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How to Convert Multiple Contacts from CSV to VCF in a Best Possible Way?

Anuraag Singh | Modified: April 22, 2022|technologies | 5 Minutes Reading

My friend last night save around 1000 contacts in CSV file. Now, she wants to move this CSV file to the android phone. But, the problem is that Android does not support CSV file. So, it becomes quite obvious that she needs to convert multiple contacts from CSV to VCF file. But we are totally unaware of how this whole process can be carried out? Thus, if anybody out there now any solution for the same, please suggest. Thanks in advance.

Whenever it comes to managing a large number of contacts in one place, the CSV file format is the very format that strikes the user’s mind. A user can easily store any number of contacts with all details like email address, phone number first name, last name, organization name, etc., in a CSV file. There is no limit on the number of contacts a user can save in a single CSV file.

But, when it comes to moving CSV contacts to other platforms like an email client, iPhone, iCloud, iOS, Android Phones, then, CSV can’t be imported directly.

That’s Why We Convert Contacts from CSV to VCF

At that point in time, vCard or VCF file format is one such file format that is supported by a large range of applications and devices. It is also titled as a standard file format to manage contacts. So, whenever a user needs to move contacts from one place to another, the VCF file format is used for the same. In order to access contacts stored in a CSV file from other platforms, it is important to transfer contacts from CSV to VCF. Thus, this blog will let users know how to convert a CSV address book to a vCard file.

How to Transfer Contacts from CSV to VCF Files Manually?

If a user is looking for a manual solution to export CSV to vCard, then let me tell you it is possible. You can make use of the Windows Contacts folder on the local machine. It provides import and export features for both CSV and VCF files. Thus, to import CSV contacts to vCard, a user needs to first import CSV to Windows Contacts. After that, it exports all contacts from the Windows Contacts folder to VCF format at any desired location on the local machine.

Drawbacks of Manual Solution to Convert Contacts from CSV to vCard

The above discussed manual solution is not a foolproof way of converting CSV files to vCard format. Despite this, there are so many serious pitfalls of manual solutions. For example:

  • It creates a separate VCF file for each contact in CSV file contact. In the case of 1000 contacts, it becomes difficult to manage a large number of VCF files after conversion
  • Moreover, the manual process to transfer contacts from CSV to VCF is quite lengthy as it is not a direct approach to converting CSV to vCard. A user first needs to import a CSV file and then export VCF from it. In the case of a large number of contacts, the process takes a large time.
  • The manual process requires technical expertise to convert contacts from CSV to VCF. If you are no so tech-savvy then, it is recommended to use the automated solution mentioned below only. Because a single misstep can lead you to permanent data loss conditions.

Convert Multiple Contacts from CSV to VCF FormatA Professional Way

As a user can see there are several limitations to converting CSV to VCF manually. Thus, to have a direct and seamless approach, a user is suggested to take the help of some professional solution to convert CSV address book to vCard file format easily.

CSV to vCard Converter is a proficient application and the most reliable software to convert contacts from CSV to vCard. This tool converts CSV files containing any number of contacts to VCF format in just a few simple clicks. The software provides users with an option to create a single VCF file for all contacts stored in a CSV file. Apart from all this, a user can perform field mapping also between CSV and vCard attributes. It allows users to move empty email addresses containing contacts also to VCF format. Apart from all this, if users want, then they can run this application on any Windows OS version.

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Steps to Export CSV to vCard – Automatically

1. Open CSV to vCard Converter for Mac on your Mac machine


1. After that, click on the Add File(s) button to add a CSV file

3. Choose the CSV file and click on the Open button to Convert Multiple Contacts from CSV to VCF

Tip – Use Excel Spreadsheet to vCard File Converter if you are a Windows

4. The software will provide the preview of added CSV file along with the file path and file location. Click on the Next button to convert the CSV address book to vCard

5. Now, you can map the attributes of the CSV file with attributes of VCF and click on Add button to convert contacts from CSV to VCF.

6. Choose the version of vCard that you want to create and check Single vCard for all contacts option to transfer contacts from CSV to VCF

7. After that, select the destination location where you want to save the resultant VCF file

8. At last, click on the Convert button and begin the migration process

After following all the above steps carefully, a user can convert multiple contacts from CSV to VCF in just a few minutes.


There are a number of users out there who thinks of moving/converting CSV file to vCard format. However, there is no perfect solution available to convert contacts from CSV to VCF. Thus, keeping this requirement of users in mind, a professional solution for the same is covered in this post. A user can simply make use of it and convert multiple contacts from CSV to VCF files.