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How to Remove Owner Password from PDF?

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Published On August 23rd, 2023
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Are you looking for a solution to remove owner password from PDF? Well, don’t worry; we have found a better solution to simplify your search. When a user tries to access a PDF file and fails at the same time. This is mainly because PDF files may be encrypted with the PDF owner’s password. Here we come up with a perfect step-by-step guide to unlock permissions password in PDF.

As you may know, PDF allows various activities like Editing, Copying, Printing, Commenting, Signing, Form Filling, etc. You can set a permission password or Owner password to restrict all activities or a few activities. But first, let us see what is a PDF Owner Password and how does it affect us?

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What is a PDF Owner or Permission Password?

In Adobe Acrobat PDF, the owner password is called the “license password”. The PDF owner password is the password used to restrict documents in the PDF file. In Adobe Acrobat, the owner password is called Change Permissions Password. It is also sometimes called a restriction password, PDF permission password, or PDF master password, depending on the PDF user.

A PDF owner password protects your important files and controls who interacts with them. This makes PDF the ideal format for business contracts and legal documents. It’s also great for protecting your electronic organizers! But when you need to share files, sometimes you also need to know how to open a PDF.

Now, let us see how to remove it?

Remove Owner Password from PDF via Adobe Acrobat Pro

  1. The correct way to bypass the PDF security lock is to use Adobe Acrobat Pro software. If you remember the original restriction password, you can unlock it in a few steps and circumvent various security measures in PDF files.
  2. First, launch a protected PDF file in Acrobat Pro. then Go to File menu option  and hit Properties.
  3. Then switch to the Security tab in the Document Properties popup window. File restriction logs list illegal operations. To remove all restrictions, click No Security in the Security Method drop-down menu.
  4. Third, the pop-up below shows the current status of your PDF account. whether it is protected If so, enter the current PDF restrictions password and click OK.
  5. Click OK to confirm that you want to exclude security from this document.
  6. Finally, saving changes and password restrictions are removed from the original portable document format.

Best Solution to Remove Permissions Password from PDF

Best PDF Restriction Remover Tool is designed with advanced algorithms that can remove owner passwords and restrict passwords in PDF files. This tool allows users to unlock permissions password in PDF documents without asking permission for a password (also known as a master password or owner password).

This tool unlocks PDF file restrictions such as editing, printing, copying and extracting pages, annotating, signing, highlighting, drafting documents, filling out forms, and more. After opening the PDF file, save the remove PDF restrictions without password to the desired location. Download a free trial version of open PDF files, available to all users.  The demo version is the best way to understand and carefully review the main features of the tool before licensing the software.

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Quick Steps to Remove Owner Password from PDF

  • First, Download and install on your System

PDF Unlocker Tool

  • Click on Add File(s) / Add Folder button to fetch PDF files from your system.

Add PDF File

  • The software provides an option to either Save or Print option. So choose accordingly.


  • Hit the Unlock button to start the unlocking process.

unlock PDF File

  • After completion, the “PDF Files are Unlocked Successfully” message gets displayed.

Unlocked Successfully

Why Choose this Automatic Software?

  • Delete all PDF files or unwanted PDF files from the added PDF.
  • Remove the restrictions without removing the document’s open password.
  • n advanced mode, you can edit PDF files if your editing permissions are very secure.
  • This software displays the success and failure status of each PDF file.
  • Option to stop the PDF unlocking process in the middle.
  • Maintenance: PDF attachments and controls remain intact after opening.
  • Remove PDF files that are restricted using Ritch Media Objects.


In this blog, you learned how to remove owner password from PDF files. Owner Password is called by many names like Permission Password or Master Password. You can either use online services to remove passwords but it is not advisable for important or confidential documents. Go for an application software like Adobe Acrobat or any other reliable software to unlock permissions password in PDF.

Commonly Asked Question by Users 

Q: How do I Remove Permissions or Owner Password from PDF?

  1. Download and run the software.
  2. Select the Add or Folder to load PDF files.
  3. Click the “Unlock” button to remove the PDF security
  4. Finally, the message that the PDF file has been opened will appear

Q: Can owner-level passwords be removed from PDFs for printing by protecting them?

Yes, of course, this tool remove permissions password from PDF files and makes all PDF files authorized. This tool allows you to print, copy, edit, and do other things with protected PDF files.

Q: Does this tool limit the PDF files it can open?

The demo version of this software will remove the limit of five PDF files. However, the full edition does not limit the number of PDF files

Q: Does this tool support removing signature restrictions from PDF files?

Yes, this software allows you to easily remove PDF signature restrictions.

Q: Do I need to install other programs to run this one?

It does not need the support of other programs to run and function. It is a special tool for data recovery from locked PDF files.