How to Back up your Office 365 Email Database to Your Local Computer

Anuraag Singh | October 10th, 2018 | Office 365
Problem: In our organization, we have a need to create a backup of office 365 email to the local system, as we need to provide that data to our client for accessing several reports attached with that emails. but cannot find an option to export selected emails from that huge backup. Please provide us with the best solution for our organization’s need.

Traditionally, there is no direct way to perform a backup of Outlook 365 emails to an on-premises environment. But, there are cases when the user wants a backup their outlook 365 emails for the on-premises environment to use their emails data for multiple purposes.

In this article, you will meet the scenarios where the user wants the backup of office 365 emails for the on-premises environment. Also, you will get the solution for how to create a backup of office 365 email to the local system.

How to Create Backup of Office 365 email to the local system

Technically, one can access the Outlook 365 emails by exporting the emails in the .pst file, which is the data file of MS Outlook. To export the emails in PST file there are two different options, provided by Microsoft Office 365.

By Configuring Outlook for Office 365 email to On-premise MS Outlook

Follow the steps to take Backup of Office 365 email to On-premise MS Outlook

  • Go to File option and Select Add Account and configure Outlook for Office 365 to On-premises Outlook.

After successfully configuring the account the email’s data start to sync. One can see the data file (.pst) in its default location according to their MS Outlook version, which is created as a backup of office 365 email to the local system.

By exporting Outlook 365 to PST using eDiscovery

  • One can export Outlook 365 emails by Creating an eDiscovery search.
  • If you want to backup all mailboxes, then one can set a specific date range, which includes all the mailboxes and public folders of that range.
  • Finally, you will get the option to export the searched data to a PST file.

Limitations while exporting Outlook 365 emails using the above methods:

  • MS Outlook must be Installed if you are exporting Outlook 365 to On-premise MS Outlook
  • No Date filter option is available if one wants to export only selected emails

Alternate Option for Create backup of Office 365 email database to your local computer

If you are looking for a faster and reliable solution to create a PST file with few steps, then one can try SysTools Office 365 Backup Tool.

What Additional Options you will get in SysTools Office 365 Backup?

  • The software not only exports Outlook 365 emails to PST format. It also provides the option to export into EML & MSG formats.
  • Take a backup of selected emails from Outlook 365 using Date filter option
  • No need to Install MS Outlook for exporting Outlook 365 emails
  • Pause/Resume Options in case the Internet connection lost

Limitation: Must have a strong internet connection to create a backup of office 365 email to the local system.

Note: The trial version of SysTools Office 365 Backup Tool can be downloaded from its official website for testing purposes. One can test the demo version to check the functionality of the software.

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Cases when you Need to Create backup of Office 365 email database to your local computer

  • To avoid higher tiered plan when storage is up

    Mostly the user wants to get rid of the situation when the storage is up as per the plan and need to take the higher tiered plan. At this time, taking a backup of all emails to the local system and deleting all the emails from Outlook 365 account may save a user from paying for the higher tiered plan.

  • Accidentally Deleted Bulk emails from Outlook 365

    Sometimes users perform bulk delete operations on unnecessary emails. It might be possible that, while deleting unnecessary emails, by mistake, he/she deleted important email too with their attachments. In that case, a backup is more important to find out and restore that particular email.

  • Transfer Emails Data from One Machine to Another for Reporting Purposes

    As per the above scenario, it is possible that the user wants to take backup of their emails and send them to another location on another system to view email items on an On-premises environment.

There are many other cases too, where a user wants to create a backup of office 365 email to the local system.


There are three different options for exporting outlook 365 emails to the local system. Each method has its own limitation. Now, It depends on you that which option you choose to access your outlook 365 emails in an on-premises environment.