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Merge Specific Pages of PDF- Manage All Desired Pages in Single File

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Published On January 3rd, 2024
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Do you want to merge specific pages of PDF to manage all your important documents in one PDF file? Or looking ways on how to select specific pages in PDF file?

You can use Adobe Acrobat DC application to combine specific PDF pages. But, the cost of this application can make you overwhelmed considering you only want to selected pages of PDF. So, don’t open your wallet for other features that come with the tool which you don’t want. Hence, go for more affordable and dedicated software to merge your PDFs that we will be discussing in the article.

Table of Contents: 

  1. Why Users Want to Combine Specific Pages in PDF?
  2. Get the Free Software to Merge specific Pages of PDF
  3. Step by Step Method to Combine Specific PDF Pages
  4. Why Use the Professional Tool?
  5. Conclusion

Why Users Want to Combine Specific PDF Pages?

PDFs provide an effective way for users who want to manage multiple PDF files while saving their storage space and streamlining their workflow. Also, PDFs are an easy way to combine multiple attachments in a single file and share them on any platform.

Moreover, there are many cases where users want to merge not all but only specific pages of a PDF as the rest of them are not of that much importance. In such cases, the need for a tool arises that can easily and effectively combine the required pages that the users want in their resultant PDF. So, in the next section let us look at how you can do this with the help of the best available option.

Get the Free Software to Merge specific Pages of PDF

You can do this with the help of PDF Merge Tool to merge multiple PDF Files. It is a simple utility that securely merge selected pages of PDF file to merge. You will be delighted to know that this tool safeguards the layout, structure, and orientation from altering while merging PDF files.

You can easily Merge any type of PDF documents like invoices or bills, bank statements, PDF magazines, reports or documentation, Credit Card statements, HR documents and many more.

Step by Step Method to Combine Specific PDF Pages

You don’t require to be a computer expert to run the tool, just follow the below mentioned easy steps.

  1. Download and launch the tool in your system. Then, select ‘Merge
  2. Either choose Add File(s) or Choose Folder of PDFs then, click Next.Merge specific Pages of PDF

    Note: You can check the option to skip Attachments.

  3. To merge certain pages of PDF select ‘Merge PDF by Page Range’ option and enter the desired range. Merge specific Pages of PDF

    Note: You can click on ‘More…’ to know how the Page Range option works.

  4. Then, you can select any of the given options: Create New PDF or Merge in Existing PDFmerge selected pages of pdf
  5. Click on ‘Merge’ to merge selected pages of PDF.
  6. After merging, the prompt will appear “The PDF files have been merged successfully”. Then, click on OK.Merge specific Pages of PDF

Why Use the Professional Tool to Merge Specific Pages of PDF?

  • The tool is capable of merging multiple PDFs into a single file efficiently and also has an option to remove any unwanted files in the resultant PDF. 
  • Users have two options to merge their PDF files, by size or by page range, they can choose any of the available options based upon their requirements. 
  • The tool provides users with an option to keep or skip the attachments in the resultant PDF while also preserving the original file formatting and attributes. 
  • Users can also merge the known password-protected PDF documents with this tool on various versions of Windows.
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Now, you know how to merge specific pages of PDF. As there is no manual solution out there. You have to use a third-party tool. You can also go with various online options available that are free. But, the biggest downside of these online utilities is they are not safe. Also, there is no guarantee that they will not disturb the formatting, layout, structure, or orientation. But with this tool discussed in the article, there is a 100% guarantee that it will carefully combine specific PDF pages giving you a smooth experience.