How to Import CSV File to iPhone Address Book ? Best Easiest Solution

Anuraag Singh | Last Modified: November 13th, 2019 | technologies

“Are you looking for a reliable solution to import contacts from CSV to iPhone? Want to transfer your all CSV address book to iCloud? But, did not find any solution? Now, no need to worry. You are in the right place. Scroll down to know the complete procedure.”

How to Import CSV File to iPhone Address Book, in today’s date, it is one of the most common queries asked by many iPhone users mobile forums. If you want to upload CSV file format to iCloud contacts so that you can view the contacts saved in CSV to iPhone address book. Then just follow a few manual tips to move CSV contact list to iPhone contacts. This methods perfectly works with all latest iPhones such as iPhone X, 8, 7, 6, 5s, and all the other versions.

Therefore, in the upcoming section, we will discuss the manual tricks that will help to import CSV contact list to iPhone in an efficient way.

Manual Method to Transfer Contacts from a CSV file to iPhone

Since as we all know, there is no any direct way to import
CSV file to iPhone Address Book. Hence, it requires a
conversion in VCF file format first. Further, below mention are some
workarounds to perform the task simply:

Technique 1: Import CSV file into iCloud / iPhone Contacts Using Gmail

Step: 1 Export CSV to VCF

  • First, “Log in” your Gmail account to transfer contacts from CSV file to iPhone
  • Navigate to the upper right corner of the screen and Hit on the Google Apps icon. Choose contacts

  • Then, in the Contacts Window, click on the More Button and select Import option from the opened menu list

  • Now, Import Contacts wizard will pop up, here Hit the Select File button and after selcting the CSV address book file press the Import button to Import CSV file to iPhone Address Book

  • Let the contacts from csv format to iphone Exported successfully
  • In this step, into your Gmail Account click on Contacts>>More>>Export

  • In (Gmail Account) Export Contacts window, select All Contacts option from Which contacts do you want to move? section and choose vCard (Virtual contact file) format as the export file format. Eventually, Hit on the Export button

  • Now, the contact .vcf file will start the downloading on your local machine

Step: 2 Import Contacts .vcf file into iCloud

  • Log in to your iCloud by using the Apple ID and Password

  • Now, you have to click the Contacts icon button

  • Then, in the new window, navigate to down-left preview pane and click on the Settings>>Import vCard

  • Browse vCard file from your system and hit on the Open button to Import CSV file to iPhone Address Book

  • In this step, all your contacts will be uploaded to your iCloud profile and you can access them from anywhere or anytime.

Technique 2: Upload / Move CSV File Data to iPhone using Run Command

  • To import Phone contacts from CSV to iPhone, press Windows + R keys or simply hit on the Start button and search for Run. Then, click on the Enter button
  • In the Contacts windows, select the Import option from the navigation bar
  • Next, browse the destination location of the CSV (Comma Separated Value) file and choose the file. Press on Next
  • Then, map the appropriate fields and hit on the Finish button to import CSV contact list to iPhone
  • At last, choose as Export option as vCard (folder of .vcf files) and click on Export
  • Now, you can easily import this vCard file into your iPhone

Import CSV File to iPhone Address Book with the Assistance of Professional Tool

We know about all the manual method drawbacks. Now, how is it possible to upload CSV file to iCloud contacts simply in a quick manner? Well, we have an automatic solution for that: CSV to vCard Converter to import CSV contacts to vCard. It is one of the best software to export your all .csv file contacts into iPhone address book. Also, the graphical interface of this utility is quite simple that even a novice user can freely access CSV contacts data into iPhone without any data loss.

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The User can also try the free demo version of CSV to vCard Converter tool and explore the its functional aspects. Once you get satisfied then, you can purchase a licensed edition and continue converting CSV contacts to iCloud as featured by the application.

Wrapping Up

In the recent date, users are extremely dependent over technology and they usually store all their information digitally. When users need to access, their data from everywhere and from any device then, they search for different keywords. Today, we have discussed about if we are having an iPhone and we need to access our CSV file contacts from that, then how is it possible. Henceforth, in the above section we have discussed many ways to upload / Import CSV file to iPhone Address Book. If you still face some issues then, feel free to drop a comment below, the matter will further be resolved by the experts.