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How to Consolidate PDF Files Into One File: Choose the Best Method

Anuraag Singh | Modified: May 3, 2022|PDF Updates | 4 Minutes Reading

Are you looking for a solution on how to consolidate PDF files into one file? If so, then this article will help you to provide the relevant resolution for the same.

As we know that PDF is a widely accepted file format among users, it has become a universally compatible standard for exchanging documents. However, there are many advantages provided by these portable document files such as mobility, compatibility, security, etc.

But, when these files are large in number, it becomes too difficult to manage all these files altogether. Thus, users want to consolidate PDFs into one file.

Let’s know some other reasons to consolidate PDF files into one file.

Why do Users want to Bind PDF Documents?

  • It is easy to share a single PDF file rather than multiple files.
  • Saving the data in one place is easy for the users to handle the files.
  • Rapidly print the PDF doc when the file is consolidated.

Instead of managing several PDF files, it is better to organize all PDFs in one. So, to perform the same, here we are sharing the prudent methods through which the user can easily consolidate PDF documents into one.

How to Consolidate PDFs into One File Manually?

Adobe Acrobat Dc is a suite of applications and cloud services that enable you to view, create, and manage PDF files. To consolidate PDF files into one, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps:

• Download and install Adobe Acrobat DC
• Go to the Tool option>>click on the Combine Files button
• Click the Add Files button and select the PDF documents that need to be bind
• Once PDF files are selected, click on the Combine button.
• Now, the process to consolidate PDF pages into one is started
• Finally, save this output PDF document by clicking File followed by Save As, and then choose a name and location for your document.

Limitations of Using Manual Approach

• It is necessary to have the full version of Adobe Acrobat XI Pro. And it will cost you more than some other automated tool.
• It has some file size limitations, you can’t upload or join the huge files.

In these circumstances, you have to opt for a trusted third-party tool.

Consolidate PDF Files into One File – An Instant Solution

So, we have discussed the manual method to bind PDF documents together. But for the benefit of the business users, we have an alternative option, to perform the same task easily and efficiently.

The PDF Merge software is one of the best tools to consolidate PDFs into one. You can quickly consolidate a large number of PDF files into one without losing any PDF files.

Follow the simple steps to consolidate PDFs into one file:

For Windows

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For Mac

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Step 1: Download, install and run the tool

Step 2: Click on Add File(s) or Add Folder to select PDFs to need to be consolidated

consolidate pdf files

Step 3: Click the desired PDF Option & select the destination path

Next, click on the ‘Merge’ button to start the process of PDF file consolidating.

consolidate pdf files into one file

Step 4: Pop up window will preview the completion of the process.

How to Consolidate PDFs Into One File

Why Choose Expert Tool over Manual Method?

Here are a few reasons why you want to explore this proficient tool to consolidate PDFs into one file:

• Allow consolidating PDF files in batch.
• Permits to merge specific pages of PDF documents.
• Able to consolidate the password-protected file.
• No restrictions or limitations on the number of PDF files.
• Compatible with all versions of PDF documents.

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Concluding Words

For the proper & complete management of PDF documents, users are searching for how to consolidate PDF files into one file. Therefore, considering the user requirement we have discussed the manual and automated methods. But, due to some file size limitations, we recommend professional software that easily resolves all the issues.