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Learn How to Lock PDF File and Possible Ways to Secure Your PDF [Described]

Anuraag Singh | Modified: September 11, 2023|PDF Updates, Updates | 7 Minutes Reading

Once you start reading this article you will learn how to lock PDF file step by step with the easiest methods.

Secure PDF maintains the integrity of the document. But if you didn’t, your PDF might change because everyone has access to change something like comment and highlight or print it

Let’s go and easily secure the PDF file.

4 Ways to Lock a PDF

In this technical age cybercrime is a piece of cake where documents can be easily leaked or changed without your permission. users encrypt PDF files so that they can be accessed by intended recipients and not be changed by unwanted persons.

1st: Lock PDF file with Adobe Acrobat Pro DC (Paid Method)

Adobe considered as most used software program for editing and securing PDFs.

Follow these steps to secure a PDF

  1. Open your file in Adobe DC.
  2. Select “File” then select “Protect Using Password.”
  3. Choose the type of password you want to restrict editing and printing or just restrict opening the document.
  4. Now Enter a password, and confirm it.
  5. And finally, Save the document.

2nd: Secure PDF File in Microsoft Word  

  1. Word provides offers a password protection feature. Follow this guide to enable it
  2. Open your document in Microsoft Word
  3. Now select the  “File” and select the “Save As” option.
  4. Choose PDF in the options to save.
  5. Next you will see a pop up window Just click on “More Options” and then select “Security Options.”
  6. Now select the box “Encrypt the document with a password”
  7. Enter a password, and confirm it.
  8. Now Save the PDF.

3rd: Professional Method to Lock PDF File

  • You can use this Professional PDF Lock tool which is recommended in the market for protecting PDFs from printing because it gives you amazing features to lock PDFs like:-
  • Easily apply restrictions for Printing, Copying, Editing, and Extracting Pages
  • Restricts permissions for Filling and Commenting in PDF
  • Encrypts PDF file passwords with the latest encryption options including AES256 bit
  • Batch processing(multiple files) option is available to save time
  • Option to choose a destination
  • CSV format option is available

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Step 1: Run the software and then click Add File(s) or Add Folder option to add the PDF Files to the software.
Add files
Step 2: Next click on the Destination button. Then select the path or location to save the password-protected PDF
Select destination
Step 3: After this go to the Settings tab, and choose the Apply Document Restriction option.
Apply document restrictions
Step 4: Once you are done with the applying restrictions. Then enter the Password to lock the PDF and apply the restrictions.
Add passwords to Lock PDF file
Step 5: You can also add a document open password. Just select the Apply Document Open Password option and Enter Password and also can select between security types.
Select Encryption type to secure PDF file
Step 6: In the end once you applied all the settings, hit Lock button to secure the PDF file.
Easily learn How to lock PDF file

4th: Online tool

  • Browse on web PDF to JPG converter and drag and drop or choose your file.
  • After adding the files find and hit  “Convert entire pages” then press the button and press “Choose the option”
  • Hold on the page to convert the document.
  • Then Click “Continue in JPG to PDF”
  • Now just hit the “Convert”  button in the top bar and wait for the PDF to process again
  • Here Download the PDF and switch to “Protect PDF” via the “tools” menu
  • Then drag or drop your file.
  • Then enter your password to secure the PDF and press “Encrypt PDF”
  • At the end click on “Download” to recover your protected PDF file.

Why You Need to Secure PDF File

Securing a PDF prevents the PDF from making changes later. like when you made embedded forms into the file for users to fill out but if the PDF is not locked, users could change the embedded forms on purpose.

When you made a PDF according to your work criteria and worked hard on proofreading and succeeded it, but if you forget to put a password, maybe your PDF can be changed if someone has it. that’s why users should start to lock PDF files.

Lock PDF File Can Maintain Your Document Contents

Use PDF security features so your hard work is not altered easily Once you applied security features your work is more secure and less likely to be altered.

Unauthorized Limit Access In Password-Protected PDF

If you use to put a password on your PDF then you only allow people to access it this is a critical factor when you are writing down something confidential about you and your company.

PDF Copyright Protection In Secured PDF File

Maybe there are laws protecting laws in copyright infringement but it takes a long time to catch the culprit and is expensive too.

And you might also don’t want to take up your work as this easy so just go and protect it and start setting your projects off on the right foot by preventing your PDF

Secured PDF File Help In Remain The Integrity Of The Content
Your work does not change and remain accurate this is called the integrity of the content. And you can depend on it because it is unchanged. so maintain the integrity and validity of the document by simply locking it.

Creating A Digital Signature Can Help In How to Lock A PDF File

A digital signature indicates the protection of the document which is implied by the user personally and counts as a significant factor in business contracts.

PDF Compliance from GDPR for securing a PDF file

Europe’s new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2018, Is counts customers’ private information as a highly sensitive area and if anyone fails to comply with its regulations be it accidentally it will pose a risk with some serious fines

How to Password Protect A PDF to Stop Unwanted PDF Sharing

Anybody can share your document if they have access on it and potentially leak data on them and if the documents are confidential then this will be a big issue.

Lock PDF to Stop Unwanted PDF Printing 

 Open email can easily scanned and sent it to mail for printing.

Caching Prevention

Users can use your databases with local caching but you can prevent it if you apply security on it.

Types of Passwords (Password security basics)

Creators can limit access to a PDF by setting passwords by restricting certain features such as manipulation or editing. Authors can’t prevent saving copies of a PDF but still, the copies have the same restrictions

Two Types Of Passwords

First Is The Document Open Password

A Document Open password or user password requires a user to type a password to open the PDF so a pop-up on the open window appears with the password whenever you click to open.

The Second Is The Permissions Password

Permission password or master password is the same thing. While using a permission password, you can restrict printing, editing, and copying content in the PDF. Recipients don’t need any passwords to read a file.

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You can lock your PDF file by going through this article it tells you every guide about how to lock a PDF file. We have explored the best methods to lock your PDF file. Learned about why locking a PDF is an important factor. You can recommended tool to unlock your PDF file and remove your password if you want to, work in a hassle-free environment according to your needs.