containing several PDF files.

3. After adding the PDF File click on the “Next” button.

4. Choose any “PDF Merge” option as per your convenience & set the destination location of the resultant PDF document.

5. Next, click on the “Merge” button to create a PDF on Mac with multiple files.create a pdf on mac with multiple files

6. Finally, the tool will display a pop-up message stated that “PDF files are merged successfully”.


This is how you can create a PDF on Mac with multiple files. Now, you will get a merged PDF file at their destination location. Apart from these basic functions, the software offers a wide range of options which we’ve outlined in the following section.

Some More Functionalities of The Software

1. Page Range – This option is used to combine PDF files of a particular page range separated by a comma.

2. Split Merged PDF by Size – To break combined PDF files based on size, you just need to specify the common size in MB & then the tool will split the merged PDF files.

3. Merge Multiple PDF into New PDF – You can use this option to save the resultant merged PDF file into a new PDF document.

4. Existing PDF – With this option, you store all the output PDF files in any existing PDF.

All of these features are included in this powerful tool with an intuitive interface that requires no prior experience or expertise. The tools are so easy to use and all the tasks can be completed within a few clicks of your mouse.

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Let’s Wrap Things Up

The best solution for the “how to create a pdf on mac with multiple files” user query is resolved by using PDF File Adder software. With the help of this professional tool, any business or naïve user can create one PDF from multiple PDFs Mac OS. The utility has the functionality to combine the number of PDF files in a folder to a single PDF. The software helps to resolve the problem to Consolidate PDF Files into one file without any hassle.